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  • Hi

    Thank you Maurice for great profiles for iRacing! I got my DD1 couple of weeks ago and I was struggling to find good settings with it. Your profiles helped me a lot and now iRacing is enjoyable with my DD1. :)

    However I would have one stupid question. Those iRacing profiles came with suggested changes to iRacing app.ini file. I checked my iRacing app.ini -file and I had already those settings that was suggested in your file. I'm 110% that I have not edited iracing .ini -file myself before so I would like make sure if I'm missing something? :)

    Br. Tommi

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    Hi Maurice, or anyone

    Would you have any settings for my DD1 for The Chevrolet National Impala on Iracing? I am having a lot of troubles with ocilation on this car only. GT cars and Supercars seem to be fine. I Just can seem to tune my wheel up to suit this car without the wheel knocking itself crazy while having decent weight feeling.


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    Hello everyone,

    at frist i´d like to send my regards to Maurice for his effort with the Profile. Absolute top work!

    Also i have a question regarding those Profiles (for Iracing) or put it that way i need confirmation if im right with my guessing or worng.

    I´ve read through the sites that if the Power of the FFB is to strong for the personal liking you could/should just lower the FF Value. Now ive noticed that the FF Value matches the "Wheel force" parameter in Iracing (so if FF/Wheelforce is 100%/20nm, 75%/15nm and so on).

    So when im reducing that FF Value its best to Change the Wheel force parameter also to have it matching i guess?

    And what about the "Max Force" parameter? Can i change that for sort of "fine tuning" after matching FF/Wheel force on an lower value or should i leave Max Force as it is suggested?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer this questions :)

  • Hi Alexander,

    to adjust the wheels FF to your personal liking in terms of reducing the force you should use the FF value of your wheel base.

    Within iRacing, the Wheel force should be adjusted to the Peak torque of your wheelbase. The Max Force setting defines the clipping point, at which the steering force of the car (sim torque) will clipped regarding the force of your base (wheel torque), Sounds complicated, but really isn't....

    Example: DD2 base has a peak torque of 25 Nm, so set the wheel force at iRacing to 25 Nm, means iRacing will calculate the FF based on a 100% value of 25 Nm at your wheel.

    Next, adjust the Max force to 30 Nm for example, means whenever the sim torque exceeds 30 Nm, the force within iRacing will be clipped, so a wheel torque of 25 Nm will match a sim torque of 30Nm. If you set the Max force to 60 Nm, 25 Nm wheel force would match 60 Nm sim torque, so the range without clipping will be bigger, increasing the usable area of the wheel torque-sim torque combination.

    Means, Max torque setting should be as high as possible. To achive this, set the value quite low, take a specific car at iRacing for a drive and activate the force meter overlay. If the bar turns red (=clipping) when hitting curbs or at thigh corner speeds, the max torque setting is to low for this specific car. Raise it and try it again until you've find a reasonable value. Afterwards, if the wheel torque is to high for your liking, reduce the FF value at the wheel base settings, but don't touch the values at iRacing.....

  • Does any have 1.54.4 profiles for the CSL Elite for Iracing ?

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    Oh... No...We have been waiting for your DD1 Profile updating for the future.....or Porsche 911 GT3 Profile. But anyway....thank you for kindly supporting

  • to further my last post, could we take your DD2 profiles and adjust them to the DD1? if so what would you recommend ?

  • Hello

    I just received my DD1 + Wheel Formula V2, and I am trying to test the profiles. (thanks for the work). But I have some doubts.

    1 I start iRacing, load the profile of the car in Fanaleb and in iRacing, I mark the two values of the file name. But the steering wheel is extremely hard to move. I can turn around the track, but I can hardly hold a race. Is it really like that or am I doing something wrong? (torque key is insert)

    2 I don't see that SET1 for example, with the fanalabs open (1.54.5) the same values are transferred to the DD1. I don't see the same values on the DD1 screen. Is this so, or like before, am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for help me

  • Make sure you do not use Strength but Max Force in Nm for the first value.

    But depends on the profile you use, most of them are very old by now and are based on NTMv6 but got updated to NTMv7 recently but the profiles are not adapted to it yet. Will release adapted ones with a new Fanalab once that version is ready sometime this year.

    So it's possible that some profiles have way too strong FFB.

  • Hey, Maurice,

    just wondering if you had an answer for this?

    also any recommendations regarding Nascars? I was going to try the supercar profile but was wondering if you had anything?

    been using your profiles for 2 weeks now, can safely say they are by far the best experience I've had!

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    Yes you can use DD2 profiles with a DD1 by simply multiply the FF value with 1.25.

    However, for 1.54.5 I also made DD1 profiles so you can use these straight away without calculating anything.

    It's the last release of specific DD1 profiles though, in the future I will again only provide DD2 profiles.

    Nascar profile also coming with next release ;)

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