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  • Maurice tks for all you do.

    I would like to ask you if these setups are good for formula v2, I feel it too soft. Also I wanted to know if the changes to the .ini app had to be done also for the csw 2.5 base.

    Thank you

  • These profiles are designed for a DD2 base with a max. torque of 25 Nm.

    Assuming you're using a CSW, the FFB value at each profile has to be adjusted within Fanalab. As the CSW has a maximum torque of 8 Nm, the FFB value from Maurice's profiles must be multiplicated with factor 3.125 (25/8 Nm), so in the end set the FFB to 100% within each profile and save it again. Otherwise the FFB would be to way to light, that's what you're experiencing.....

  • ok now everything is clear, thanks

  • Hi,

    The iRacing in game settings.txt file states:

    steeringBumpStop_Deg - Software Bump Stop: (parameter = 200.000000) - Sets how many degrees beyond the calibrated endpoints iRacing allows before initiating a 100% force to hold the wheel within calibrated limits. this should be set between 25 and 180 degrees to limit violence of the wheel at the in game bumpstop.. Set higher if you are getting violent bounce back in the wheel at the game bumpstops.

    Is it suggesting 200.000000 or somewhere between 25 and 180 degrees?

  • Question, I see the note saying "Calculation to adapt FFB settings to DD1: Tuning Menu FF value multiplied with 1.25 (e.g. FF60 x 1.25 = FF75)". Does this mean all settings in the Tuning menu needs to be x 1.25 for the DD1 or just Overall FFB settings?

  • I'm brand new to all this. Just got a DD1 . Where do I put the car setup files from the ACC zip folder? I understand I have to change the main in game settings but can't find where to put the car files. Thank you in advance!

  • Just use the import function of Fanalab on Game Profile Overview Tab.

  • You first need to download and install the Fanalab software, then use import function on the game profile tab of Fanalab.

  • Hey Maurice,

    I've been loving the profiles on my DD2 in iRacing (in F1 2021 they're insanely hard for me to turn!) but was wondering why all your iRacing profiles have different Dynamic FFB settings set, if it's just disabled? Are they designed to have it enabled?


  • Hello Maurice,

    First of all: thank you very much for your fantastic work!

    I have a DD1, so I multiply the option [FF] by 1.25 for your profiles in the Fanalab tuning menu. Isn't that right? All the profiles I've tried so far feel really good and precise, but I think they are very light in terms of resistance?

    For example, I like to drive the Skippy and set the options "Wheel force" to 16 Nm and "Max force" to 60 Nm as you specified. When I do a lap, the iracing auto function under "Graphics Adjustments" suggests an "FFB Max Force" of around 30 Nm, which is much much stronger (and too strong for me in the long run).

    I would like to understand. Above all, why does iracing suggest such a strong FFB compared to your settings?

    Do you have more control with a stronger FFB and feel, for example, the beginning of oversteer better than with a lower FFB? Or what is stronger FFB good for? Because the only difference between DD1 and DD2 is the 25% higher force, right?

    I would be very happy about a short explanation, thank you very much in advance!

  • when trying to download the profiles I get a "failed - No File error"

  • Yea forum was down this morning redirecting to some vanilla website and then forum came back online in pieces so I figure it will take time to restore forum back to original shape.

    Fanatec could you please advise when the iRacing profiles are back up I’m itching to take the Ferrari EVO for a spin!

  • HI.

    Can anyone share Nascar and Indycar setups DD1/DD2?


  • Hi.

    Can anyone reupload the ACC + F1 2021 Data? Or share the FFB Settings? Would be awesome!

    Thanks :)

  • would you let me know if you get them and i'll do the same.

  • edited October 8

    As the forum links are currently broken and I got dozens of messages to share my profiles already.. I try to re-upload them, lets hope files work this time... ^^

  • If you would pick 1 Setup for everything in ACC and 1 Setup for Everything in F1 2021. Which one would it be? I´m to lazy to swap whenever i swap a car and im scared i forget it sometimes :D Thanks

  • The auto option is not good for our bases, just start with the recommended settings from Maurice profiles and if you feel they are too light for your tastes increase the strengh in game a little bit. In some cars I keep the Maurice suggestion but in others I add some extra strengh, may be it's against a real and accurate torque of the real car, but I just drive better adding a little bit more strengh. But that's it, just little fine tuning from the great Maurice profiles.

