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  • Hello, @Maurice I can’t thank you enough for these profiles. I did want to ask, for example on the iracing Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO, it feels a bit stiff for me (DD2, Form v2), I had adjusted in game to 66 or 73 and that seemed a little better, but I wondered, if I wanted to try some small changes on this or any other car/game, without losing fidelity, is it best to make small changes in the game or in the profile? I am at a slight disadvantage having never driven a real race car on track, so I don’t have a basis for comparison and would like to try and experience as close to reality. Maybe that car is just that much a workout to drive. Dunno. Appreciate thoughts here. Thanks again!

  • Are you sure you are using my latest profiles?

    I just tried the 488 GT3 Evo and for me the strength is spot-on and not really a workout... ^^ Also tried with Max Force 73Nm and for me thats too light... But FFB is always a matter of taste ;)

    For the iRacing profiiles I would suggest to change the in game Max Force value if you need more or less strength when using my profiles, for all other games I would suggest to change the Tuuning Menu FFB strength.

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    Thanks, much appreciated. I do have the latest drivers and your profiles and as I said, I have no real world experience, so I am happy to know your thoughts on the strength in your profile (assuming I am using it right!! - imported, selected it and clicked load, then run game with in game settings as specified).

    thanks again, if I can buy you a coffee, or a beer, let me know how!!

  • Hi Maurice,

    Which profile (that you uploaded) personally prefer for f1 22 ,degrees etc...

    You have made few , 300 degrees up to 360 ,


  • All F1 22 profiles have a SEN OF 360. The Supercars use 900.

  • When I load your profile for multiplayer 2 have 360 , others are 340 , 320 , 300

    Is it up to my fanalab or I am doing something wrong?

  • I have no idea. ALL my F1 22 profiles have SEN 360 for the F1 and F2 cars and 900 for the Supercars.

  • Btw which is the last driver with option peak and linear without torque key...

  • One which is not compatible with FanaLab anymore so you should not use it.

    Also there is ZERO change in those old firmwares when changing FFS to PEAK or LINEAR without a Torque Key. Therefore the option was removed starting with Firmwares included with driver 442.

    The last driver which had a firmware with PEAK/LINEAR change (as said without any effect) was 439 but that driver is not compatible with Fanalab anymore.

    So just dont use it.

  • Hi Maurice,

    For Iracing I thought you always had us adjusting the FFB at the wheel and leaving the in game settings alone. Did this change when you updated these to not use reverse damper?

  • Good Morning Maurice,

    I wanted to check in if you or someone you might know has run Euro Truck Simulator / American Truck Simulator and could recommend a Fanalab Profile for DD2?

    Thanks for your time.


  • Just wanted to come here and thank Maurice for these latest profiles, especially the AMS2 profiles, and also Daniel for the Custom FFB setting file.

    They are simply AMAZING!

    AMS2, with these profiles, and VR, is now BY FAR the greatest driving simulation I've ever played. The FFB with these new profiles and the custom FFB file is the closest I've ever felt to real-life, and that's saying something.

    I race cars in real life, and I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. So, Interlagos is my "home" track. So I have a lot of real-life experience on that track, and it's the track that I use to evaluate a sim, or to test setup changes, or to see if a certain car suits my driving style. Also, about 5 months ago I was invited to do some test laps in the same exact Mercedes AMG GT3 car that is in AMS2 that is owned by a friend of mine. So I have TRUE real life experience of how driving that specific car on that specific track feels, and I can compare this to the sim experience.

    Up until trying these new profiles, there was always a good amount of detail missing from the FFB, compared to the real car. Mostly in the lower-force finer details. Feeling the contact patch of the tire, whether or not the tires are scrubbing, the weight transfer to the front outer wheel when entering a turn, etc... Compared to real-life, those details were far to subtle. I found myself cranking up the base FFB on my DD2, or increasing the LFB, but each of those came with negative trade-offs. Raising the base FFB considerably could become out-right dangerous if the wheel made a sudden change in direction, like trying to recover a tank-slapper, and increasing LFB would make the details more noticeable, but also very muted and "muddy" for lack of a better word. Now.... all that is gone!

    I'm not sure what sort of "magic" Maurice and Daniel have done, but they've completely transformed the FFB in AMS2. I have NEVER felt FFB in a sim as detailed as this. Hell.... I've driven REAL RACE CARS that didn't communicate what the front tires were doing as well as AMS2 is doing now. I am completely blown away, and just had to pay my compliments. I, personally, like a little more weight to my wheel and about 18 nm of total force is my sweet spot. So the only change I make is bumping up the FFB on my DD2 base to around 65-70, depending on the car.... but that's it! The rest of the magic just happens on it's own.

    So, well done guys, and THANK YOU! If you guys have Paypal links that I can send you donations, I would love to do so. I can only imagine the amount of work that was required, and I'd be happy to show my appreciation.

  • Oh wow, Thanks a lot for your warm words!

