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  • The force feedback settings wont work.

    The LEDS/revlights etc would work fine though.

    Best way to do it is to load the profile, and save it as a different profile that has the ffb settings you like- but untick the 'Tuning menu' box.

  • hi to all,

    where I can find settings for latest cars from last season for iRacing... Porsche 992 RSR new ...

    I can not find it... are they are in last Fanalab profiles or not???

  • Hi guys

    where can i find correct profile for new car released in i racing

    i'm really interested to ferrari 296 gt3.

    i try to use the same i've used with 488 but it's really hard..

    i hope to have some news quikly

    thanks to all

  • No profiles available yet.

    New cars all use RPM per gear feature which means a LOT of hours of work per car.

    I will also not release anything until the next Fanalab version is released as my profiles are now all made on newer code and incompatible with the current public version.

    So you will have to wait a bit longer for my profiles, or you try it on your own :)

  • Has anyone else noticed much lighter and less detailed FFB after the Season 4 iRacing build?

    I have poor feeling of the track surface now. No where could I find any release notes indicating any changes to FFB or anything that could attribute but it's definitely there. I have had to up the FFB slider to gain any feeling back at the limit. I did see a new auto FFB slider but don't think that should have any impact assuming you are not auto tuning your FFB. Just curious and eager to see the new profiles if they will reflect this :) Thank you,

  • Thank you so much Maurice!

    I imported the new McLaren Evo and it does show up in Fanalab but I can not load the works with the older ones though.

    Is this again a Fanalab version issue? Thanks!

  • Maurice, with the arrival of RC2.0 of fanalab, do you have a next version of your profiles coming soon?

    I know you're not a fan of rF2, but are you thinking of adding profiles for GTE and LMP2/LMP3 in the future?

    At the moment I'm driving the Ferrari GTE, and for lack of a profile, I'm using your profile for the 488 GT3 (which must not be suitable :)).

    Many thanks again for giving life to our bases and pleasure to our hands ;)

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    A bit later than usual, where I have the profiles ready the minute a new FanaLab version goes live, here I am again with my newest profile pack which is ready for todays newly released FanaLab version 2.00.06.

    The pack includes the following changes:

    • Added new profiles for the new iRacing 2023 Season 04 update with correct RPM per gear LED p0rn:
      • Acura ARX-06 GTP
      • Ferrari 296 GT3
      • Porsche 963 GTP
      • Super Formula SF23 - Honda
      • Super Formula SF23 - Toyota
    • Added new ProfileCarsList_iRacing file which includes the new cars.
    • Enabled DPR and Dynamic Damper in all iRacing profiles to keep the wheel more stable when you take your hands off the wheel. This should result in less wild oscillations on higher speeds when the Dynamic Damper starts to work.
    • Added the correct Pit Limiter RevLED Interval for EVERY car profile for every game which supports this feature in game to let the Pit Limiter RevLEDs blink in the same interval as the in game LEDs. Note: Due to the start of the blinking is not always synced with the in game LEDs the wheels on the wheel and the ones in the game can blink at different times, however, the Interval in which they blink is at least correct. Technically not possible to do better in the code as the in game LEDs start the blink at random times, meaning its also not possible for the Lab to work with some delay or other solutions.
    • Added new ffb_custom_settings file for AMS2. Switched from Danielkart V80 to a file from Alegunner68, which is based on Danielkarts V70 file. Made my usual adjustments to have a more pronounced curb feeling and to disable the scrub effect but to enable the flatspot effect. For this file its very important to also adjust the in game FFB values, for this I have updated the README file with my in game values.
    • Added new CarsList_AMS_Custom file which now included EVERY mod car I could find on the web, which means, even though I might have no profile for every mod car, at least every possible mod car now appears already in the Cars List in the Lab, makes it easier to bind the mod car if someone has it installed.

    Note: Due to changes to the profile structure these profiles are ONLY compatible with FanaLab V2.00.06 and newer versions. They are completely incompatible with any older FanaLab version.

    As always: Have fun with the profiles :)

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    I am in a very similar scenario using the 8nm DD, is it a bad idea to run one default profile for all cars?

  • edited October 2023

    Jakub your convertor doesn't seem to be working with the latest profiles from Maurice, unless I'm doing something wrong. I placed the exe into the profiles folder and selected 1 and am getting a list of error messages. Unfortunately it goes away so quickly I cant read them to pass them on. If I try selecting 2 to overwrite it isnt overwriting any of the files as when I load them in Fanalab they still show the original ffb setting.

  • Thankyou Maurice for the new profiles, great work as always!

  • My DD1 feels "lighter" after installing the QR2. Do i need to turn up the FFB with QR2?

  • new version also got this going on, anyway to clean that by hand? my OCD makes me crazy when i see something out of place :D

  • Alastair: The file format of the new PWS files (2.00.06) has been completely changed and I suspect that is why the script no longer works. You can do the global edits across all the pws files at once by using Notepad++. It's what I use to change FFB in all the PWS files.

  • Thanks for the info Warren. While I have notepad ++ installed I have no idea how to do Global Edits with it for all .pws files at one time or where in the .pws file the FFB setting is.

    Any chance of getting a brief how to posted?


  • I'm using iRacing PWS (2.00.06) for this example for how to change the FF setting:

    1) Copy all the PWS files that you want to modify into a folder.

    2) Start Notepad++

    3) Menu Bar: File, Open

    4) Select the folder with the PWS files and SELECT ALL OF THEM. Click the OPEN button.

    5) All the files should now be open in tabs across the top just below the Menu Bar.

    6) Menu Bar: Search, Replace

    7) In the "Find What:" box put "FF":60

    8) In the "Replace With:" box put "FF":xx (xx = your desired value)

    9) Now click the button the says "Replace All in All Opened Documents"

    10) Close the Replace Window.

    11) Menu Bar: File, Save All

    12) Menu Bar: File, Close All

    13) Your Done.

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    Ok seems easy enough. Seems to have worked, thanks for your help much appreciated.

  • 😀 Thank you so much. Great support ! It works so good, it is so comfortable !

  • Right in time for the new FanaLab V2.00.09 RC here are my latest profiles - to be used ONLY with FanaLab V2.00.09 and newer versions due to another change in the pws structure which makes the profiles incompatible with any older Lab version.


    • Added new profile for F2 2022 & 2023 cars with adjusted FFB strength
    • Added new ProfileCarsList_F1_23 to bind the new profile to all F2 2022 and F2 2023 cars
    • Corrected Flash value of the Ferrari 296 GT3 iRacing profile in 6th gear from 7000 RPM to 6900 RPM

    As always: Have fun with the profiles :)

  • Hi folks, I still have a CSW 2.5. Does anybody know what I would set my default in game settings to for this wheel?

  • Good afternoon Maurice Böschen! The profiles are great, but there is a question: do I need to enable these functions?

  • If you want to use Dynamic Damper, then yes. If you dont want to use that, then no.

    Personal preference.

    I dont use Dynamic Damping in ACC, only in iRacing due to the low FFB refresh rate in iR. Not needed in ACC imo.

  • I'm sorry that it's not on the topic, but maybe as an excellent specialist you can tell me the correct FOV for: monitor 65 inches, eye distance 93 cm. for ACC. Thank you in advance!

  • Maurice sorry to bother you here, i sent you a message. Could you please check it? its just one simple question but im starting to get hopeless.

  • Cant set max force at 27 and wheel force to 15 at the same time. Any advice?

  • When loading a profile I get a message about it being made on a different wheelbase to mine and that I can change this setting, How do I do this?

    Also when loading a profile, nothing seems to change, all lights are still at their default settings.

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