How long did it take for your order to "process"?

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Just polling the community to see how long it took fanatec to ship your stuff. Please only post if you've made a recent purchase (within the last 1-2 months). My "available" item has been sitting in "processing" for 3 business days and counting.



  • I live in US. Ordered on December 30th, status is “Order is processing”. My order on Black Friday arrived at my door in around 10 business days. I’m honestly not worried. Fanatec was closed from Christmas to New Year. Things are backed up, give them some time.

  • For me it took roughly 24h to get processed and 3 days to get the tracking mail and stuff from the delivery company. This is in europe. I purchased this last monday and UPS estimated delivery to next monday making it full week from purchase to arrival.

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    I have an order that shows it was processed for 9 business days. Still no tracking info sent. I'm in the U,S.

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    I made a purchase saturday (i know they dont process on the weekends), paid for t wo day shipping, and have gotten zero updates on my order. As a first time customer I feel kinda ripped off. Pay more to have an available item shipped faster and still feel like I paid for ground. I am in fedex daily for work and have had zero delays during the pandemic on getting products necessary to serve my customers, so I am having a hard time understanding what is taking Fanatec so long. Im going to give them until Friday before I ask for a refund and shop somewhere else.

  • Paying for 2 day shipping doesn’t change processing time.....just saying.

  • I ordered on Monday, super excited noob here anticipating an update/shipment this week. It's only Wednesday, so I wasn't sweating it yet, but now I see all these stories regarding long waits for the warehouse to ship. Now I'm feeling a bit down. 😂

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    I order ClubSport Pedals V3 Just after midnight on Jan 2nd. Still not processed. I order a DD1 + Clubsport wheel on Dec 28th and it took 2 days to process but I literally have no idea if it was shipped or not. I only know that it was processed. No emails or any other info on that order.

    Edit: I'm in the USA.

  • My order status says "The order is in process" yours too?

    What status are we looking for? I hear many saying it never switches from "The order is in process" and gets delivered.

  • Also a Noob who ordered Sunday. Order is Processing, I understand things are backed up.

    Ordered the CSL F1 Set; might take till early February to receive it as Fanatec states 3 week delivery to Canada.

  • Does anyone know the difference between "Processing" and "The order is in process"?

  • If they state 1 to 4 days it should be 1 to 4 days. Seeing people on here who have had orders in since November that still havent even been processed or shipped makes me think I should spend my money with a company who actually makes an attempt at half decent customer service. I will give them until Friday as that will be day 5. I dont even have the products yet and I am already telling friends of mine looking to upgrade to look into simucube instead. Not the buying experience I expected for the amount of money spent.

  • Due to the nationwide COVID-19 crisis, the processing time in our warehouse may take longer than usual. We apologize for the inconvenience!

    Pulled this right from the website.....once again.....Just saying. No matter what, you are entitled to your buying experience satisfaction, and if not met, then by all means do as you deem necessary.

  • They took a week off work. It has nothing to do with the pandemic. At this price point I feel it is fair to criticize them for delays they likely created on their own.

  • That's your answer in your own words, they took the week off, if several people ordered in this week you can imagine how many orders they have to fulfill now.

  • I ordered the 29th of December and received my order 2 days later in Belgium, so they were still processing and shipping order between Christmas and New Year. I ordered from the EU website btw.

  • Here is what Fanatec just told me on FaceBook....

    "Due to the current situation FedEx has capacity issues and is not accepting all packages. So some packages are stuck in our warehouse and ready to be shipped. We can't change this situation, but for everybody in these times things have changed, so i please you to have patience."

    I'm not sure how they can push the blame on FedEx?? I've experienced ZERO issues with receiving or delivering via FedEx this entire pandemic. Sounds like this is going to be a long wait with "We can't change this situation" Ummmm yes you can, hire a new logistics company.

  • I’m in the same boat, ordered in stock items and still waiting, I completely understand with the current pandemic but we should be able to get an estimate dispatch data. And there could be something put on the front page of the site about it too... it’s just the not knowing that’s the issue


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    You havent work in logistics I guess nor you have made any contracts with shipping companies for these big volumes. OR else you wouldnt have written the above.

    Let me enlighten you a bit in the world of logistics and courier contracts.

    FedEx or any other company is not picking up 1 box every time they get called. Nor they ship it directly.

    When you have companies like fanatec or any other company with this volumes, and in order to keep shipping costs down, so your customers don't riot against you for high shipping costs, they do a deal of bulk shipping. Which mean. Fanatec will call them and say I have these X amount of pallets/products to be picked up. FedEx then are going to take their own sweet time to go and collect them after checking that

    A) the minimum kgs per lift, as per contract is reached,

    B) where this shit goes and if they have a full pallet of stuff to deliver to the same destination and combine also the fanatec stuff.

