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  • Maurice:

    We really appreciate the work you do to provide us with these wheel profiles!

    I'm an old guy and I find these profiles a bit too stout for my old arms. You must be like Hercules. I have a DD2 and regarding iRacing, can you recommend what settings I should change to soften them up some (maybe 15% - 20% softer) without losing the subtle feedbacks on the lower end? Should I just change the FFB setting in Fanalab Tuning Menu, or should I change the settings in iRacing?

    On a related subject: I don't understand the inter-relationship between the iRacing "Max Force" and "Wheel Force". Can you explain it?


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    New Profile pack with a substancial update to the AMS2 Custom FFB file!

    It is now no longer based on Danielkarts V44 version but on his brand new amazing V70 version - with some changes I made to not get oscillations in standstill, to disable the (in my opinion) unrealistic tyre scrub effects but therefore to enable the flatspot vibrations and some other small changes here and there.

    This new Custom FFB file once agains completely transforms the FFB of AMS2 whiich now feels better than ever before and in my opinion still the best FFB on the market right now.

    This is the changelog from Danielkart for his V70 version:

    • The biggest change and improvement is the front axle, now you can feel the "front bite". Many users complained about the floating feeling in AMS2. This hovering on the track in the corners is the missing (or too weak) integration of the front axle. The front axle can now be felt much better, the tires will "bite" into the track - a fantastic new feeling at the front with many positive consequences.
    • On the curbs and on the track there is more feedback from the front axle.
    • Chassis stability has been increased.
    • The cornering stability has increased extremely. Very high cornering speeds are possible without losing grip or slipping.
    • The steering is now much more progressive in slow tight corners and also more direct and responsive (less sluggish).
    • Due to this progressive steering, the high forces in corners have been weakened, especially in cars with high downforce. Even higher peaks are now possible.
    • Kart files have been slightly adapted.

    Other changes in this profile pack:

    • Added new AMS2 profile for the amazing new IndyCar 2023 - Dallara IR18 mod by Modding Team KAOS
    • Added new CarsList_AMS2_Custom.xml and ProfileCarsList_AMS2.xml files for CDALP to include the new IndyCar entries
    • Adjusted the RPM LED values for the following mod cars which got changed with recent updates:
      • Alpine A110
      • Lamborghini Essenza SCV12
      • Ferrari FXXK
      • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992)
    • Adjusted the recommended in-game FFB settings in the README file for the new FFB Custom file V70
    • Changed the name of the iRacing Ford GT2/GT3 profile to Ford GT GT2 according to iRacing 2023 Season 02 Patch 2 change

    Most likely this will be the last update to the profiles until 19th April ;)

    As always, have fun :)

  • Hi - is there a guide for how to use Fanalab for dummies like me ? Basically just looking for AC profiles for my wheel as the defualt one is rubbish and I don't want to waste years of my life fine tuning. Even just a link for AC profle downlaods and hoe to download and install them ?


  • Niterida:

    If you download and unzip the file above (Maurice' FanaLab Profiles - 1.69.5 - AMS2 you will find the PWS profiles that Maurice has created along with a readme telling how to install and use them. There is a section included for AC that you can start with and then expand upon using those as examples.

    Good Luck!

  • Thanks - loaded up some profiles and tried tweaking and DD1 still feels worse than my T300 :(

  • IS there a repository of all profles or do you have to scroll through 33 pages of this thread to find them ? Specifically looking for AC Cars and especially M3 GT2. Thanks

  • That Zip is as complete and current as it gets, AFAIK. I have a DD2 and it is WAY, WAY better than my old Thrustmaster. I think you might have some other issues because the DD1 should be far better than a T300.

  • Maurice is iRacing's implementation of different lights per gear realistic? Honestly IDK why sims just don't let us set custom lights like you can in the real cars. Seems like a trivial thing to implement in the setup menu.

  • I don't think the files have AC cars except 1. Too many cars and mods. I believe someone previously asked and that was the answer

  • Well, since I got no replies to this post, I'm just going to throw this out in the middle of the floor to see if anybody stomps on it ;)

    After much testing I decided to simply reduce the FF in Fanalab by 20% and that seems to be just about right for me. There is a little less detail on the low end (as expected) but the important stuff is still there and I don't feel like I have been lifting weights for an hour.

    As for the iRacing settings: It appears to me the "Wheel Force" slider does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but change the scale of the "Max Force" slider. It seems to have NO EFFECT on FFB feel. Maurices profiles are all set at 60% FF so the iRacing settings indicated in each PWS file are XX | 15 Nm. Which is (for a DD2 with max torque of 25Nm) 25 x 60% = 15 Nm. Makes perfect sense. But why does iRacing need that stupid "Wheel Force" slider? And for that matter, the "Max Force" slider scale is BACKWARDS! A higher force number produces LOWER FFB! Whhhaaaatttt?????

