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  • yeah i know. considering I already got my pedal. I'm lucky enough.

    just can't wait to replace my G923.

  • Mine didn’t come through in email. I checked it from fanatec website under my order.

    fanatec said UPS would send it to customers’ email once the products left the warehouse which I haven’t received it.

  • Ritchie KrayRitchie Kray Member
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    I received an answer for the red box 🟥 „in progress“ orders!

    There was a random copy and paste reply, but I finally get some. Better than nothing, but it’s still ridiculous for what I have done to get a reply on this…

    For nearby a week I have to contact all the social media accounts day per day and spam messages very often at the forum, to get a single answer who is so important for so much users, that I still can’t believe that there are no official informations shared with us about that.

    So finally, to crush all the rumors about the cancellation for red boxed 🟥 „in progress“ orders, this is NOT a status before your order will be cancelled. This red square 🟥 says that your order is just on hold for a manual checkup by human if everything is alright with this order.

    And if there is a mistake in it, Fanatec will send you an email with details and maybe a solution. 

    So stop posting comments that there will be cancelled! This is BS…

    But what the bad news is at this point, that there email backlog is nearby a month and growing. So maybe they checked my order from the 24. Nov just anytime next year… then send a request to me, the I have to answer, then have to wait for another month for the reply and when THEN everything is alright, maybe, it goes to the warehouse which is another waiting time… you know what I mean. You can calculate nearby to springtime 2024 with a delivery… maybe…

    But the order situation is bad too. 

    A lot of people placed orders way before BF and still waiting for shipping.

    Me too.

    Articles they are ready to ship within 4-7 days at the moment you place the order still be „in progress“ since more than 2 weeks.

    A little example of my own.

    At 20. Nov 15:40 (3:40 pm MET UTC+1)

    I ordered the limited edition F1 2023 wheel which was ready to ship within 4-7 business days.

    At the next day the QR2 was changed from „available“ to „pre-order Jan 17“.

    So please what?

    I thought that the bundles are completely separated to ship out asap because the QR2 was already sold out at this moment but the F1 2023 bundle was ready to ship.

    So now we all know that this was just a bait to order them. Now we have to wait for shipping till the QR2 is available again. What a mess. And no single information about this kind of problem! But a lot of preppie asked for an answer. Still…

    So, since a few days the QR2 at my F1 2023 order has changed from available „Jan 17“ to „Dec 1“. It’s still the Dec 1 actually, but my order is still in progress since the pre-order status changed a few days ago. Nothing still happens yet. No „completely shipped“ which means that the order can be packed by the warehouse. No changed pre-order status for the QR2.

    Aaaaand, surprisingly no single information about everything whats happening at the time.

    The social media accounts still trying to catch more customers and answers everybody with a generic copy and paste reply to be „more patient“ and „get your infos at the Fanatec forum“. 

    What a comedy theater.

    I’m pretty exhausted for receiving a single answer from any of their communication channels and I’m extremely disappointed about there way to handle there customers. They making so much bad decisions and looses a lot of customers.

    There have to be just ONE other competitor which adds a console compatibility (PS + Xbox) and Fanatec is 100% safe out of business! ONE HUNDED PERCENT! But they didn’t see it. But there are some competitors who working on that. I i wish them all the best, because Fanatec honestly doesn't deserve to look so good these days. You can only recognize the true face when you have already ordered something and this isn’t actually worth the trouble you get from. 

    I hope to get my orders as soon as possible to get rid of all this headache and stomach ache.

    And I wish that all of your orders are shipped asap too. 


  • I have checked my email and the account ( by phone , by desktop view on the phone and also on desktop) but nothing.

  • zeko zekanzeko zekan Member
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    oh that people. today very unreasonable and everyone wants to be served immediately.

    I think that many people do not buy from ebay, amazon, aliex, etc., where it is normal to wait 10-15-30 days. it depends on several factors.

    ok so what? so it hasn't been 10 working days.

    and when they do send on that tenth day, the package can take a long time to travel. from China, of course, and it depends on which region you are from, and if need to stay to customs. so you count another 10 working days and you will be calmer.

  • You think that people who ordered in August, September and beginning of November are unreasonable?

    Also people who ordered just before Black Friday and it has passed more than 10 days are unreasonable.

    When I ordered they sent an email where they said 5 day delay not 10 but it has passed 11 business days since I placed an order still not even tracking number. I believe most of us are really reasonable to have answers.

  • zeko zekanzeko zekan Member
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    there are problems in every job. these are isolated cases. and it's not your job to worry about why those from 8, 9, etc. months didn't get it.

    and if you are not aware that when BF goes, even those orders before BF slow down because traffic stops.

    we can also see all over the net that many have received their shipments, who ordered before BF and during BF.

  • You are right. It's been 8 working days.

    However, it indicates 7 working days in the middle of the black friday week.

    When we make special Black Friday offers, we make sure we have the stock and that the logistics will follow. 

    Unsurprisingly, many customers ordered during this period, so this should have been anticipated. And of course, unfulfilled promises lead to frustration. Frustration rubs off on the brand's image.