    C) If they have fucking space in their warehouse to store the boxes until their (fedEx) other stuff going in the same destination/zone like the fanatec stuff, and can go all together.

    So actually B+C is the reason why you pay cheap shipping (creating big delays) and why express or same day or whatever are more expensive shipping option is there.

    And it is done actually by the couriers them selves.

    To give you another example more simple. Is like you sent stuff by boat on a shared container method. Even if your stuff are the first to be loaded, the container doesn't leave for its destination until it is full.

  • You're right; I don't deal with negotiating large shipping contracts. It's fantastic you understand how it all works, but that's NO excuse to "make it okay" for Fanatec to Quote 1-4 days processing and miss the mark by weeks. Obviously, they are aware of the ISSUE; why no transparency until after you pay and send 1-2 contact us inquiries. A BAD partnership with FEDEX, that isn't allowing their volume to move as it's ordered IS NOT MY ISSUE. When I order from other retailers online, I don't have to worry about their carrier contracts so I can receive my goods.

    I may not understand Carrier negotiations, but I do understand business, and this isn't the way to do it. If you have a logistics problem, you must solve it. Not sit around and watch everyone complain about in 2020, which is CLEAR with a quick search here and on Reddit.

    Europen orders go out FINE. Whoever is managing the USA distribution is severely dropping the ball.

    Using the Pandemic and FedEx at this point is just an excuse. This isn't my first online order in 2020-2021 and NOBODY, but FANATEC has had delays like this.

  • I’m gonna call bull on NOBODY is having issues like Fanatec. But, by all means cancel your order. Get your money back. Go someplace else. If you already knew this was such a widespread problem with Fanatec then why did you even order from them in the first place. You wanted reasons, they gave you reasons, but you call them excuses. There are no excuses, things are just what they are at this point right now. Not to mention, I think there’s a little bit of confusion between what’s going on in the US market versus other markets.

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    UPDATE - Order placed on December 30. Today 1/7 order was processed. No indications of shipping yet. Still NOT concerned. Like ALEX said above. Please Read! I hope that as people get updates on their orders they will post the updates. If for no other reason than to calm the agitation of those who are waiting. From my order date till now they would have still been within the processing window, that they give as an 👍

  • Just a quick reminder, the pandemic hasn't magically ended and calling actual problems just excuses is abit ridiculous.

  • Fanatec got back to you and explained the issue. You didnt like the answer.

    I tried to explain you how the global logistic chain works, you didnt like the answer.

    Other OP here that are on the same boat as you tried to explain you, you didnt like their answers as well.

    Well.... Either suck it up and be patient like most of the OP on the same boat like you, or simply cancel your order, bust our balls for about another week until you get your refund and go elsewhere as you threatened. Seriously... My 5 year old student throws less tantrums that the overage "children" in here.

  • What pandemic? Almost half of the world believes there is no pandemic, that the vaccine has microchips inside to control us and alter our DNA and that earth is still flat.... 🤣

    And you believe that a few FANATEC customers will not debate you/us/others that all the shipping issues isn't caused by FedEx and the pandemic issues but solely because of Fanatec? 😜

  • .....Pfft hahahahahaha.....🤣🤣🤣 tell’em Alex!!

  • wait Fanatec is responsible for the pandemic? couldn't you have told me earlier?! 😱

  • Oh come on man. 1+1 = Fanatec is responsible for the pandemic to boost their sales. 😎

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    I simply want to be quoted an accurate processing time for my order. Doesn't seem like too much to ask for.

    I admit I'm excited to start this journey.

    Also, I KNOW the pandemic hasn't disappeared and the problems Fanatec gave are REAL to them. I'm simply pointing out that I'm not having the issue others are describing with any other online retailer I've been ordering from during this pandemic. 🤷‍♂️

    I find it weird that you guys get so defensive/crass about the topic. Now you're talking about microchipped vaccines and flat earthers?? 🤯

  • I ordered $1600 worth of items on 12/23/20 which were in stock. They are still marked as available today. They have been processed by the warehouse but not shipped. As others have said - my money has been taken, the warranty has started, I have e-mailed customer service and they say I should have received tracking number(s). I ship Dailey via Fedex and UPS for my business and have had almost no issues. I just wish that Fanatec would be transparent and let us know was the issue is.

  • This is no excuse for not being able to provide tracking numbers. At least if we knew there were valid tracking numbers (I.e your order is waiting to be picked up) then we would feel more comfortable. Oh, by the way - they could ship with other carriers and eat a little of the cost. If I order $1600 worth of kit and paid for shipping, I am sure they could eat $10 extra to ship via UPS.

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