    Glad you like the profiles :)

    Curious, as it's not often that someone has real life Racing experience: as I also have profiles for the AMG GT3 for ACC and iRacing, how do you like the car (with the profiles) in those Sims? In which Sim would you say the car feels the most realistic?

  • In my opinion, AMS2 with the custom FFB and your profiles is the closest to IRL. iRacing, for me, has always had poor fidelity in terms of feedback and the physics are just too punishing. IRL, the AMG can be fairly tail-happy, but it's very forgiving. In fact, the fastest way to drive that car IRL is with a little bit of slip angle. So, to drive it well you need to be dancing on the edge of oversteer.

    To me, it's almost impossible to control slip angle in iRacing. It's as if as soon as the tires begin to scrub or have a small amount of lateral slip, the tire completely loses all grip and it quickly becomes unrecoverable. That's just not the case with the real car. The real car communicates VERY WELL when you're approaching the limit of grip, and if you cross the limit it doesn't instantly spin you around. One, because the traction control system is so good that it can reduce power so quickly and smoothly that even if you don't lift the throttle it will reduce power quickly and prevent the rear from kicking out aggressively. Also, the car communicates that you are reaching the limit well before you actually reach it, and you'd have to be completely ignoring the feedback from the car to ever reach the "point of no return" in terms of oversteer. iRacing also does a TERRIBLE job with the ABS system. The Bosch system used in the AMG is SO good, that you can't even tell it's working... until you turn it off (not recommended by the way). I run a basic Club Level Bosch system in my Mustang track car, and even my "basic" motorsports grade ABS system works lightyears better and is much less intrusive compared to ABS on GT cars in iRacing. If it wasn't for the strong online racing that iRacing offers, it would have been gone a long time ago, in my opinion, because it definitely is not the most accurate driving simulation.

    Now.... ACC. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with it right now. I hate it because it's horrible in VR, and as I use sim racing for training more often than not, so VR is my preferred format. I love ACC because it does almost everything perfectly in terms of physics. The aero model especially is probably the best I've felt in a sim. Making small aero changes in the setup makes a noticeable difference in how the car handles and performs, and I don't know of any other title that does it as well, and definitely not one that does it better. BUUUTTT... It's definitely not perfect. The tire model, for one, is not great. Yes, "ideal pressures" is a "thing" in real race cars, but the amount a tire's grip drops off from a 0.1 difference in PSI, is not as extreme as how ACC treats it. On all of our track cars we generally have a 2-3 psi window where the car handles consistently and the tires wear evenly. Anywhere in that range and your going to have pretty much the same characteristics from the car and the tires. That's a much wider window than what ACC allows. If pressures were as critical as ACC makes them to be, teams would have on-board air compressors and bleed valves to control tire pressures full time on track. They don't, obviously, because it's not that critical. The other thing that ACC doesn't do well is conveying the grip level at the tire through the steering wheel. It does convey weight transfer, suspension travel/bump, and even some "seat of the pants" effects well, but you really cannot feel when the front tires are approaching the limit of grip, and it's far too easy to put the front tires into scrub angles. Because of that, I often find myself driving based on my tire temps. Fronts getting too hot, I'm over-turning the front tires and I back off on my entry speeds slightly. In my experience, at least with the AMG, there is MUCH more feedback to the driver and you almost always know exactly how much grip you have, especially at the front end.

    This is the only car that I have IRL experience with that is found in all three sims, but I've tracked several Porsche road cars, and my opinions on iRacing is the same with those cars. I'm hoping to turn a few laps in a Porsche Cup car, early next year, and that will be another great car to compare all the sims. Though I suspect that the results will be very similar. Honestly, if Reiza ever gets their S***t together in terms of online multi-player, they are going to absolutely blow iRacing out of the water. There are so many iRacing fans that won't try any other sim, just because they only race multiplayer. That's really a shame, because there are some really excellent sims in terms of the actual driving experience, like AMS2, that teach ACTUAL driving skills based on how a real car behaves. Instead of teaching you how to control a car inside of the janky physics engine of iRacing, but maybe I'm digressing a bit...

    While I have your attention Maurice... There's one thing in terms of the FFB in AMS2 that I think could be slightly improved. That's the weight transfer to the front tires under braking. I'm finding that in most cars I'm not feeling that weight transfer very well, and actually don't start to feel the grip in the front end until I start turning the wheel off center, which I'm assuming is torque being sent to the wheel based on suspension compression at that point. If there is a setting in the Custom FFB file that we could adjust to try to bring that up say 20-30%... that would be awesome.

    In real life you would feel the wheel get heavier under braking, which is one of the ways to tell when you're reaching the braking threshold and to prevent lock-up. Then that weight should transition into the weight of the suspension compression on the outside front wheel. Under braking there is torque feedback (resistance) left or right of center and the amount of torque you feel is an indication of how much grip each tire has- more torque/resistance = more grip at that tire. Then as you turn-in the inner tire (so the left side tire on a left hand turn) will be noticeably lighter if you turn the wheel left of center, and the outer tire (right side in a left hand turn) will be noticeably heavier off center. Right now, I'm feeling the left-right torque variance on turn in, but I'm missing the torque feedback under braking that comes before turn-in, where both left and right rotation from center would have noticeably firmer feedback at the steering wheel.