  • You'll have to understand the groundlaying priciple of FFB: the generated FFB of your base should render the full range of the simulated steering force, beginning with small bumbs on the track surface (lower end of range) over the steering force into a curve (somewhere in the middle) up to hitting a high curb at max. speed (top end of range).

    This means, that in the end, the potential top end of simulated force (that's what the simulated driver would feel when driving the simulated car) should match the maximum force of your wheelbase, 20 Nm in your case. What Maurice has done for us with his profiles is exactly matching these two forces by trial&error (or other sophisticated calculations) for each car and specific for the DD2 base (however the corresponding forces for other Fanatec bases could be calculated out of this). iRacing on the other hand only gives you a generic advice, without including any wheelbase-specific information or diameter of wheel attached, etc.

    Overall, this means that e.g. for a Skippy the turn-in forces might be quite low, as in reality due to the simulated suspension setup (narrow tires/low downforce/low weight) only a low sideforce is generated on the simulated steering. On the other end, a high downforce Indycar with wide slick tires will generate a much higher turn-in force, however, this should still be somewhere within the mid of your wheelbases force range.

    If you raise the turn-in steering force of your base for the Skippy from mid-range to the top end (see example below), this would mean, that more simulated forces would be clipped, e.g. when hitting a curb. That's what we all don't want, as otherwise information through the wheel would get lost.

    Example (don't take the numbers serious, it's just to show the effect):

    "Real" car = simulated force:

    • Small bumb = 5 Nm
    • Steering force = 15 Nm
    • Hitting a curb hard = 30 Nm

    Your base should now give you maybe 2 Nm FFB at simulated 5 Nm, 10 Nm at Steering (15 Nm simulated) and 20 Nm for the curb (30 Nm simulated), so that the full range of your base will be used. If you increase the FFB steering force to e.g. 18 Nm (= 15 Nm simulated), the equivalent FFB for the curb would be higher than the max force of your base, means in this event the force would be clipped to the max of 20 Nm, leading to a loss of range (nearly all forces higher than simulated 15 Nm force would be clipped to 20 Nm FFB force). Following this, all simulated FFB effects greater than the steering force would just feel exactly the same 20 Nm FFB, no matter if you hit a curb or crash or spin or whatever.....

    The FFB also depends on the wheels diameter, and as Fanatec is offering a lot of different wheels, this potentially leads to some necessary adjustments, depending on the own wheel and the one Maurice has used to create a profile. I would recommend to keep the iRacing values from the profiles unchanged, but increase/decrease the Force Feedback value at the base. Most of Maurice iRacing profiles have a FFB value of 60-70%. Multiplicated with 1.25 for the DD1 this will raise to 75-87%, so there's plenty of headroom to raise the FFB... But again, don't overshoot here. Best would be to raise the FFB value slightly and then go for a longer drive with the FFB overlay activated. If it turns red quite often (means clipping forces), you should lower the value.

  • does anyone have ah fanalab Profile for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 Assetto Corsa Mod? with LED Config etc... ?! would be really handy, i guess there are some guys with fanatec hardware playing this :)

  • Hi Maurice,

    Thanks for taking the time to create all of these profiles. They're very helpful.

    I have a DD2 but the FFB feels really heavy for me on ACC, really difficult to turn at all. Are the profiles designed to be run with the torque key installed? I've tried it without the key but the FFB is far too light and I've tried it with the key installed but turning down the strength from 60 to 40 but that just resulted in the car feeling like it was floating.


  • Profiles are of course created WITH the Torque Key ;)

    You made sure you have lowered the FFB gain from 100 to 60 according to the included Text file?

  • edited October 13

    Yes. I set the gain to 60 and it was still really difficult to turn. I also set the steering lock to 1070 in-game as the text file says but the steering was very out of sync, so it seems like something is going wrong somewhere.

    I've just recently upgraded from a G920 to a DD2 so maybe it is meant to be that heavy and I just need to get used to it. I'm just not sure.

  • Why do i have to change the Setup Steering Ratio to 17 with the Ferrari Setup?


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