ClubSport Steering Wheel V 2.5 X - Order Fuflilment Update



  • …and once again the wheel goes from available for dispatch 4-7 days to sold out. 🤷🏻

  • Don't keep checking availability. This is probably due to the system at Fanatec, which means that the newly delivered steering wheels are scanned so that they are in stock and then booked out again when they are assigned to the outstanding orders. Just wait a week to see if anything changes to the order status.

    If next week still nothing happens, you can complain again.

  • are you surprised? fanatec has been telling us nonsense from the start! we still don't know how many v2.5x have been sold? so how do we know when we will receive them? previously I mentioned a new order where everything was available and in the end I found myself stuck with a shock absorber available on March 7 and as if by magic on April 11? and then when will it be? this fanatec company has no scruples, they are crooks, they don't give a damn about their customers!!!!

  • No nonsense was said. The only thing I blame Fanatec for is a lack of information regarding the steering wheel and poor response times from support. That could have gone better.

    Otherwise, I think the explanation of what went wrong is understandable and can simply happen.

    The last information was crystal clear. The BF orders will be served with a first small delivery at the end of January / beginning of February and the rest will have to wait until the end of March. It's still March and there has been no promise yet that the steering wheels will be delivered this week. This is all speculation and wishful thinking.

    I'm currently just hoping that Fanatec will have sent all the steering wheels from the BF by the end of next week at the latest and won't have to put us off any further.

    If there is a further delay, you can be angry because Fanatec knows exactly how many deliveries are in arrears and whether the corresponding quantity is available or not.

  • The only confusion thing is, it is also unclear to me what steps they have in their orders. Because my order is still handover to warehouse sinds January and before that it was completely shipped.

    Sometimes, I am wondering if my order is out in the void. But I am still hoping, I will receive it in some days, because my order page will most likely won't change anymore.

  • They said FIFO was in place but people who were waiting for the 2.5x with orders in the 1843xxxx were getting their orders last week despite me having 1842xxxx with all other items in stock so they should have been put aside, yet I hear nothing about my order. Liars!

  • You don`t have all the informations, Fanatec have! You don`t know what items from your order are actually in stock.

  • Fanatec has not made a FIFO.

    There were three of us in my team who had ordered exactly the same thing.

    I was the first, then 3 days later a colleague and then 5 days later another colleague and I am now the last of us to receive the wheel.

    And no, they were all exactly the same item - for all three orders.

    I therefore believe that the entire crew was so overwhelmed in November that it can no longer be explained with common sense or logic.

    As soon as people get under stress, all that comes out is rubbish...

    And I think everyone knows that when things go to shit, they really do!

    If I were you, I would be more concerned about what you do if the delivery contains defective products - because then the whole drama starts all over again.

  • Me to 1842 and nothing. My patience it’s over!

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    If everyone bashing, would please cancel their order, then I would be gratefully receiving my order 1838XXX.

    Hopefully I can enjoy the first sim hardware this weekend. And otherwise, next week. Will be taking some time off to fully enjoy. Can't wait :-D

  • 1835xxx 24.11. 17:10 ordered

    UPS try to deliver 5 packages. But I was not at home. So the drama with the delivery is the last part.

  • Did they warn you that you were going to receive the package?

    You're absolutely right. We don't need the added drama of packages not being delivered or worrying about them breaking after a couple of months. I can't even bear to think about those possibilities, or I'll regret even more that I bought from Fanatec.

  • UPS arrived 12:30 and I got an email from fanatec 13:15.

    In the online shop status is "Übergabe ans Lager" but there is a tracking number since the email from fanatec.

  • @Tiago

    My experience lately is you will have no warning from Fanatec. Out of my last four orders, only the first order received a tracking number. The other three I tracked by order/reference number. Now, FedEx themselves did notify me during the process.

  • Hey @fanatec , how about you send me replacements for the defective equipment you sent me? it lasted a whole 2 1/2 hours out of the box before it died and blew smoke out the back.

  • Order 1836xxx 24/11 17:35 dispatched!!!!!!!

    Emailed from Fanatec and tracking UPS planned for tomorrow!!!

  • Do you have QR1 or QR2 with your order?

  • Marek MaleckiMarek Malecki Member
    edited March 21

    Order 1837... BF order dispatched today whit qr1

    I'm in uk delivery probably will take longer

  • Man,,, I was hoping for FIFO on ordernumbers, on page 9 there was an order, also to the Netherlands which was placed 20mins before mine and had the same 4 numbers on orderno (1838xx).. Now they apparently are still working on orders before this.

    Sure still hoping to get an email with tracking information, but the wait is frustrating haha.

  • Order number 1837xxx got dispatched today. UPS Tracking is showing it to arrive next monday.

    I am from Finland

  • Vic VerhoevenVic Verhoeven Member
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    Im from Belgium and also have the order number 1838xx hope it will arrive maybe next week.

    Still no tracking number or e-mail...

  • Good morning

    I'm still waiting

    My order 1838XXX placed on 11/24/23 at 7:08 pm Spanish time still has no news :(

    Greetings to all of us who are the same

  • Bonjour, je suis 1847XXXX je peux attendre encore longtemps je pense ....

  • 21-03-2024 should be D-Day for Fanatec..... This is the DATE what they communicated to the customers.

    So I expect a track and trace or an update from Fanatec

  • lets wait and hope till the end of today or maybe until tomorrow if we all get tracking

  • For me, everything is still the same and I doubt that UPS is always picking up orders... my order still says warehouse delivery so I don't have much hope

  • Order no. 1828xxx and still nothing. What a bulshit company. Never ever more fanatec stuff for me and my family. Change this year to PC and get simagic or moza products. Why i not hear to another guys in this forum and make this much earlier.

  • 1838xxx ordered on 24.11.2023 19:12:00 -> V2.5x and QR1 -> still handover to warehouse, no further info's....🤬

  • 1840XXX on 24 Nov 2023 - 20:30:00 ----> V2.5x, QR1, V2 ELITE PEDALS ----> Still handover to warehouse.

    Portugal customer, no tracking number nor further info.....

  • 1835xxx delivered today 2.5x QR1

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