What will be the hottest feature of the ClubSport Wheel V2?



  • I am really curious to see how the new Fanatec Base will work on XBOX ONE, since the new XBOX is the only platform which sends driving and racing impulses how they are meant to be directly to the steering wheel, everything else is just a simulation of the simulation.

    PS. MS has confirmed as I heard from a reliable source :)
  • Can't wait to try this new beast ! :)
  • endlich auf die Community gehört ;)
  • Does anybody know if existing PS3 and Xbox 360 will be supported or will I have to hold on to my CSR-Elite to do that ?

    According to the products page PC and PS3 is supported




  • I Hope I receive one early :) I am in the alpha/betas of a few racing games atm and I've been wanting to upgrade to something better than my GT2 for a while. This+ oculus rift mmmmm. I will need to get a poper racing seat and stand.
  • It also states under specifications :-
    1 , Upgradeable compatibility to consoles

    Attach optional ClubSport Steering Wheels to make this Wheel Base compatible to the latest gaming consoles. ( note the word latest )



    2 , PlayStation 3: Games which support force feedback racing wheels. GT6, GT5, F1 2011, Dirt 3 and many other games will work fine!​

    Other gaming consoles: The compatibility can be upgraded with (optional) steering wheels which will be available at a later point

    Does that mean a wheel be created to make it compatible with 360 ???

  • I'd say the durability improvement and the increased accuracy/feel are both equally the biggest reasons I want to upgrade to the new base.  It's also sweet that this one has the ability to work with both consoles if you need it to.

  • Agreed with Sven, durability is without a doubt the importantest feature. I never had a Fanatec Wheel, but i really want to buy the entire set with the BMW and the F1 rims, so I hope to be selected for the invitation. Good Luck to everybody.
  • To be honest , the way I look at it is that every NEW feature is equally HOT & IMPRESSIVE !!! When you have a V2 product arrive you expect improvement(s) , but it is rare to see the list of improvement(s) this Impressive !!!
  • This will be my first Fanatec wheel. Can't wait to get this thing working on Forza and GT. This should be a massive improvement over my TX
  • Gimme all the ****...
  • Definitely the improved belt drive and removing the "notchiness". Hoping to get an invite soon!
  • This base looks glorious, time for the fanatec haters to shut up!

  • Great engeering next gen console still pc quick release rims going to buy invite or not and I want clubsport pedals v2 handbrake as well as gear stick going to be expensive but worth every penny 
  • Great looking and great improvement. I am looking forward to the xBox One support as well.
  • After the release of the new wheel rims, and owing a CSR-E, I was thinking that Fanatec have just outgrown their wheel base (though some debate that they had already done so right from the start with the BMW Rim :p ). From the discription of the new features, the new base ticks all the right boxes and for me really proves Fanatecs sim-racing pedigree. I'm sure many are hard pressed to choose one feature over another (except console compatibily, I can leave that for last, I bought the CSR-E but don't even own an Xbox :p). BUT, since we have to choose, and to use the famous racing quote "To finish first, first you have to finish", I'm choosing durability/reliability, especially since this is a pemium product and also to avoid all the painfull hustle with returns/repairs. Too bad I didn't buy the CSR-E from the webshop and won't get an invite :p

    P.S. I also consider not changing the design of the base a big plus, she's a beauty (you don't see Porche changing their design much do you :) ?)
  • Cannot wait to get my hands on this beauty.
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    After all the difficulties experienced trying to obtain a V1 in Australia back when they were released, I missed out on owning any fanatec gear... I cant wait to upgrade from my G27, fingers crossed I might win an invite.

    Making brushless servo powered wheels available to the average racer is an amazing step up in sim racing technology! 
  • Interesting how console compatibility ranks relatively low, even though there were a lot of people asking for that. 

    I am excited for both.
  • Wow! Well done Fanatec, you got it spot on to have a CSW Base v2..It sure is "Advancement through technology" Cant wait for my invite, I "Must" have this..I live for Racing and love Fanatec!

    Great work guy's ;)
    Onwards and Upwards.....

  • Can not wait for the release of the V2. I was about to place a preorder for a CSW wheel base and then the announcements started for the V2 which prompted me to wait for the release. 
  • The news of the CSW V2 wheelbase is great, especially with the support of multi platform for next gen.

    Now I can race against my friends on any platform and not have to keep changing setups.

  • Finally a Cross platform next gen wheel! Can't wait to get this one day!
  • nice sale system with the codes Thomas ;)
  • I am delighted with the new Fanatec intention of making an investment for the new generation of consoles. My interest is maximum compatibility with your xbox one joint. The interest of multicompatibilidad seems sublime. It is a long hard work and consumers are very demanding but madness on the bench. Watch as.
  • I probably would have to say the updated optical encoder and the no slip belt drive are the features that I am most impressed by. It's really quite hard to choose though everything sounds good to me, It's all definitely a step in the right direction from the old clubsport wheel.
  • Looks great! I'm really excited for this new product to come out!
  • I hope it'll come out soon because I want to play Forza with a Fanatec wheel :3 
    and I hope I'll win an invite this would save me a 100 euro's.

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