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    Hi, i also have a DD1 and i will try them. Can you share also your in game FFB settings in assetto corsa and csp? Thank you very much!

  • Hello,

    I have just downloaded the latest profiles Maurice' FanaLab Profiles - V2.01.19+ - P DD2 & CS DD+ and imported the cars that I need in ACC.

    But now in Fanalab the "Load" button for the new profiles is inactive. I can not load the new profiles. Its still possible to load the old ones though.

    Any idea what I have to do?

    Thanks so much und big big thank you to Maurice :-)

  • I would suspect you need to be running "Fanatec Driver package v455", Fanalabs v2.01.21, Fanalab Profiles v2.01.21 for it to work with the new profiles.

    Depending on your hardware going to Driver v455 could create other issues though.

    Maurice's Installation instructions:

    1. In FanaLab go to the Game Profile Tab and click on the Import button.

    2. Select the profiles you want to import.

    Note: You can import several profiles at once from a folder. Afterwards the selected profiles will appear in the profile list.

    3. If not already done previously: click the two green buttons above the profile list to "Enable Telemetry" and "Enable FanaLab's Game LED/Hardware Support" to not get interfering from native game LED / Display implementation.

    Follow the instructions shown to you if FanaLab is not already doing it's magic on it's own.

    4. To bind the profiles to the respective car for an automatic CDALP loading:

    Just copy/paste the content of the the included ProfileCarsList_AC.xml file into into the already existing ProfileCarsList_AC.xml file and the content of the CarsList_AC_Custom.xml file into the already existing CarsList_AC_Custom.xml file, both located in the folder C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Fanatec\FanaLab\xml.

    If you do not have the AppData folder, then you first need to unhide hidden folders in Windows.

    For W10: open File Explorer, select "View" > "Options" > "Change folder and search options" and then select the "View" tab and, in "Advanced settings", select "Show hidden files, folders and drives" and click "OK".

    For W11: open File Explorer, click "Layout and view options" (the second menu from the right), select "Show" and check the "Hidden items" option.

  • Hé Maurice

    do you make profiles for the gt2 cars in acc? For cs dd

    i hope do😊😊

  • Profiles are ready since weeks, but I cant release them as they are based on a new FanaLab version which makes the profiles incompatible with the current release version, so unfortunately I have to wait with the release of the next profile pack until the next FanaLab version is released...

  • Hi Maurice,

    I am manually inputting your settings to my wheelbase for ACC on PS5 by copying the values in your profiles.

    May I know if FFS = 1 is linear or peak?

    thanks in advance!

  • Good morning! FPS peak is set everywhere in your ACC profiles.

  • Ah yes sorry was totally confused that day, course I always use Peak..😅

  • Hi @maurice,

    with the new Fanalab version for the ACC GT2 car's profiles, you mean the 2.01.22? any idea when it will be released?

    Best regards,


  • It should be version 2.01.26 and it should be released this week.

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    Hi, i tryed to use Maurice Böschen Settings for a CSL DD and i think i found very good settings for iRacing.

    I tryed the settings on a few tracks for about a half week. The feeling is great with CSL DD!

    The changes are very simple:

    -FFB Force Feedback Strenght to 100% for full 8nm

    -FFS Force Feedback Scale Peak

    The Max Force ingame set for the Porsche by Maurice was 42nm. This was also too high for this wheel. The smallest setting without clipping i found and tested on a few tracks, but mostly on Nordschleife was 32nm. This is a decrease of 24%.

    But the NDP Natural Damper was also too high on 15% for this wheel. For me, the wheel has not the force to bypass the damper set on this level. So i tryed a few things. Without Damper it was not good. First i tryed to reduce it about 50%. But this was also not good. Then i made mathematics xD. So i decreased the damper also by 24%, because ingame the Max Force was decreased by 24%. And this feels great!

    -NDP Natural Damper 11%

    -Dynamic FFB Damper Effect Strenght 23

    These settings feels very great for me! Much more feeling now on the wheel. Please test it when you have a CSL DD and give me Feedback :)

    I think i a few days i will modify 2 other presets on cars that i drive.

