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    I dont do DD1 profiles anymore, only DD2 profiles.

    New profiles however will only come when the next FanaLab version is released because my recent ones are not compatible with the current Live Build.

    And unfortunately iRacing decided to use different RPM values per gear once again for this car so the Steering Wheel LEDs are impossible to match to the in game ones :(

  • Maurice,

    Because "New profiles however will only come when the next FanaLab version is released because my recent ones are not compatible with the current Live Build." could you please direct us to where we can learn about these differences and become knowledgeable in making our own profiles?

    Thank you for your previous profiles.


    Bill Krause

  • Differences are new features which I cant tell you at this moment for obvious NDA reasons ;-)

    How to create your own profiles? Just drive and set the FFB how you like it, maybe with loading a previous profile you liked and then fine-tune from there. LEDs you need to hit the throttle and see when the in game LEDs light up and then enter that RPM value into FanaLab. Its a full try&error process to create a car specific profile.

  • lol at the Fanalab NDA, that's impressive - lucky you! One might have thought it was to Fanatec's advantage to let users know that they actually have a development roadmap for their beta software platform and that fixes and features are in development. They seem happy to provide details of new wheels so why not do so for their software. It's common practice to share development roadmaps with engaged users and beta testers - surely that's what this forum is.

  • FanaLab is no beta software platform and this forum here regarding FanaLab is also not for beta testers.

  • Maurice,

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I get the non-disclosure. Yes, I already do some tweaking of yours. So that puts me on par.


  • Maurice,

    When you say that you profiles are not compatible with fanalab live version are you talking about FanaLab 1.54.5?

  • Yes as I am a Betatester and therefore using a different Build than what is available to you and my current profiles made with this internal beta Build are not compatible with the currently available live Build because of some new features ;)

  • so in my version 1.54.5 your profiles are compatible right?

    You should do the dd1 profiles for the new version when it is available because your profiles are very good :)

  • The only thing you have to change between DD1 and DD2 profiles is FFB strength no?

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    the only beta versions of Fanalab were the first 3 releases. After that everyone version was a full release and Fanalab gets tested heavily by beta testers before it goes live.

  • Hello everybody!

    I just had a dd1 and I am looking for one or more profiles that would match the nascar cars on iracing? I really love Maurice Böschen's road profiles thank you!

  • Take a look at the V8 Supercar profiles from Maurice. You'll have to tweak them a little and nedd to adjust the LEDs, but overall there are quite similar to what I think a NASCAR would handle. I've been looking for such profiles some time, but never found anything reasonable, so I took the best from Maurice's profiles with a heavy V8 on front....

  • What a great job!

    I have tried these profiles and they are amazing.

    I just bought a DD2 and couldn´t find a configuration that suit my preferences. In fact, I did not find great differences with respect to the CSW 2.5. But this profiles...OMG!

    Thanks a lot Maurice.

  • @Maurie Böschen

    Any chance of using these profiles on CSL Elite???

    If not, any hints of converting them (just for the LEDs)

    or where to find an alternative?

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    there are specific options on what exactly you want to load from a profile e.g. you can just load the LEDs and save them to a new profile.

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    It says they are incompatible. (I tried 1.53 and 1.54.5)

    OK, using the profiles from page 10, it's working.

    Maybe pin them somewhere.

  • Glad it worked for you. Maurice's Profiles aren't official profiles, so no option for him to pin them, he would have to ask an admin or Marcel for example.

  • I have downloaded the Dirt 2 and AMS2 profiles, but what are the recommended in-game ffb-settings?

  • Unrar the folder and then import the ones you need in Fanalab (on the profiles tab, bottom left there is an import button).

    @Maurice Böschen maybe i'm saying something stupid over here but wouldn't it be a smart idea to just set up a Git repo for this so it's easier to make "releases" when a new Fanalab version comes out? I'll be glad to help out setting it up and write some documentation on how to use them since i used your profiles as a base for my own profiles and they saved me a massive amount of work.

    And besides having them bundled with version history and some documentation it would be easier for other people to contribute also on new versions of the profiles.

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    Hi there

    Apologies in advance if this has been asked and answered already ...

    I've just built a new PC - all new everything, and have moved my CSW2.5, Formula rim, and Clubsport v3 peda;ls to the new rig. I'm now installing the latest version of all softwarem including Fanatec drivers and Fanalab

    My question is, with Fanalab v1.54.5, do the updated DD1 and DD2 profiles work with my CSW2.5?

    If not, are there updated profiles for that wheelbase?

    I mainly play F1 2019, ACC and Assetto Corsa.

    Thanks in advance!


  • you can use the LED settings of those profiles just fine, tuning menu and ITM settings obviously won't work, so you need to use your own settings for that matter.

  • @Maurice Böschen

    Hi Maurice, I'm on Fanalab 1.54.5 together with a DD2 and using your ACC profile base settings since you are offering it to this community.

    Those settings are fantastic and thanks for that incredible and nice work and benefit to us.

    I do have a question concerning the FFB adjustment as described inside the .txt file for the Ferrari's 488 ffbusersettings.json from 1 to 0.7500... and so on.

    What is the background or reason for doing that?

    I used to drive with that recommended Ferrari 488 Evo settings for a few month and everything was absolute fine and having a fantastic feeling for the car as well.

    The background for my question is, that I have detected a bug in ACC which shows a strong side effect of this setting.

    As long as you are a single driver on the Ferrari 488 Evo, everything works perfect. As soon as you are in an endurance race, the driver who takes over that car will get a very heavy steering whell handed over. We had been two drivers with a DD2, one driver with DD1 and one driver with CSL Elite and all of us had the ffbusersetting.json set to 0.750003....

    All DD drivers had this phenomenon of a very heavy steering wheel but not the CSL Elite base driver.

    Kind of big surprise during the race we turned down FFB base setting from 70 to 56 (-25%) but still, the feeling was totaly different and felt like driving a different car. The adjusted FFB on 56 feels in the middle relatively weak and there was no counter pressure to feel where the limit of the car is.

    Therefore I would like to understand what is the background for the ffbusersetting.json 0.7500... value?

    We tried to reproduce that effect and as long as everybody is on 1.0, there are no FFB changes after handing over the car. Setting the value to the said 0.75, its is appearing again and it seems the 0.75 value is not applied.

    Thanks for your feedback

  • The problem is said to have been fixed with patch 1.7.7


    - Fixed in-car FF gain adjustment function not working in some scenarios after car takeover in driver swap races.

  • ... as I wrote in my post 2 days ago, it happend last weekend an still exists under special circumstances.

  • ... any answer would be welcome. Even, "we don't want to answer/comment" would be better than nothing. Thats what a forum is for, questions and answers.

  • Reason is simple: for me it feels just better as having per car gain set to 100 and lower FF to something below 50 to compensate. Not enough headroom with such a low FF value, hence the downgrade in game per car FFB with higher FF.

    When this leads to such a game issue you should post that in the ACC Forum so the game devs get aware that this issue is still a thing so they can fix it.

  • Hi, I could not find CSW 2.5 profile in this threat, can someone help me to find realistic settings for iracing? Also Is there any possibility to share your dynamic ffb settings?

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