Fanatec Beta Driver V373 (372 before) for CSL, CSW and Podium Bases (all wheels)



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    What kind of freezes? Is the whole base freezing and FFB and everything is no longer working and even the power button isn't powering off the base or is only the wheel freezing and FFB is still working? (which would maybe be a hardware problem with cables in the QR or so)

  • When I press the Update Wireless Quick Release button everything freezes and nothing happens!

  • Base looks like it is still working. I have throttle and brake paddles and can drive to the box. I can turn off Base and on again and than it works again. Or i have to Remove the wheel and put it on again. Sometimes it works days without any issue and today i had in a 60 minute race two of them.


  • Marcel answered me that I might need to send the steering wheel to support !!!!!!!!! Can you imagine how I will do it? I am in Russia! Can you imagine how much it will cost and how long it will take! HOW DOES IT HAPPEN TO HAPPEN ON A DEVICE FOR 2 THOUSAND EUROS ?????????????


  • Then it sounds like a bad connection between Base and Wheel, most likely caused by a bad cable in the Base QR and not like a Firmware issue.

    You should consider contacting the support to get your base repaired or exchanged.

  • Thanks. yes i am in contact with support. But i got Firmware/Driver to test but nothing helps. I think i have to look for a RMA


  • Calm down and open up a RMA, the support will then get to you asap.

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    Yes you can do that bu installing a previous driver, then going to the update tab and flashing all firmware versions. A notification will inform that you have newer firmware installed but you can ignore that, press yes and continue with flashing firmware as usual .

  • Mmmh, also my F1 V2 shows a corrupted Fanatec logo for a couple of seconds during boot, that it gets normal. It was like that also with 365 drivers. Should I think that even my wheel has problems? It seems to work well playing iRacing or Dirt Rally.

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    @Giuliano Dante I have had the same problem I noticed if you turn off the tuning setting on your wheel the one the replaced with the abs it will rumble in the driver test but when you go into a game for example F1 2020 you have to turn on the setting in your tuning menu on wheel it’s I think it’s brake limiter now to 100 or any desired number. the brake will rumble but the throttle rumble I haven’t figured out not sure if the throttle rumbled prior to update as I just got this setup this past Wednesday . I’m on Xbox console . If someone could clarify this issue it would be appreciated. I posted the exact same issue last night in this forum if you go back to page 8 you will see the same question from me.

    Bruce Niemiec August 15

    ClubSport v2.5 

    pc driver 372

    wheel base motor firmware 22

    steering wheel firmware 35

    i have ClubSport v3 pedals and the rumble on brake and throttle will not activate since update 

    ps I uninstalled and reinstalled and still not working. My original post

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    Sounds like your pedals are plugged in separately via USB instead of directly to the base? Try to plug them into the base.

    Can you please list what wheel base and wheel you even have? Also add which firmware version each of them has.

    ABS was renamed to BLI (Brake Level Indicator) in the previous update because its name was miss leading has it didn't really had to do something with ABS. General feature still works the same.

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    Good evening! i was testing out the new driver package and i am very pleased with the last improvements but there's a thing that i can't get rid off..idk if the issue is my wheel base ( DD1) or just some filter or it is just the driver package.

    Pc driver: 372

    Wb fw: 674

    Wb Motor firmware: 40

    I had this issue with the previous driver packages too with the new bit resolution...with the previous ones, like the 346 it runs smoothly.

    This happens on ACC, i haven't tried other games.

    Basicly during a turn, ( it's hard to explain eheh) i can feel something like a tiny noisy/grainy spikes..but this doesn't happen during the whole turn..seems to be a bit random or seems to happen mostly on turn in...

    It ruins a bit the experience because you feel the load of the ffb during a turn and suddenly you feel this strange effect that seems unnatural while driving.

    Another strange effect that i can't get rid off is that on the initial move of the wheel, or when turning the wheel on the opposite direction after a quick turn like a chicane..seems a bit sticky on the initial isn't buttery smooth like on the old drivers package..because of theese effects i'm alway reverting back to older one ç_ç

  • The initial stickiness is the Anti Cogging Algorithm. I also hate it and can't run it, therefore I erase the motor calibration in the settings Tab of the driver which results in a MUCH smoother FFB, especially on the very first mm of movement.

    The other thing you are reporting are likely the so called Jolts which are there since driver 352.

    They are fixed with this new driver 372 on the default FANATEC screen but they still can happen on any other page like ITM and FFB Analysis Screens so it's best to stay at the default FANATEC screen for now until the Jolts are fix someday.

  • Thanks a lot for the super fast response, i'll try out your suggestions :D

    Have a nice day :)

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    What does "Allow CSW V2 Compatibility mode mode on pc" mean? (at Setting tab/Windows10, DD1 PC Mode)

    If that means something like "CSW V2.5 Compatibility Mode" , how do I set it?

    • DD1
    • Porsche 911 GT3 + BME + APM +P hub
    • Driver Version: 372
    • DD Base: V674
    • P DD1 Motor: V40
    • Podium Hub: V3 (NEW) 
    • Button Module Endurance: V13 (NEW) 
    • Fana Lab 147
  • CSL elite F1 Set with Loadcell. I use that on PS4.

