Fanatec Driver 457 Release Candidate for CSL, ClubSport and Podium (all wheels)



  • @Allen Lehtla I think you may have misunderstood my statement. I’m talking about the disconnects. I hadn’t realised I was commenting in the middle of a conversation about throttling the FFB on all fairness.

    What I mean is others have stated and I have experienced these disconnects myself when the wheel is under load and if the load may have something to do with the frequency that people are experiencing them. If the guys in the factory are testing all day I don’t think I would be testing for so long with high FFB whereas we may play for a couple of hours therefore can sustain a higher FFB.

    My thought was 2 fold.

    1 there are people in here who’s wheels are disconnecting so frequently the can’t play. Would reducing the FFB reduce that frequency

    2 it has proven difficult for the guys in the factory to replicate it so would higher FFB increase the frequency of the disconnects.

  • Maybe this works for others too.

    Yesterday I had suddenly a lot of disconnects with my DD+ and Universal Hub V2 XBOX. (I tried different cable and ports)

    I don't know why, bus I checked the 5 screws for the plastic ring at the pins you need/changed for QR2.

    I used a real (micro-) screwdriver and not that cheap plastic one who came with QR2 in the box.

    I tight all 5 screws 1/4 round or more if i correct remember.

    Since I tight the screws I didn't have no disconnects anymore. Nothing

  • BWX 232BWX 232 Member

    David Mullally

    I'm using this currently and had one weird issue right after installing FW on PC and hooking up to PS5, but it's been fine ever since and I had a lot of disconnects and soft disconnects before with all FW versions.

    Driver 457 on PC.

    Wheelbase FW "CS_DD_v2.1.0.4_hotfix_disconnection_issue_test_release.eff" manually installed after installing all 457 drivers.

    Wheel FW (457) 

    Wireless QR FW (test FW June 7th)

    This has been the most stable by far with no issues to report as of yet. Rough estimate 10 to 12 hours on wheel with this FW.

    GT DD X / CSL Elite V2 Pedals / PS5 / GT7 / PSVR2

  • Hello everyone,

    I installed the 457 driver because I had a joystick problem on my steering wheel. V 2.5x

    Unfortunately, I lost the Xbox mode and I use Xbox…

    I would like to go back to driver 455 but I saw a message that says you have to use the new feature Firmware Manager downgrade…

    I don't know where to find this program , and how to do it...

    Can someone help me please?

    tks a lot.

  • Hi @Vincent Coppin

    Go to page 17.

    You'll find a commentary by Marcel P that allows you to downgrade your base to version 455. But above all, leave your steering wheel in 457, otherwise you'll find the joystik problem again.

  • Thank you @Flavien Garnier,

    I did exactly as Marcel said, I went back to 455 but I still haven't found the Xbox mode...😭

  • Vincent Coppin

    what base you have?

  • Christoph Eisenberg

    I solved it the same way as you.

    CSL DD 


    DRIVER 457.

    after continuous disconnection and several tests.

    Tree shipping.

    cable inspection.

    steering wheel pin inspection.

    different drivers.

    I tightened the steering wheel screws, everything is fine today.

    (it could be a solution)

  • Vincenzo Coppino

    try removing the plastic washer from under the steering wheel where the pins are and replace the screws. 

     And it happened to me too

  • @ Allan

    CS DD


  • 455 does have the xbox issue. so i guess that would not help you either

  • BWX 232BWX 232 Member

    My GT DD X has been working fine and stable but that issue where I have it hooked up to powered off PS5 USB (no USB adapters or extensions or hubs), is repeatable.

    If I power on the wheel while PS5 is powered off, the wheel will not go through its boot cycle. Wheel is in PS mode.

    As soon as I unplug USB from PS5, it completes boot cycle. Otherwise it has been stable and no problems except hand brake output is jumpy.

    GT DD Extreme, Metal QR2, PS5, CSL Elite V2 Pedals (hooked up to wheel

    Clubsport handbrake v1.5 (hooked up to wheel),

    Driver 457 on PC.

    Wheelbase FW "CS_DD_v2.1.0.4_hotfix_disconnection_issue_test_release.eff" manually installed after installing all 457 drivers.

    Wheel FW (457) 

    Wireless QR FW (test FW June 7th)

    Base S/N:GR01401xxxx

    GT DD X Wheel s/n GQ47302xxxx


  • I saw several times « manually installed » what do you mean by that..

    note I will be a new Fanatec base user I will order soon DD+…and I am obviously interested by all these firmware problems..m

  • @Andre LAssus Pigat - he is refering to a special hotfix file which is installed by itself “manually” that is not using the automatic firmware update option in the firmware manager. Firmware is installed by putting a driver package on your PC, then connecting the wheelbase and using the firmware manager to install.

