Fanatec Beta Driver V373 (372 before) for CSL, CSW and Podium Bases (all wheels)



  • Srsly keep it down abit. If the software would have been junk, why are there people reporting positive feedback? There seems to be a problem with some wheelbases while updating the WQR and you are one of them. If you RMA are your base you'll get a new one with no extra charge as you're still under warranty.

    And how much you payed for the product doesn't really matter, it is always frustating if something breaks down.

  • You might want to play around with the newly added tuning options like INT, FEI and NDP and NFR. Im currently running INT at 3, FEI at 80 and NDP at 10. Did you also have a look at the recommended settings for each game in the forum?

  • So i just tried it now with just staying on the FANATEC page and, I'm still getting those violent clunks. Should i be worried that i might break something if i keep trying to use my rig?

  • Then you dont mean Jolts but mosst likely Game FFB effects which can be very harsh in F1 when you dont set INT a bit higher and FEI a bit lower. Nothing to worry about I would say. (if possible a video would be helpful to know what you mean exactly).

  • Just to tell you where I am with the new driver v372 after testing...

    Came from driver v365 without issues ...I have CSWB v2.5 +Original Universal Hub (not XBOX) PC, Windows 10 Pro v2004 (build 19041.450)

    Very pleased with this new Beta driver v372, the FFB is rock solid in all games I have (pcars2, nr2003, RRE, Wreckfest, RF2, BeamNG, WR7, IRacing)

    very easy to update from v365 (I first rebooted Windows uninstalled v365 using Revo Uninstaller Pro, rebooted, installed v372 rebooted. )

    All buttons work including Funky swich...Thanks Fanatec for your work and other beta driver without issue :)

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    A question to those who ran into problems with the newest driver:

    From which driver did you update to 372?

  • I have a video. where can i send it to you? Hopefully this helps to explain what im saying

  • Youtube.

  • Okay that are not Jolts but FFB effects.

    What's your INT and FEI settings?

  • Mhm, try reducing FEI to 80. INT is fine...

    Maybe your FFB settings are just way too strong.

    For sure it's no issue with the base or the wheel, it's definitely coming from the game FFB which might be setup wrong.

    What are you exact in game settings and Tuning Menu settings?

  • Hi again Maurice. I’ve got home and still struggling. Here’s what I did after loading up ACC:

    1) Removed all bindings, then turned off the PS4 controller

    2) Turned DD1 with McGT3 attached on and it wasn’t auto detected

    3) Changed to “Comp PS4” mode and it detected the wheel and asked me if I wanted load the preset. I did that and it loaded in a pile of key bindings including the MPS switches for TCS and ABS

    4) Tried to run the dials in game and only positions 1,2 and 3 work in a clumsy weird way

    5) Tried the three MPS options (Auto, Constant, Pulse) and still no joy.

    6) Went back to PS4 mode and it’s the same issues.

    I’m really struggling to see what I’ve missed, as like you said it’s working fine on my F1 2020 rim. The only difference between these rims is the lack of MPS encoder mode on the McGT3 rim.

  • Tuning Menu:














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    Reduce On Track, Rumble Strips and Off Track effects, 75 is extremely high and most likely causing these effects for you.

    I would suggest On and Off Track effects of 25 and Rumble Strip 50.

    Vinration and Force Feedback strength is also quite high, I use 50 on my DD2...

    Oh and the enhanced understeer effect is bad and should be set to off. Bjt that's not related to your issue, it's your other settings which are causing that.

  • okay thank you. and how are my Tuning Settings. are they okay?

  • NDP is veeeery high, I would never suggest more than 20 NDP as is dampens way too much on higher levels.

    As said, I recommend FEI 80. FF I use 60 on my DD2 which would fit a FF75 on a DD1.

  • Okay I will try these all out and see how it is. THANK YOU very much I really appreciate it, as I'm pre new to the whole sim racing. well more serious racing.

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    So I try to update my DD2 from my v345 driver to this v372... and i need some help.

    • Wheel Base Model: Podium DD2
    • Steering Wheel Model: Formula and Universal Hub for PC
    • Driver Version: 372
    • Base FW Version: 674 (HW v0)
    • Motor FW Version: 30 (HW v2 - ACV v2)
    • WQR: FW v5 - HW v0
    • FanaLab Version: -

    What I did:

    1) Uninstall Fanalab

    2) Uninstall current v345 driver -> Reboot

    3) Install v372 driver -> Reboot

    4) Switch on the base. Did the base firmware update 674 successfully but motor fw failed (see screenshot)

    5) Reboot, switch on the base, steering wheel turn to 30°, fans 4000rpm ask to CAL. Do the calibration successfully but the fans are still blowing at full speed.

    6) Launch the driver (still fans at full speed) and the pop-up "Your DD2 motor firmware is not the latest one, do you want to update" -> Click yes.

    This window popup then close.

    I remove this driver, reboot, install 345 driver, downgrade the firmware. Switch off the base. Switch on the base and fans are blowing normally (600rpm) did the calibration.

    Any idea?

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    tried the new drivers and firmware on the csw 2.5

    the official drivers and firmware on the store page are still better, there's a certain notchyness in the beta compared to the official drivers that just feels worse

    (hard to explain, like a high frequency buzz in certain situations like curbs that feel worse than the official driver)

  • I don't think this is a fanatec issue, but in ATS* if I alt tab out of ATS and then come back to it, sometimes the force feedback goes all wonky and sounds like clicking coming from the base of the DD1.

    I suspect it's an issue with ATS* since it works fine unless I alt tab out of ATS and then come back (even then it doesn't happen every time)

    1) Has this happened to anyone else (either on a DD1 or any other wheelbase, and with either ATS or ETS2)

    2) Does this sound like a problem with ATS and not with the fantec driver?

    3) Does anyone at Fanatec have a contact at SCS they can ping to ask about this?


    * ATS = American Truck Simulator

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    Just had a BSOD with a Kernel Security Check of some sort. It was mid-race in iRacing which literally never happened before

    The only real changes i made were to the fanatec beta drivers. I hope this isnt what caused it.

    Anyone else have BSOD's after installing these beta drivers?

  • has anyone gotten mouse emulation working in v373 drivers ?

  • Yes, it always worked fine with a compatible steering wheel. Same in 372.

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    Did someone find a fix for the usb issue after updating FW and get connection error when trying to update the Motor FW? :)

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    Anyone with a bricked Base or Steering Wheel please contact me directly,

    • summarize what happened
    • provide screenshots if you have them
    • send me the logs from C:\Users\Public\Fanatec Logs.
    • share the serial number of the defective product
    • let me know if you ever flashed the firmware before which failed

    Also let me know if you already contacted support, I want to make sure you get a quick process and that we can analyze the base/wheel

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Can you provide a screenshot of the failed situation, your hardware setup and the logs from C:\Users\Public\Fanatec Logs.

  • @marcel I guess it's the same issue as mine: (see screenshot)

  • Seems like it is, please contact him directly via PM.

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