What will be the hottest feature of the ClubSport Wheel V2?



  • The new wheel-base is awesome. As Project Cars was announced I hope to get a fantastic whell for my PS4. I never will buy Thrustmaster or other crap. I only want to play with the best setup.
    Absolutly fantastic work from you guys!!!!
  • Moi je voudrais déjà l'avoir
    :(( :(( :((
  • Kompatibilität zu möglichst vielen Konsolen ist mir wichtig
  • Well, i never had any Fanatec-Products, but i´m looking forward. If i have the money, i just wanna test and drive with the Fanatec. I wanna know, how realistic the fanatecs are.

    But the price are not possible to make for me. Just think about it, with 3000-4000€ you can have a real racing kart..
  • This features will improve the driving experience in iracing.com.
    I can´t wait to test this new base.
    Please send me the invite!
    Thanx Fanatec
  • Looking forward to the invite and I will definately order the new base.
  • I have g27 and Thrustmaster but Fanatec is the best I have had so far.
    the quality of the Fanatec beats the others no doubt

  • Can't wait!!
  • one base for all systems sounds great
  • Aufrüstbare Kompatibilität zu Spielekonsolen
    Verbinden Sie optional erhältliche Lenkräder um diese Wheel Base mit den neuesten Spielekonsolen kompatibel zu machen.
  • Andere Spielekonsolen: Die Kompatibilität kann durch den Anschluss eines optional erhältlichen Lenkrades erweitert werden.
  • I use your wheel on my personal rig (One of the first batches, Ive had it since reparied under warranty) and all my customers rigs have the CSW. I love it and cannot wait to see how youve improved upon it! I hope to be chosen for the test group!
  • And the notchyness has been my main and only complaint since day one. I really hope this one knocks it out the ballpark!
  • Time to upgrade my Porsche 911 GT2.  Have not jumped on the next gen console bandwagon yet, mainly b/c I don't wanna waste my investment of my fanatec hardware ( wheel, clubsport pedals, plastic shifters ) About to pull the trigger on the handbrake and clubsport shifter when it is finally released here in the US.  Also like the new universal hub... I better start saving now!  ;-)
  • Ok, guys you got me. Looking forward to testing the V2 base with all the great simulators coming up later this year. Most looking forward to the announced PS4 compability. 

    Unfortunately, I don't see any chance to buy one this year!
  • First of all I want to thank you for updating the CSW v1 Software/firmware and tackling the chatter that was near center on some  CSW v1 wheels (mine), it was driving me nuts. I was one of those that keep complaining about it (it was quite bad) when some of "the self appointed experts" on some of the forums said to simply ignore it. Excellent job in minimizing it!

    From the specs on the v2 it looks like you have tried your best to make major improvements and more importantly increase the longevity the unit.
    • Hall Sensors (I was making HS upgrade kits for a well known HOTAS, now quite a few use Hall Sensors)
    • Brushless Servo Motor (hopefully this will be much more reliable)
    • More and bigger ball bearings, excellent.
    • More reasonable price than the pure brushless direct drive wheesl being developed at this time.
    Those are the highlights for me, looking forward to the v2 release!
  • I like the fact that it will have more power, which might come in handy with the heavier wheels, so that the weight won't have such an effect. This makes the choosing of the wheel a bit easier for me.
  • When will the winners be announced please?

    The graphs on the first page of this blog make really interesting reading.  I'm surprised how important console support is and its fairly equally split between XB1 and PS4 when you look at the results as a whole.

    Great bit of market research :)

  • Looking forward to test this new wheel base :)
  • For me compatibility for both PS4 and XBOne would be most important as the Forza- and the Gran Turismo-Series are too important to be ignored.
  • CSR user here, hope to take a big step into new Clubsport base.
    Be ready to box for me: V2, CSW pedals, Porsche + Formula Carbon maybe some GT class?, handbreak, shifter.
  • wo ist der fehler ?
    was fehlt auf dem bild ?


  • i'm a owner of csw v1. it was potentially a very good wheel system. Now with v2 you can improve that was left poor. Thank you
  • Awesome to have a proper replacement for my GT2 wheel. One wheel to rule them all!
  • Andre DeneveAndre Deneve Member
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    Hard to prioritize only three amongst the various features that are of significance to a competent wheel. Quality construction and durability are mandatory, while increased maximum deliverable torque should allow for, not only quicker counter steer, but also greater nuance, precision, and detail in the more delicate and subtle force feedback effects. All features, in terms of robustness of the hardware, should be pretty interlinked - you improve on the whole package, not one in isolation.

    That leaves only the question of compatibility.  Obviously, PC compatibility is not in question and the PS4 ecosystem seems much more receptive to support than the Xbox One platform, where compatibility is most tentative. Hence, Xbox One compatibility should naturally see a boost in the communities' anticipation and hope for future support, even though I'm sure most are looking forward to see full compatibility across all platforms.

    I'm certainly looking forward to purchasing a quality wheel that works everywhere with all the features that we've come to expect and yet, at least with such statements as:
    "We had to develop entire new electronics for that motor as the motor driver is quite complex. Now that it is done we can easily use it for smaller brushless motors or a direct drive wheel. "
    one can't help but now wonder whether Fanatec will come out with an actual direct drive wheel in the near future. Fingers crossed.
  • Richie IgneriRichie Igneri Member
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  • I hope the new Club Sport Wheel V2 Compatibility to ps3 ps4  xbox360 xbox one 

    I wish it was a little cheaper 

    I wish all of the Fanatec was a bit cheaper

    Greetings from Danmark

  • The biggest immersion killer for me is notchiness so any improvements in that are will be awesome.
    Non slip wheel is a killer feature!

    This would be a great addition to a 6dof motion sim and DK2

  • Next gen support pls! :)
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