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  • We already announced that there will be a new software coming together with our Podium DD Wheel Bases and so far the project name is "Podium Software". 

    This is just a working title and now we need a final name for it. Of course we already have some ideas but this community probably knows best how to call it.

    The name should be Fanaset
    • describe the functionality of the product or at least has some association
    • be independent of the product line as it will work with all Fanatec wheel bases
    • be innovative and unique
    • be short and memorable
    This is what the software can do for you:
    • Synchronize the Tuning menu settings of the wheel base with your PC for unlimited amount of different setups
    • Save and load the optimal settings automatically as soon as you launch a game
    • Allows up to five settings per game so you can even fine tune your favourite cars
    • It reads out telemerty info from the game 
    • Show various info on the Tuning Dirsplay
    • Change the colour or style of your rev lights
    • Map functions like traction loss on the flag LEDs or vibration motors
    • Create customized force feedback effects
    • Share your setup with the community or easily get the best setups into your wheel base

    Please write your suggestion in the comment field of this blog post.
    We will pick our favourites and make a poll in a few days so you can vote for your favourite.

    The winner gets a nice surprise and eternal glory.

  • The Name Should Be Fanaset it sets it All 
    The Name Says it All get it :)
  • Fanaset Ultimate 
    None be for it None to come 
  • When will this be available? In another post Thomas said before the end of the month.
  • Fanatec Control Panel.
  • fanatec settings module FSM

    fanatec mission control FMC

    fanatec operations centre FOC

    fanatec matrix command FMC

    fanatec interface command FIC

    fanatec interface module FIM

    fanatec interface system FIS

    dynamic propulsion module DPM

    dynamic settings module DSM

    fanatec software module FSM

    fanatec hardware software interface FHSI


    fanatec information and settings hub FISH


  • Here are a few options...





  • Do we have a time line for the release of this software??  also the stand alone DD kill switch.  I put in a few names in this blog my favorite of witch is   Fanatec:  Sim Sport Software
  • Fanatec Speed Works
  • ForTune

    Basically means Force Tuning/er.
  • Fanatec Podium DD:

    - DirectDrivers!


  • My suggestions are: Fanatec Shine Fanatec Style Fanatec Victory or Victory Lane
  • Fanatec Control Room (FCR)
  • Fanatec GATEWAY Fanatec MPH Fanatec FUEL
  • Fanatec Guru

  • FANAWARE is the best !
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    Fanalab looks like simlab and Racelab already exist
  • how are you guys going to handle same names when the vote is in?  I am the first person to put in Race Control like what I just typed but the one in the voting box has no space.
  • None of the above. 
  • Fanatec DRIVE
  • I'm assuming that Fanatec couldn't find the perfect name for the software and that's what's causing the delay of the Podium Software release? We're 2 days overdue now.
  • I'm assuming that Fanatec couldn't find the perfect name for the software and that's what's causing the delay of the Podium Software release? We're 2 days overdue now.
    If they don't have a name, assume it's at least 2 weeks out.

    Creating graphics, updating installers, and swapping out strings isn't instantaneous and will require a bit of work.
  • Josh OskamJosh Oskam Member
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    So cool that Fanatec have offered to give a free Podium Kill Switch to everyone who came up with a name on the final voting list!    ;;)

    (*Please be aware that this is just a joke – or a hopeful hint to be more honest!)
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    (FUS) ( UFS) (GFS)
  • Fanaled Fanalab ????
  • Thomas Jackermeier: "The name should be innovative and unique."

    Also Thomas Jackermeier: *takes 'Control Center' into the poll*
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    Fanatec Tuning Center
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