    Feel free to straighten me out, there's my rant. Stomp away....

  • In iRacing, wheel force is the max Nm your wheel is capable of outputting. A DD2 has 25Nm if you keep it at 100% in fanalab’s. The iRacing wheel force is meant to match the Nm you have set for your wheel. For Maurice’s profiles that is 15Nm. The wheel force is how you tell iRacing what Nm you want and/or wheel is capable of. The max force (or strength) is the force required to hit the wheel force that is set. Or stated differently, the max force is what you are telling iRacing to start clipping FFB at. So for example, if you have max force set to 30Nm and your wheel force is 15Nm, essentially it takes a 30Nm force for you to feel 15Nm. Anything above 30Nm will feel the wheel force setting. That is why a higher number in max force will lower the Nm you feel. So if you made that number 60Nm, it has now dropped the FFB by 1/4th, in a way. If you made the max force 15Nm and wheel force was 15Nm, anything above 15Nm is clipped and you feel the full wheel force. The slider isn’t necessarily backwards, it’s just how the formula works. One way to adjust the profiles is keep them the same as Maurice and make the max force Nm a larger number. Another way is to decrease the total FFB in fanalab. If you do that, you should match that number (Nm) in iRacing wheel force. By keeping the FFB at a wheel force of 15Nm there is always a chance to have a 15Nm FFB. If there is concern of the FFB injuring yourself, then lower the total FFB in fanalab, match that in wheel force, and adjust max dorce appropriately. Hope that helps

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    In time for todays new ACC Patch 1.9 and the 2023 GT World Challenge DLC pack attached a brand new Profile Pack with the following changes:

    • Added profiles for the new 2023 GT World Challenge DLC cars:
      • Ferrari 296 GT3
      • Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO2
      • Porsche 992 GT3 R
    • Adjusted the RevLED RPM values according to ACC Patch 1.9 for the following cars:
      • Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3
      • Bentley Continental 2018
      • BMW M4 GT3
      • McLaren 720S GT3
      • Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020
    • Added new ProfileCarsList_ACC.xml file so the new profiles are directly bound to the respective new cars via CDALP (cars already included in FanaLab 1.69.7)

  • Wow, Carl:

    Thanks for that detailed information. I'm going to have to process all that...

    I'm not worried about being injured, It's just too much constant force particularly while cornering on road courses that I'm interested in reducing. I will revisit the adjustments I have made thanks to your help.

  • Thanks Maurice, I have downloaded and getting installed for ACC!

  • ACC - Any csw 2.5 setting? Fanalab and in Game. Tnks

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    I just got my 1st DD CLS 5nm and i found these profiles (already feel way better than default recommended )

    I have a few questions, i imported all the ACC cars and copied car list in .xlm file , now every car has a green car icon next to profile, my question is do i have to select the profile of the car i want before i enter the sim and after if i want to drive another car do i have to exit the sim and select the profile of that respective car, or is automatically switched in-game ?

    I have the 5nm version, i will get the 9nm eventually , i'm assuming i have to up the FFB strength because is set to a DD1 base ? It feels to light on my wheel and i set it to 100 % and brake force 100% also - i have LC CLS

  • I had a still hope the Maurice FFB list was updated with the new cars....and damn. He did it..... Thanks !!!

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    You shouldn´t use Maurice ffb profiles with csldd, only dd1/dd2

  • Hey Maurice,

    have you tried the new Mclaren in ACC yet?

    Is it the same FFB Setup like the non Evo Macca? Feels like theres 0 FFB on the new Evo.

    Would be awesome if you could share your FFB Profile for the Evo Version.

    Thanks :)

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    I use the exact same FFB settings for the new Evo car, just the LEDs are different.

    Profile will come with the next FanaLab release.

  • what about steering lock? what are value are you using for the 720s? still 480? and do we still need to adjust them or have they changed it?

  • I always use SEN 1080 and never used anything else.

  • Kris GKris G Member
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  • Thoughts on iRacing season 3? Looks like they did some work on the auto ffb and also added the ‘attempt’ to recognize maximum wheel force. Not sure this takes into account the settings in Fanalab - my dd2 always shows 26nm no matter what percentage I have set in fanalab so I am guessing I should not use it.

  • Any word on when we will see the new car profiles for iRacing?

  • As soon as a new FanaLab version is released because my current profiles, made on a new internal Lab version, are incompatible with any older Lab version.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Sharing my AMS2 Formula USA 2023 Profile

  • Is there going to be a new profile release for iRacing S3? There is the new GTP & 992. Been using the BMW LMDH Hypercar with the Caddy and the 991 GT3 profile. They also updated their FFB settings

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