What will be the hottest feature of the ClubSport Wheel V2?



  • Ich wünsche mir den gleichen wow-effekt als wie ich das porsche 918 rsr wheel ausgepackt habe
    und mir gedacht habe " die können was bei fanatec". :)
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    Better motor quality. It's been the most important feature to improve the CSW base. Finally the new base get matching motors!
  • Sorry I had to.

    Andrew - I recognized your headphones being NOT from Fanatec (although dropped very nicely around the shifter - it just looks like some kind of love story between them)... And I can not see any handbrake at all. I hope very much, that these facts would n´t lead to excluding you from the first batch of email-codes being sent! :D
    How's it going friend. As for the Handbrake I don't Drift I Just Slide A Lot. I see you have your Moto-Lita the Mona Lisa of classic Sim Wheels now waiting to see that Morgan Wheel.
  • Looking forward to get my hands on the product, I can't wait to continue to enhance my sim, for those who complaint about price I've a better option stay with toys or upgrade to real life car, one is affordable the other is for real.

    But stop about bragging that doesn't help anyone, if you don't like a vendor, just move to the next one. I'll be better reading critics that help the Fanatec team enhance the product. Or actually feedback about the wheels as I'm having a hard time at picking the right rim, is it gonna be the Porsche 918? looks like yes, unless I hear something else.

    Keep the good work!!
  • I love my BMW wheel (heavy) but with the old CSW base, I lost much of the subtle force feedback that can be feel with the formula wheel! This V2 should solve that with more power!
  • I can't remember the last time I was this excited! :)
  • Specs for the new wheel look fantastic, will be a nice upgrade from my current wheel (GT3). Cross-platform compatability is not an issue for me.
  • Multiplatform. And durabillity. 
  • Glad it's a compatible V2 instead of a higher tier of Hardware. Mainly because I'd like the flagship base price-point to stay in and around €500.
  • The best feature?
    That it will hopefully replace my G27 sometime in the future. (Please let it be not SO far in the future)
  • Im so happy that such a forward thinking product has arrived, purchasing soley for pc and xbox one this wheel only being a single base is possible the best gaming accessory ever made, what else can you think of that is cross compatible changing only one item? Cant wait for my invite to arrive so i can purchase the base, and the release of the xbox one steering wheel for allt he great games at the end of the year. thankyou fanatec, and with any luck the clubsport sq shifter will be finding its way to the basket as well. 
  • Wow Fanatec, this is a game changer!  You guys have definitely done your homework.  The new wheel rims have been really catching my attention, but now with the V2 base, I AM SOLD.  This wheel system, ticks all the boxes.
  • Nice! more realism, that will last <:-P
  • I've been looking for this statement every day for months.  I have to admit I have never ordered from your web store so I won't be receiving a code....  Been waiting on this new base and some nextgen compatability.  But I've have money saved to make a purchase if I somehow come across a invite ; ). I'm in it for the whole package..... Rennsport,v2 pedals, shifter, cs2 v2, ect.  If anyone has a code to share please msg me.  Fanatec... If I get one early I'll also do a high quality web review and break down.

    Happy corners guys ; )
  • I would definitely like to be a new owner of one of these.
  • Thomas, my favourite option isn't there. :P
    Because the wheel features a SERVO brushless motor, the motor control is thus improved that it causes a lag free startup of the wheel. Which means the FFB will not, or at least muuuuch less, operate behind the in-game Physics.
    In other words. Because of the servo controller controlling the brushless motor the linearity has been fastly improved in the beginning of a FFB effect sequence, as it lags less behind the control signal.
  • I bought a CSR V2 pedal kit for couple of mounth and the next purchase will be this wheel base.. I'm currently using G27 from logitech and I dream to the day I'll recieved this wheel.
  • I cant wait! My GT2 wheel and clubsport pedals have been gathering dust for the last 12 months! Compatibility with Xbox One is my no.1 priority!
  • I bought a CSR V2 pedal kit for couple of mounth and the next purchase will be this wheel base.. I'm currently using G27 from logitech and I dream to the day I'll recieved this wheel.

  • Multi Platform and Wheel resolution 
  • Does anybody know if existing PS3 and Xbox 360 will be supported or will I have to hold on to my CSR-Elite to do that?
  • So excited by this new base. I am currently putting together my kit list for my new F1 and GT rig and this is by far at the top of the list especially with the various clubsport wheels available.

    Whoop whoop, ready to order!
  • Next-next gen suppot

    unless the two evilempire change thhe rules, it will be a cheap to move to the ps5 and xbox one-two
    also, nice to not have tolook at ugly buttons whenusing the wheel on a pc
  • Desesparated with my logitech wheel reliability!
    Really looking forward to this + a new Fanatec Pedals set :)

  • Fanatec rocks! Keep it up.
  • i would like to win the Base.
    The V1 was awsome!!
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    I want one now!
  • Hi liebes Fanatec Team,

    Mein Porsche Turbo s Wheel liegt schon demontiert neben meinem Rennsitz und wartet auf Ablösung!
    Würde mich riesig über eine Einladung freuen!!!
  • Looking forward to the smoothness and more subtle FFB effects
  • Now that you have seen the specs and details of the new Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2 please tell us what features you are interested most.

    Please vote and leave a comment if you like to win an invite as we will give-away 5 additional invites among all people who voted and left a comment.

    The other invites will be sent out by end of next week and in several waves over the next months. You will be notified by e-mail and the invite will be shown in the customer profile.

    I have bought 5 wheels from Fanatec over the years with two failing, my CSR Elite after a few days, so I am looking for durability, a product that will possibly outlast me (56 now). Having said that I have had excellent support from Fanatec so long may that also continue!

    I play mainly splitscreen so need to make things a bit more even as my other wheel is a GT2, have been putting off a further purchase especially when the Elite was no longer available, but this is going to take all my Xmas bonus!

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