Advent Calendar 2018

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It is Christmas time again and independent of what you believe in or not I think everybody loves to receive little presents.

Instead of doing an auction again or a boring raffle we thought about a very special system for the Advents Calendar 2018 which gives all of you a fair chance to get your desired Fanatec product for free!

We will give away prices worth 35.000$ this year and this means every day one product per region.

Everyday at the same time, we will put a 100% discount code on a random product page and you will get this product for free (plus shipping).

You need to be fast to find the product we've assigned each day as only ONE customer can access the code. We give away almost 100 products in total and not everybody looks at the same page so you have a realistic chance to win.

And in case you win, you will receive another 10 discount vouchers so all your friends can also buy this product with 10% off.

Here are the rules: 
  • The Advent Calendar starts December 1st 2018. The last code will appear on December 24th 2018.
  • 24 different products will be featured in the Advent Calendar. (For each region different as well)
  • A 100% discount button will appear on a random product page.
  • The first person to press the button will receive an email with the code.
    - This code is only valid for the product assigned with the button.
    - Apply this code to your basket.
    - The code is valid for 24 hours after receiving it.
  • A new code will go live each day at 19.00 local time (EU is CET, AU is AEDT, US is PST, JP is JST).
  • There can only be one winner (in every region) each day.
  • To complete the deal, the customer must add the product to the basket, enter the code during the checkout process, and pay the shipping costs for the item.
  • On top of that, the winner gets 10 vouchers. The 10% off vouchers provided in the winner’s confirmation email must be used within 24 hours of receipt and are only valid for the same product the sender received.
  • Log-in or register at least 30 minutes before the code appears as the website can be slow
  • Open the product page of your favourite product and refresh the page at exactly 19.00

Good Luck!


  • Nice, thanks for the opportunity!
  • Will that be for Sydney time. ??
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    Much better option than auctions. Thanks for your efforts.
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    One more gambling from Fanatec ;)
    I'd be very grateful if some lucky guy will share a 10% discount voucher for Porsche wheel 8->

    Fanatec, what about Podium RW for PS4? It's december already [-O< 
    Should I wait for it this year or it's time to order original DD1? :-w
  • Thanks guys, I have a question

    If you enter the code and complete the checkout but miss out to somebody else, is your card still charged for the shipping? and, could you also be charged for full product price in that scenario?

  • Of course you only pay for what you want and you clearly see in advance what will be charged. And even if you made a mistake you can always contact us and cancel the order before we ship it.
  • All I want for Christmas is my DD2, how are they coming along?
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    is the dd1 compatible with ps4 yes or not?
  •  All these sales and events are great and all but what would really be cool are some actual updates on arrival dates for the DD1, Limited formula wheels and podium shifters. Especially for those of us that have committed to the pre-orders and are paid up. A little attention to the customers that have made a substantial commitment to your company based only on vague details would be the right thing to do...
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    Here's hoping I can score a free CSL Elite McLaren GT3 Wheel or the ClubSport Shifter, I have modest wishes this year. Thanks in advance Fanatec! :)
  • So who got it. I can’t find it.
  • Me neither!!
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    Well, that was enough to do my head in... and despite trying to race through as many product pages as possible – and fast, I never saw any code, let alone was the first person to find it. (In Australia, that is.)   

    Don't think I could really cope with another 23 days of trawling like this either!   :-S
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    Come on 19.00 hours
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    Can someone pls hit me up with 1 of the many 10% coupon you will receive for ANY product (special interest in any steering wheeel or rim) USA Region [email protected] Goodluck to all! Thx Fanatec.
  • Cool Thanks Thomas ????????
  • Did anyone find the code or has any updates on this please?
  • With my slow internet connection I have more chance of catching a cold than catching a bargain.
    Thanks again for the effort Fanatec. Shame people with slow internet connections still have a disadvantage.  Refreshing a page (even in checkout takes ages).
    Still think a Raffle would be fairer , even if it is BORING Thomas!

    Having said all that, I did manage to get a DD1 auction win somehow. Not at the point £ I bid on though. Lag is a horrible thing.

    Like others have asked. When are we going to get some more info on Podium items? People will be getting sim gear for xmas and surely you may have some lost customer's as people are un aware what's going to be available.

    Come on Thomas......give is some info.
  • We will make an announcement regarding the Podium Wheel Base shipping date on the 4th of December.
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    We will make an announcement regarding the Podium Wheel Base shipping date on the 4th of December.
    The day of my birthday!!! I hope it's a good day. Thanks Thomas. :D
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    We will make an announcement regarding the Podium Wheel Base shipping date on the 4th of December.
    Hi Thomas,

    thank you for the new formula rim limited :) it's really everything i want and with the new podium shifters i'ts fantastic and extremely premium.

    Can you give some info regarding the shipping of DD2 ?. is confirmed to dellivering starts on 12/7/18 ?.

    Lacks of new ( news ) seems confirm that but a word from the boss is always welcome :).

    thank you.

    ( oh sorry, my mistake ... i don't know why but in your previous reply i have read ( Podium racing wheel ) but you wrote  Podium WHEEL BASE )

    thank you. :).
  • So is there an actual advent calendar posted or do we simply guess what product is the product of the day? I can’t seem to locate anything involving an advent calendar other than this blog
  • Any news about the Podium Racing Wheel - officially licensed for PS4™ EU ???
  • when you say it will be displayed randomly on the product page does this mean it will be anywhere on the page as in the features or compatibility section or will it be at by the top near the picture of the product. thank you and have a great day.
  • I can see myself being in tears again tonight :)
  • who is the lucky guy? :)
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    CSL Elite Pedals 100% discount code: AK5159EU
    i didnt use it

  • to understand, is it possible to know where the codes are displayed? to understand is where is the writing that the product is available or preordable?
  • CSL Elite Pedals 100% discount code: AK5159EU
    i didnt use it

    Thanks, at least we know now, how the code looks like on the page.
  • If you look on the CSL Elite Pedals page it is above the features header, centered
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