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    No. The steering torque capability needs to be set to the Nm strength the base can output with the used FFB strength setting. As I dont want more than 15 Nm, I use a FFB strength value of 60% this means the motor is capped to 15 Nm max peaks, therefore the steering torque capability in game needs to be set to 15 and not 20 or 25 when using my profiles. If you change FFB strength value, the in game value needs to be changed accordingly to the correct value.

  • You are a great Man. And thank you againe for your profiles, they really work and are very nice and a pleasure to drive. And regarding my statement that if you limit the strength in the base, use it is not 100% true? That the signal is cut or everything is absolutely the same as with a full strength of 25 NM for DD2 and 20NM for DD1

  • Thank you Maurice! I find your ACC profiles work extremely well :)

    I just have one question for you.

    I recently found out an easy way to enable a proper soft lock in ACC from YouTube.

    1. setting in-game Steering Lock setting to 0 degrees (this is universal for all cars and you do not need to change this setting again)
    2. apply the correct lock in the fanalab profile for the desired car (example: 520 degrees for the M4 GT3)

    This allows soft-lock to be applied properly in-game for each individual car

    Is there any reason why you still apply a lock of 1080 degrees in game and 1080 degrees in each car profile instead of using the above?

  • Did you manage to resolve this as I have the same issue.

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    Please copy-paste this file to your LMU plugin folder.

    PS: Are you on old 32bit (x86) Windows instead of 64bit?

  • Hi Maurice, Many thanks for your help. I am on a 64 bit version. I'll past the file and report back 👍️

  • Hi Maurice, The file already existed so I replaced it, enabled telemetry and got the same error, restarted Fanalab and this time got success when I enabled telemetry. So all good now. Thanks for all you do for this community.

  • I have a DD1 and i installed Maurice profiles. I feel the GTE cars to be a little to much FFB specially in endurance racing. Because my base is a DD1 i have to change the FFB strenght in Fanalab from 60% to 75% (60 x 1.25 = 75%) to match the strenght of a DD2 with these profiles and Max torque setting in-game is set to 15 as indicated in the “Read me” file. Everything good until this point. But now lets say i want to lower the FFB on the GTE’s from 75% to 70%. If i do this, now my max Torque Output in Fabalab says 14NM instead of 15NM that said when FFB was set to 75%. Do i need now to adjust also the Max torque setting to 14 also in-game?. Max torque setting in-game always needs to match with my Max torque setting in Fanalab?. Thanks.

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    Also, what about the FFB strength in game?. Do i need to lower it from 70%?. Is this a fixed value for DD1 and DD2, no matter what FFB value you set in Fanalab for a specific car?.

  • I would suggest you just try it out for yourself what you like :)

  • Is it the option “Car Specific FFB stregnth” in game not available anymore?. I can not see that option in LMU and FFB setting?. Can someone see this option?

  • It's an LMU thing. It only shows when you're in a session.

    You can ignore it for now as it doesn't save anyway. They need to patch it.

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    Do you have settings for AC, ACC or F1 23 for

    • clubsport  pedals V3
    • formula V3.5X steering wheel
    • CSL DD 8NM base

    What I care most about is vibrations on the pedals and steering wheel. Although a good FFB will also be useful

  • Hello, not sure if it's just me, I don't believe it is... But the iRacing folder contains only cars starting at Ferarri. I had to manually import the other cars from an older profile folder. Thanks for all the amazing work! Love these profiles, told my friends about them they said it's been game changing!

  • Does someone feel FFB much worse in LMU after todays update?. I feel it worse and like dead in the middle. They have deleted the “Steering resistance coefficient” and “Steering Resistance saturation” options in-game. I guess this has something to do with the FFB feeling change.

  • Them settings were never implemented/working. Thats why they have been removed from the menu

  • That is what i read from their Hox fix announcemnt. I don’t know if it is just me, but i feel something worse than before.

  • I have fix the issue first backup my profiles than uninstall Fanalab than delete in appdata/local the folder fanatec en reinstall the latest fanalab after that you can enable telemetry and the leds and than import your profiles and it works now.

  • Hello,

    looking for CSL DD 8 NM setup for iRacing cars. Please can someone help me?

     Thank you very much.

  • Hi @Maurice Böschen i am using clubsport dd+ f1 wheel bundle & v3 pedals and i am new to in this. Are there any settings you recommend for f1 23? Can the profile you shared be used for this?

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    Can someone post updated DD1 or DD2 iRacing profiles?

    I have tested a collection downloaded here but too old for latest Fanalab version...

    Thank you!

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm sorry if it's not the good thread, i'm kind of lost for the moment in the forum.

    I'm using Fanalab and the Profile for iRacing since the last weeks (and i'm slow as hell in this game so I try to be better) and last week looking at my telemetry I was always braking at 100%, even when i though I brake really weakly... Until I find out the Fanalab Profile from iRacing automatically put the BRF at 50% - Everytime it's been load (i.e. : When the game launch, it goes to 50 - so I can put that at 100% - and when I spawn the car, it's go back to 50 - so when I do racing, I had to put 100% during the practice, before the qualification, and before the race)

    I can't figure it out how to force this profile to put 100% (or 90, something more "logical) and in the "Tuning Menu Preview" from the IRacing profile, i can't see anything relative to the BRF - can someone helped me for that ?

    Thanks you so much for reading

  • Go into Fanalab:

    1) Load IRacing game profile from Left hand column and then the (.PWS file) for the car you want to change in the "GAME Profile Menu".

    2) Change the braking force and any other settings in the "TUNING Menu" of Fanalab and re-save the .PWS file.

    3) Repeat steps 1-2 for all the car .PWS files

    4) You will have to do this for every Iracing Car as the FFB settngs, etc are loaded for each individual car when you change car for race.

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    Hmmm, it seems that there is a problem with trying to quote posts.

  • @Mauro Prelli

    Just go back in this thread until you find the latest profiles which are for the latest Fanalab.

  • ElurztacElurztac Member
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    Oh boy I never though about it...

    So Fanalab give me a "baseline" and I create profil "UNDER" this baseline using the baseline and my own touch... And define a cars depending of the profile if needed... I totally miss this feature from Fanalab - I though it was "one" profile and every new profile started from scratch.

    Thank you so much for this !

    (PS : I confirm the quote issue, if I use the quote i can't send any comment)

  • @MadDog-IC

    I have the same issue with LMU.

    My BRF set to 60%, and when I launch the game always put at 50%.

    I always save the settings in Fanalab, and every car have 60% BRF, but a lot of times the game change the BRF at 50%, which is very annoying.

  • MadDog-ICMadDog-IC Member
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    @Robert Zemen

    I don't have LMU so I have no idea why it would use BRF 50% when the Fanalab profiles are all 60% for every car, what does the Fanalab profiles say it you get in game and load up a car for a race, then Alt-Tab out to Fanalab and look at the profile it has loaded for that car, does it say BRF = 50% or 60%, is it maybe loading a default profile that has BRF at 50% because it can't find a specific profile for the car your using.

    I take it your not changing the BRF% on the fly with the "Tuning button" and "Funky switch" on the Steering Wheel.

    May also just be some obscure bug with Fanalab at the moment, are you running the Fanatec driver v456 and Fanalab v2.01.28 ???, Fanalab profiles for v2.01.28.

    Recommended to all to look at:

    Can't save link here so, look on youtube for "How to use Fanalab"

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