ClubSport Steering Wheel V 2.5 X - Order Fuflilment Update



  • Do you only have the qr1 baseside? otherwise if you have qr2 baseside as well just order a qr2

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    I have the QR1 baseside. And I ordered an QR2 baseside as well. But those two are still missing. So hopefully I can get a temporary QR1 secondhands for a reasonable price. because it is impossible to contact fanatec, and I dont know how long I must wait on those two packages.. It is frustrating to look at the whole set, except the essential parts to use it haha.

  • at you can find an exact replica of the qr2 wheelside for 80 euro cheaper than here, i suggest to get the qr2 there, got it as well and it's good quality

  • they ship almost entire europe

  • Am I the only one who hasn't received any updates on my package? There's no tracking number on the Fanatec page or, the order is still in the warehouse, and I haven't received any email or text notifications.

  • yeah same but its the last week of march i mean the tracking can even come at the end of the week

  • Hi, order 1847xxx no update about my 2.5x order.

  • Does the QR1 come with the steering wheel (bundle) or did you order it separately? Fanatec actually only ships completely!

  • Bonjour, 1847 pas ne nouvelle non plus

  • That is the strange thing, I did order it with the steering wheel. And the total order was for 5 packages. And I did receive 3 of them.

    The other two were the QR1 and QR1 base-side.

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    The QR and the steering are always sent in two different boxes.

  • My order still hasn't changed anything yet... I already saw that I won't be able to play on Easter

  • When it comes to tracking numbers, I haven't got one for the last three orders. Had to track it by order/reference number on FedEx. If not for that, I wouldn't have known they were coming.

    Just food for thought.

  • Still waiting and no information after two emails the last weeks.....

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    Today i got an E-mail that said my packages will be delivered today in belgium order NR 1838XXX

    I hope everyone elses will also arrive fast.

  • Im in uk order 1843 so i will prob get mine in july, only been waiting since nov 24th so not too bad 🙄

  • Same here in Spain, order 1841 and just waiting here to see if i could get it before i die to give it to my grandchildren

  • Saw on Reddit that they’ve cancelled a guys order with the number 1847…

    im on number 1841… stil nothing 🥱

  • Je suis avec un numéro 1847 et pas d'annulation pour ma part, connais-tu la raison de l'annulation ?

  • everyone is talking english so maybe you should too

  • Sorry my english is bad. I have 1847 number but i had note delet, have you know why other have delet ?

  • no worries, i only know basic french but i think i saw that cancellation, think it had to do with the 2.5x with podium paddle price glitch

  • Ok, i have not it. I have CLS DD, pedal CSL, V2.5x and button

  • i also have order nr 1847, we just need to wait people with 1838 and 1839 are getting their orders so maybe one more week

  • @ Marvin Broos

    my order is from the 25.11! deliverytime 4-7 days! BF Issues ok.

    Then they told delivery in January.... again nothing!

    Then Wait until March or you can cancel your order..... now its end of march!

    A few days ago the Wheel was in stock and deliverytime 4-7 its sold out!

    today its the 26th of March trying to track my Order .... nothing!

    And you really think they will deliver until thursday? hahahaha

    No Way .... they are liars.... and the only thing in there mind is how can we get there money!

  • @Leonardo Puccio This is their last week to fulfill our orders in the time they said they would so just wait for this week to see if they update our orders. I'm order 1842xxx and I have not heard anything about my order of the CSL 5NM, 2.5x and V2 pedals with the QR1. If nothing has changed by Saturday and it's still the same on Monday morning, then we can be pissed and vent all we want because then that is April, and would be them lying again. Just hold out for this last week then we see what happens.

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    Hello, nearly same order 1843 still nothing for me. Friday and next monday are public holliday in Germany so nothing will happen. I dont have high hopes.

  • I'm a bit confused. Will the orders arrive during the last week of March, or will they be shipped with tracking information provided during that week?

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