    @Maurice i hope it's okay that i post a modified profile of your profile for the CSL DD. When it's not okay write me and i delete it.

    Credits to Maurice for his fantastic work for the DD2 profile!

  • Hey Maurice, you may not be aware but Reiza have changed the McLaren 720S Evo GT3 Gen2 shift and other lights so they don't match the current configuration in fanalab.

  • Hey!

    Thanks for the heads-up but in this specific case I was aware of this change as they mentioned this in their official Changelog So It did not came unexpected :)

    Already changed the LEDs in the profile but still can't update them as they are incompatible with the current public release so I need to wait for the next release which should happen next week.

  • When your newly created profiles are incompatible with the current public release of Fanalab will this mean that previously created profiles will also no longer work in the soon to be released version? Or will the new release be downwards compatible with old profiles?

    Also this implies some bigger changes to fanalab that would make the new profiles incompatible with the current version. Anything you might be able to tease yet?

    New RGB colors? new flashing effects? New supported telemetry channels?

  • Old profiles will always be compatible with new versions. It is just the other way around which sometimes won’t work when something in the profile structure changes which makes the new profiles incompatible with the old versions which can’t read the new profile structure. And that’s already it, nothing to tease, no new big features, only bugfixes and support for new games.

  • Alright, got it. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Ever since the update to Fanalab v2.01.21, and using the v2.01.18+ iRacing profiles, I cannot get Fanalab to autoload any profiles when I load the sim. I copy/pasted the ProfileCarsList_iRacing.xml file from the profiles folder into the correct directory per the included ReadMe. I have been using Fanalabs for a while and the auto-assigning of profiles has always worked for me until this version.

    Did I miss something somewhere?

    Appreciate any help! 👍️

  • If copy-pasting my xml doesn’t work then you have some issue in your configuration and you need to bind the cars to the profiles yourself through the Lab interface

  • That what I do, I've always done it that way. But when I load into iRacing, the profile for the car I am driving does not load in Fanalabs.

  • Then some xml is corrupted and you should delete the whole xml folder.

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    Uninstalled Fanalab, twice, with the same results. The second time I ensured all the Fanalab folders were removed, and then rebooted.

    When I load into the sim after that, Fanalab does still not load the profile.

    When I actually get in the car, THEN Fanalab loads the correct profile. This was not happening prior to having to re-install the program and this is very different from previous behavior for me prior to this version. In the past, Fanalab loaded the profile as iRacing was loading so that once in the sim, the car profile was already loaded in Fanalab.

    So now, my questions are...

    Is this normal now where the profile won't load until I am in the car?

    Do I have a setting wrong somewhere that caused this change in the way it seems to work now?

    Appreciate your effort with the profiles and your time helping me here! 


    EDIT: If it helps, here is my fresh FLControl.log file

  • Yes that is normal. IRacing telemetry only sends the car ID to the Lab when you are actually in the car. Up until that moment the telemetry does not have any information so CDALP also can’t load a profile.

  • Gotcha! Looks like I am good to go then. Thanks for your help!

  • hi all,

    hi Maurice,

    any news on when the next fanalab version and your GT2 profiles will be published? or have they been already? sorry but sometimes I have difficulties to find them between so many messages...

    Best regards,


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    I dont know.. Everything is ready since 29th January but nobody has time to upload the new version to the forum...

    But I raised the question again and it could happen now VERY soon, stay tuned :)

  • Finally the new FanaLab version 2.01.26 was released and I can share my newest profile pack with you! :)


    • Added new profiles for the ACC GT2 DLC pack:
      • Audi R8 LMS GT2
      • KTM X-BOW GT2
      • Maserati MC20 GT2
      • Mercedes-AMG GT2
      • Porsche 935
      • Porsche 991II GT2 RS CS Evo
    • Changed LEDs according to latest AMS2 game update changes:
      • BMW M8 GTE
      • McLaren 720S GT3 Evo

    Note: This profile pack is ONLY compatible with FanaLab V2.01.26 due to changes in the pws profile structure which makes the profiles incompatible with any older version!

    As always: Have fun and enjoy especially the LED p0rn! :)

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