What will be the hottest feature of the ClubSport Wheel V2?



  • For me it's durability, when investing in a higher end product like this it has to last.
  • Well, Ill bought PS4 one year ago! and one year ill wait for this moment!
    I have Seat from Fanatec, and now like drug man wait for this base and wheels.
    and count days.
    PLEASE launch it! now....
    .... right now!!!!
    my credit card wait for you =)....
    Thank you for so realistic, sky and heavens product.
  • Now, that this wheelbase is an improved version of an already astaounding wheelbase makes me very exited, almost to the point where I want to shout out loud!! This top of the line product will help the simulation racing world keep moving in the right direction for many years to come! Keep up the good work fanatec^^  PS. Racing realism on its way to our homes!
  • I'm in love, but my wallet isn't. V2 base plus porsche wheel 1000 euro, so I would have to stay with my superb GT3 RS v2. Thank you for your products, but I can't afford them.
  • I look forward to testing the new jewel of Fanatec. 
    Fanatec Great job, I am sure you don´t dissappoint us.
  • Once again you'll kill all other wheel on the market, keep pushing ! 
  • Looks great. Most important for me is durability (since these wheels are far from being cheap) and faster acceleration for easier countersteering (which is a bane of most wheels aside from the professional simulator wheels).
  • I'm in love, but my wallet isn't. V2 base plus porsche wheel 1000 euro, so I would have to stay with my superb GT3 RS v2. Thank you for your products, but I can't afford them.
    When there is a will there is a way.
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    Hey Fanatec,

    Once i get an invite, i will buy the Wheelbase, Carbon Formula wheel, Pedals V2 and the CSL seat!

    So come on guys - INVITE ME - :) i can´t wait till the wheel is offical free available

  • la seule chose importante c'est la fiabilité, le reste semble parfait.
    je me demande juste si il y a une grosse différence de ressenti entre le porsche gtr3 et le nouveau volant.
  • I'd like to have a wheel I can use controlled slippage on during turns
  • Luca MorelliLuca Morelli Member
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    Fanatec nice job!
    by the owner of csw v1, I really like this new product ... we can finally buy the perfect steering wheel at the right price!

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  • I look forward to an invitation / code ;)

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  • I look forward to an invitation / code! ;)
  • luca festaluca festa Member
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    I can not wait to try the new product.
  • So what else do i have to buy if i want to use this on XBone? Do i have to wait a specific wheel for that use? I just want to save  money on postages and order all i need in one package...
  • Very, very intrigued to see what this new base can offer. The sooner console compatibility is fully confirmed, the better, although I see no info on 360 compatibility?? Will this also be added, or not? I certainly hope it is added so this can become a true 'one wheel solution'.
  • Just wanted to buy CSW v1, was waiting few weeks, then WOW, CSW v2. Really want it, cause I really don't trust other manufacturers like Thrustmaster.
  • Still waiting for a mid range wheel base with Xbox one compatible steering wheel.

    I'm willing to pay up to 400 USD.

    Please don't take to long to officially announce it or might get thrustmaster Tx

    We have 2 rigs in the family(mine and my father's), and might get a third one (for my brother) and we'll probably buy all of them from the same ecosystem for exchange ability.

    I have a CSR wheel, pedals and shifter (h-pattern bought later with my father's rig) mounted in rennsport wheelstand v2. My father have the GT3 RS with CSR pedals and shifter (sequential) mounted in a CSL seat.
  • I ´m waiting for the email.
  • looking for an upgrade and feel like this is the way to go.. heard a lot of iffy things in the past about wheel bases etc and looking over this one it seems like fanatec has stepped up their game in durability so pre keen to give this a shot. 
  • Greetings, what news we have so excited !!, started with the CSR wheel excellent intro to Fanatec German engineering within months had to upgrade to the CSW with both rims and CS Shifter and CS pedals V2 truly a sick set up for the dollars i have spent have loved ever second racing with Fanatec and tell everybody ya mad if ya don't.
    Thank you Thomas for setting up shop in Australia and allowing us to experience using your quality gear. The V1 base has been excellent mate so i can only imagine how the V2 is going to perform can't wait to get my hands on your next master piece. 
    Again outstanding work my friend.

  • Would be nice with compatible for both PS4 and Xbox One.
  • I'm a newby in Fanatec whit a CSR , but I would make soon an upgrade.. Please invite me!!
  • Watching to upgrade my CSR Elite for this csw v2 base ...hope i'll be able to very soon
  • Forgot to mention that along with the staggered release of the various rims plus the fact I can still use my existing CSP's means I don't necessarily have one big financial outlay in one huge hit. I haven't yet taken the next gen plunge so I'm hoping that as I buy each new console (as I'm sure I will just as soon as something appears that I actually want to play) I can also buy the relevant rim. My wallet thanks you.
  • Level of engineering - that's what makes men's heart melt. (No wasted time on re-design of already stunning look, moreover - production lines, is part of it).
    Big improvement steps in tech, performance and durability make this base (and wheels) - number one in the list for any simracer.
    There is no winners by specs and looks in racing, however. Let's wait and see how it performs against competitors and becomes number ONE (mass production, with long waiting list) sim-racing device, which I'm sure of :)

    Soon to become Fanatec customer.
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