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  • alex dixey said:
    The Lab
    That's cool. Maybe even "FanaLab" :-)
    FanaLab is the best name I've seen. It is awesome.

    It's short, it's understandable and it sounds good.
    Yes, short and simple. As long as some Youtubers doesn't butcher the name again, like they do with "Fanaleds". I wonder why "Fanaleds" turns into "Fanadaleds" so quickly. Is it really that difficult? So hopefully "FanaLab" doesn't become "FanadaLab".
  • FanaPit
    Fanatec Apex (FanApex)

    ;) FanService

    Really looking forward to try out this new product, with an all brand new DD2 arriving this week !
    Great work to all teams at Fanatec !
  • Sim Pole Tuner!

    Sim Pole Customizer

    Sim Pole Software

    Sim Pole to Podium

    Sim Pole Sauce

    Sim Pole Alien 

    The Big Step

    Send It Software
  • Sim Pole Tools
  • Fanatec Tuning Cockpit Andy
  • Ignore the Andy bit was trying to sign off haha
  • Fanatec is, and always should be first. 

    The software that controls and ushers in a new era for consumers:

    Fanatec Immersive Race Service Tuner.

    With or without the dots, but it has so many meanings. 

  • Leon SütfeldLeon Sütfeld Member
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    Fanatec π ("Pi", as in 3.14...)
    Fanatec ("Tau", greek letter used for torque in formulas, TAU = Torque Adjustment Unit)
    Fana ("Fanatau")

    ^ The greek letter tau is shown here but it's black in this forum for some reason.


    Fanatec Torque Wrench
    Fanatec Ball Room
    Fanatec Enigma
    Fanatec Matrix
    Fanatec Pandorra

    Fanatec Race Engineer
    Fanatec Team Booth
    Fanatec Motorhome
    Fanatec Workbench
    Fanatec Pit Garage
    Fanatec Pit Crew
    Fanatec ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
    Fanatec Gearbox
    Fanatec Clockwork
    Fanatec Gyro
    Fanatec Gyro Suite
    Fanatec Revmatch
    Fanatec Revolver
    Fanatec Crankshaft

    Fanatec Newton
    Fanatec Orbit
    Fanatec Satellite
    Fanatec Gravity
  • Fanatec Podium Tune Podium Tune
  • Fanatec Podium Tune Podium Tune
  • Not sure why I can't seperate the lines! :))
  • podium top step software 
  • SoftWheeler or Fanatec SoftWheeler
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Podium :))
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    Fanatec Padawan - Learn and control the Force. Light up the wheel / gear / ....

    something like that. could and should be tuned

  • My theme is " Give your force feed back the Spa treatment" Customize it the way you want with "Fanaspa"
    Fanatec Spa

    Renovate your force feed back with Fanatec "Renovation"
    Give Old and New Racing Sims New Life with Fanatec "Renovation"

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
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    All in One software solution.

    FTec One

    Fanatec One
  • FanaDeck


    Fanatec Control Deck (FCD)


  • Fanatec Synergy
  • Fanatec Simergy?
  • Fanatec - Are we still getting this software today?
  • Fanatec Super Fix number one
  • Fanatec Vaporware

  • Fanatec Paddock
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    Carbon. Simple, elegant, ties into racing and into a recurring element in your products. Don't try to backronym it, just Carbon. It also translates well into French and Spanish. German, not so much. Sorry!
    Gets my vote, nice one! Anyone know when this software will be available? Or do we have to wait till the name is decided? Personally don’t really care what it’s called, just want to use it!
  • "Top step"

    get it? top step of the podium
  • Fanatec Momentum
  • Fanatec RaceHub
    Fanatec Qualify
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