    Hopefully I explained that well enough, but if I didn't... let mew know and I can try to to explain it a little better. In my opinion, that is the only detail I'm missing in the FFB with these latest profiles. If that can be added, I can say 100% that it would be the most accurate replication of FFB in any sim I've ever driven.

  • Hi everyone ! Ican't find any response on the net. Is it possible to have the LED and OLED screen of my wheel work with ETS2 or ATS2 ? Thank you

  • Good Morning Mr. Maurice,

    With the SCCA Runoffs Special Event this coming week I wanted to ask if you could recommend a profile for the Spec Ford?

    Thanks for your time and your efforts in your profiles as always.


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    Sorry but I dont drive that kind if cars so I dont know how they feel and which of my profiles feels good.

    BTW: Marcel has sent you something via PM some weeks or months ago which potentially fixes your Mouse Emulation crashes which you reported. Unfortunately he didnt got an answer back if the issue is fixed or not and nobody internally was able to reproduce the crashes so we rely on your answer.

    Could you please answer him via DM or me here of the issue is fixed?

  • Hello!

    Doesn't anyone play R3E?

    In Maurice's settings, there are almost all the games except this one😅

    I'm using the settings that my friend Johan made.

    And in game

    Compared to my friend, I lowered the FFB Maximum force from 100 to 80 and the Friction stationary from 85 to 50

    He has a DD2 and I have a DD1

    If anyone wants to test, the cars can be tested for free at Portimao and Sepang. I think these settings are good for the 911 RSR and the 911 GT3 Cup

    You have to play a bit with the ffb multiplier (usually around 1)

  • Thanks for these, man. I haven't toyed with specific Fanalab profiles yet (that software scares me as I am clueless with what to click where, and also I am too lazy to switch profiles: VR only and doing that when I want to impulsively drive various cars is a bit of pain), but I tried the custom ffb file alone. As much as I like original Daniel's one, yours suits me even better (CSL DD). It has both things which I desperately wanted and was not able to find them: awesome support in mid-fast corners while total lack of that weird canned countersteer effect which stock profiles give me.

    Love it.

  • Ok, quick one here. Using these awesome profiles, I wanted to switch my wheel from the formula v2.5 to the Clubsport RS (full rim 320mm). For some cars like the mx5. Still dd2 and v3 pedals. Feels pretty good, maybe a little light. Should I be considering raising the force when using this wheel over the v2.5? Or should these profiles not need attention with a different rim?

    thanks again

  • Feel free to change FFB strength as they indeed need different FFB strength when using a bigger / heavier wheel as that's how real life Physics work :)

  • Good Morning I checked and still having the application crash when I click on the drop down to assign a button for primary click on mouse emulation.

  • edited October 2022

    That's with the Driver 448 installed which Marcel has sent to you 2 months ago, correct?

    Can you please upload the application Crash logs again so our Dev can have a look into the issue again at some point in the future? Most likely wont be fixed now for the 448 release as your answer came so late and 448 is nearly finished. But with another log file he at least can have a look into the issue again for another try to fix this issue which only you seem to have.

  • Actually I only have Driver 447. Is there a Beta for 448?

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    Yes, Marcel has sent you Driver 448 via PM 2 months ago!

    That driver has a (potential) fix included for the UI crash happening when adjusting mouse emulation buttons.

    And since then we wait for your feedback if the issue is fixed because nobody internally was able to reproduce the issue, you are the only one who has the issue.

    So please have a look at your PMs and install driver 448 and report back if the issue is still happening or not.

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    Good Afternoon fellow Fanatec Fanatics !!

    Got myself an early Christmas present and went for the DD1 F1- it will be used currently with my ps5 ( PC maybe next when GPU prices will go down :D). Up to now, I was using CSL Elite v3 brakes and formula 2.5 , which have been updated via Fanalab.

    Now using DD1 on PS5 do I need to update the firmware and set up the settings manually in the game and inthe base, orshould Ii download @Maurice Boschen profiles and save on fanalab and upload them on the base

    Curently i play F1xx GT7 and ACC if this helps :P

    Maurice Böschen

    cheers in advance !!!

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    FanaLab is NOT working on consoles, so no need to load my profiles as you can not use them on console anyway. You also cant really upload them to the base as the base only has 5 setups available, but I have 250 profiles :D

    For the Firmware, yes, you should still update the Fiirmware, but thats done via the Driver, not via FanaLab.

  • how do I convert? your profiles to the 5 profiles stored in DD1 could i request profile for GT7 f122 and ACC please ?

  • edited November 2022

    As I said, you cant use FanaLab for console. Therefore I also can not do any profiles for GT7 etc.

    You will need to create your own Tuning Menu settings, best to start off from the recommended settings posted in this forum.

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