    Pc driver : 372

    WB : 674

    WB motor : 22

    So i have noticed that when you start Assetto corsa competizione on PS4, that the vibration on the grips doesnt work. But if i turn off the base while on game and start it again. They start working. And maybe the FFB is also better. Also the steering lock changes after that to a 1080 even when tuning menu is on auto and game menu is 480. That repairs when you go games menu and go Back to drive. Or change tuning menu. I have uninstalled the firmware twice and used the repair function once. Didn't work. Not a big issue just thought to let you know.

    2 months Been using your product and have to say i really like it. Thumbs up.

  • Exactly the same problem as mine, thanks to your post it became clear that the problem is not in the steering wheel but in the Wireless Quick Release.

    Apparently because of this change:

    - Now features updating the WQR firmware, responsible for the Wireless Quick Release communication inside the base.

    Thank you fanatec excellent implementation, in your opinion is it permissible to cheat on clients who gave about 2 thousand euros for your device?

  • Calm Down. Updating the WQR was a neccessary step to get all the v5 ones to the needed v6 to fix certain issues.

    And I am sure it worked internally 100%, otherwise they wouldnt have released that feature in a public driver.

    Unfortunately something went wrong on your update and now the WQR is broken and you have to start a RMA. So please do that and then the technical support will take care of it asap.

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    Just updated and my WQR FW got corrupted too. My base is basically dead too. It works but doesn't recognize rims. This looks like 3 of us are screwed at this point. I think this update should be taken down immediately if 3 of us have already had our bases (DD2) become useless.

    I'll contact TS, but this is ridiculous.

    During the install of the WQR it failed. In the properties, it said I was on FW 5. I tried to uninstall the drivers to install again. That failed because it claimed a property page was open. After many reboots, and installing an older version, I was able to update to the latest again. It now says that my WQR FW version is 0.

    Is there no way to update just the quick release firmware?

    The failure when updating the WQR FW said something about bad / corrupt package. (I think.) I just assumed running again would solve it. Didn't expect to lose my wheel for weeks by doing an update.

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    I,m also having troubles with the rumble of my clubsport pedals. I think there is something strange going on if you have a wheel which can vibrate as well.

    • Wheel Base Model: CLubsport v2.5
    • Steering Wheel Model: F1 2020
    • Driver Version: 372
    • Base FW Version: 674
    • Motor FW Version: 22
    • Wheel FW Version: 35
    • FanaLab Version: 1.47

    If i turn off brake level indicator (BLI) in the tuning menu:

    • the throttle pedal will rumble on the "function test" if i press the "test rumble throttle" button
    • the brake pedal and the wheel won't rumble if i press the "test rumble brake" button

    If i turn on the BLI in the tuning menu:

    • the throttle pedal will NOT rumble on the "function test" if i press the "test rumble throttle" button
    • the brake pedal will NOT rumble on the "function test" if i press the "test rumble brake" button
    • the wheel will rumble if i reach the set BLI value without pressing any button

    I have turned on the rumble for brake and throttle pedal in the Fanalab as well, but it seems they don't have any effect in a game like ACC. I think something is off with the BLI setting. Why does it interfere with the throttle rumble? And why is the BLI setting not working for both, the wheel and the brake pedal, when enabled? Or should they actually even work independently from each other?

    Apart from this issue I'm quite happy with the update and the force feedback so far in ACC and AMS2. Nevertheless some feedback would be highly appreciated.


    I've used the official driver package of the v2.5 product page before moving to 372. I followed the suggested update procedure and have upgraded the wheel base and steering wheel firmwares afterwards. I'm not 100% certain but i could swear it behaved differently before.

  • After doing the new beta update and the newest fanalab update. I launched F1 2020 and played a race on the settings I've had recently with the old firmware. What I've noticed is that when driving and going over bumps in the road and hitting apex's, that I'm getting an extremely violent and aggressive clunking noise coming from my DD1 and the f1 limited edition wheel that's attached to it. anyone know why this is happening now. was never like that before

  • That are Jolts which are there since driver 352.

    They are fixed on the default FANATEC OLED page but can happen on any other page.

    For now its recommended to stay at this FANATEC page to not get this Jolts.

  • Which settings do you run? And what was driver you used before?

  • Take it easy? You release junk software throughout the year, spoiling the lives of people who believed you and spent 2 thousand euros on your device! Take it easy and stop mocking customers ..... Stop releasing software over and over again that causes more problems than solutions! Incredible incompetence, I sincerely regret that I made my choice in favor of the fans!

    How could such a ?????????

    The update process freezes at 41% with an error, after which the database stops seeing the wheel! How?

    WQR FW version is 0 - After pressing the update button, nothing happens? How could such a thing be released?

    I understand that I am too emotional and angry, but how else ???? I’m a living person, your client, who paid 2 thousand euros, and you spit in the face with your incompetence not for the first time, not for the second time, and not for the third time !!!!

    Continuous problems. problems, problems ... Bumps, freezes, jolts, shutdowns, errors and so on endlessly throughout the year !!!!!!!

    And after that you tell me - RELAX!

  • Yep. This is ridiculous. You try to ignore all the simucube talk, and keep your fingers crossed, and wham. You get burned. I've honestly had to RMA at least 5 things over the years. The quality is frustrating to say the least.

  • The only setting that i would change was the FFB which was at 85%, SEN at 360. that was it and i was using driver 335

  • So i won't be able to use the page that can show my lap time and etc then until this gets fixed?

  • If you don't want to experience Jolts, that's correct.

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