    The FW that is available depends on the driver package ususally refered to by the version number such as 455 or 457. The FW versions themselves are for the various components - wheelbase, WQR, wheel, peddles - and are listed in the changelog.

    So to install all or some of the FW items from a paritcular package, you must first install the driver or if you have already installed, then de-install the previous one and add the new one, then install FW from that driver package

    The hotfix file won’t be listed in any of the driver pacakages - instead download it separately, then at the installer dialog box, change from default - the version included w the driver - to navigate to the new file.

    All a bit confusing first time. So when you get your new wheelbase, it will either work fine, or have issues covered in previous messages above. If it works fine I’d recommend the wheelbase FW from driver 455 and the WQR FW from 457 - its been great for me and I’ve had no issues. Others have said the same.

    If you have issues read the posts and find the best options for your situation or ask here. When its working the DD+ is a great base - good luck

  • @Neil Reuben thanks that is very clear now..

  • @Neil Reuben where i can find hotfix files?

  • @Kirill Volodin they are posted earlier in this thread, or need a request to Marcel for one of them related to a specific issue

  • Thank you! i will try, but im still waiting for help with my CSL no lc pedals and DD Extreme. Huge deadzone at start point on brake pedal and nothing helps. There is no calibration function in the driver for these pedals...

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    Kirill Volodin

    make sure game dead zone is 0%, there are games where they set that to high in game settings as default

  • Is there any significance in the serial numbers that I may have missed?

  • Brains trust......... I have had a quick skim over the 26 pages here, I can not seem to find my issue.......... I have only noticed it on my Podium Button Module Endurance so far. everything starts off fine, after a short period, the LED display and the buttons stop working. The paddles still work, the wheel inputs still work (steering the vehicle), and the wheel is still recognised by the DD1 wheel base. I have had a similar issue repaired just over 12 months ago but that issue was the wheel not being recognised by the base nor the fanatec software, that has been rectified, this seems to be a different issue all together. The wheel IS recognised by the base but only seem half the wheel is functional, though when connected to the fanatec software it is 100% recognised and functional, all software and drivers and equipment are up to date

    Any idea as to what the issue could be, thanks in advance

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    We had tested the CS DD over long duration at max torque an there was no significant change in torque output.

    What is the situation you feel the torque is getting less over time?

    Can you be sure its not the tires in the sim wearing and getting less grip which also results in lower cornering forces?

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Here I see you are driving in ACC, could you get into a session without tire wear or one of those hotlap sessions where the state of the tires resets every lap to see if the FFB still gets weaker over time?

    And/or you drive to the pits and get fresh tires whenever the FFB feels very weak and see if it gets stronger again.

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    Marcel Pfister

    "We had tested the CS DD over long duration at max torque an there was no significant change in torque output."

    how long ? more than hour ?

    i notice this at my CSL DD when temperature little rise in aluminum case

    but it could be game as well indeed if its build in

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator
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    Regarding the disconnection issue:

    I saw a post of someone who solved the disconnection issues by tightening the screws around the pins of the wheel side QR. Please give this a try to see if the situation improves and let me know via private message if it did or not.

    I also still have a driver/firmware with potential fix I can share and we are very interested in exchanging bases which have the disconnection issue regularly and when it does not go away with the extra firmware. Also in that case please contact me via private message.

    In case you write me a personal message, the following information will also be very interesting for us to get a good picture.

    • Do you have a CS DD or CS DD+?
    • Whats the serial number of your base? The S/N can be found on the shipping package and starts with either GR or LN, or at the bottom of the base it is noted as well.
    • Which steering wheels do you have?
    • Is it happening with all your wheels or just a specific one?
    • When did the issue started to happen, with updating to a specific driver or just randomly?
    • Especially if the issue started randomly and was not because of a specific update -> How long did the base function normally before?
    • Is there a driver/firmware combination which the issue is not happening with?
    • How often does the issue happen, e.g. per hour?
    • Have you noticed a pattern or specific steering angle which will make the issue happen somehwat reliably? For example steering to a specific position and holding the wheel there.
    • Which games and on which platform do you play? (PC, PS, XB)
  • Since I tightened the steering wheel screws, I haven't encountered any disconnection problems. Maybe once but probably the QR lite moved due to the violent movement of the steering wheel. I also replaced the qr shaft clamp with a 2 screw one and now it is much more stable. I think this is the problem of many customers.

    The 457 driver is perfect let me know if the information is useful.


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    In this whole discussion I haven't understood which is the best driver to install on the PC for the CSL DD 8nm and above all which firmware that does not cause problems






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    Hi Maurice

    but isn't it the driver that is generating all these disconnections and above all all these discussions here?

    Anyway, in my opinion it's all a question of QR1 vs QR2

    with the qr2 I'm sure there will no longer be any disconnections

  • On CS DD, not CSL DD.

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