  • I've been reading here for days and all I see is how you all complain.

    you all know that Fanatec gave an enormous discount for BF and you are not the only one who bought it. yes, 4-7 is standard when there is no BF, and all this later, the Fanatec administration has clearly expressed itself with clarifications, both here on the Forum officially, and to everyone individually by email.

    people, be a little more reasonable and patient. after all, we all have some kind of simracing equipment that we are currently driving. so it's not the end of the world. nobody will rob you. you have proper bank statements that you paid something to someone, you have clear evidence that you did not receive something, and one day Fanatec will solve a smaller number of cases that will remain unsolved.

    British? you must be especially patient. you yourself know how it all goes after brexit.

    calm down people ;)

  • maybe one of Fanatec's representatives will deign to devote some time and give daily updates on what is happening, what stage they are at, orders from what day they are fulfilling, the more information they provide, the less uncertainty there is for customers. They accepted a lot of money from people and closed themselves off from any specific communication. This is probably the most frustrating thing, because a lot of people really don't know what is happening with their orders.

  • It's hard to believe how you can take it out of other things, such as "you all have sim racing equipment at home, so use it and stay patient"... what about the people who don't have a setup at home and are just waiting for their first setup? Maybe people like you should also take a little back, because your problems may be very different from the problems of others. And most people are not concerned with the quick receipt itself, but above all with the lack of communication and transparency regarding the status of the order. So much is unclear and is not clarified. And there you are the very last one who should take himself out to determine how others should behave!!!

  • Just received part of my order without receiving the tracking number, seems that UP has localy given the packages to different local curiors , I got now the tracking number from the first package what arrived.

  • we all know very well that there are very few people who buy Fanatec, Moza, Simagic, Simucube, etc. as the first toy for simracing. we all started more or less on controllers, Thrustmaster, g25, g27, g29, momo, etc.

    the problem is with people, who want everything immediately, because there is no tomorrow. I see you are also one of the unreasonable ones and I see that's why you addressed me, because you found yourself in my sentences.

    be patient and you will be happier.

  • I think Fanatec should be more transparent e.g. update the order no. Proceeded and update the list everyday, this can let the customers have the expectation when their order to be proceeded

  • none of you are looking at the bigger picture.

    Fanatec is one of the leading companies in simracing. they had 2 years of big problems with the release of QR2 and the new generation DD. considering that they are a relatively small company in terms of the number of employees, as well as the fact that the prices of their products have always been quite high, therefore there has never been much demand.

    what happened now? the fact that they released QR2 and the new DD in a short period of time, with the arrival of BF actions they wanted to regain the throne that they had lost for years due to the confusion surrounding the creation of QR2 and its release, as well as the formation of a whole new era of DD. and the competition is never stronger. so that with the obvious problem of the delivery house and the change of the same, everything became even more complicated.

    but I note. of course, many who buy are not interested in this or even don't know it. but people are simply like that, because when a person explains something to them, they still suspect that someone wants to deceive them. that will not be the case with Fanatec, only this will take a while.

    and rest assured. they certainly aren't sitting around counting your money right now. they work faithfully to deliver everything you ordered.

  • Hello! I feel your frustration people.

    I ordered a complete setup on the 23rd, around 10 items. I heard nothing and couldn't get in touch with customer support. BUT today i received all my ordered items.

    So maybe this will help people calm down a bit, it seems like they ship the items anyways.

  • Hyunmin ShimHyunmin Shim Member
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    Fanatec is making several obvious mistakes, the only explain is the incorrect meaning of 'completely shipped'.

  • Still no order showing and no e-mail confirmation.

    Alse no replies to my e-mails and the phone lines are down.

    Please escalate the issue and give the option to place the order again with the discounts.

  • I was just reading around a bit here. Also because I ordered some stuff. And I was wondering why it doesn't arrive within a finger snap ;-).

    There's a few observations I'd like to share:

    • First of all this thread is a great way to kill the extra waiting time for some first world luxury stuff.
    • Second: should a company with logistical issues do a big BF-sale (and compound their problems)
    • Third: I think here is a great example of what communications can do: If you explain what problems you are facing (and why), most people will understand and be patient. If unexpected things happen without explanation: people loose faith and get impatient.
    • Final: I was hoping for a MacOS version of the Fanatec software, but if sending out a few extra packages will startle the company, I think my hope is a bit of a stretch.

    Just some observations. (And with that delivery is 2 minutes closer again ;-))

  • There are more incorrect status meanings which have to be fixed. And the other one is that they can make the communication so much easier when they share more often concrete informations about orders and shipping.

    its depressing when you can read that other customers with the same items at their cart receive their items although they order much later… and that’s make no sense to their promise that they will ship first who ordered first… that’s a lie and nobody gives further informations about that. That’s how there is so much upheaval in here. And there are still some people which don’t understand it but will define how we should behave. It’s rediculous.

  • Hi, have you tried installing Windows on your Mac?

    I used "Bootcamp" on the Mac and was able to section off a portion of the hard drive and install Windows. I can now boot up in MacOS or Windows and run the Fanatec software and also SimHub.

    It works a treat!

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Hello Adam,

    we understand your concern. The warranty period only begins on the day you receive your order. The full period will be honoured, with consideration of the delays that affected the actual late receipt of your order. Warranty enquiries sent by you toward the end of the warranty period will be treated with the goodwill you deserve and understanding of the inconvenience resulting from the delivery issues.

    Your Fanatec Team

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Hi Daniel, I’d like to apologize that you haven’t received any information regarding further processing of your order which came back to us 30 November. I now have forwarded your request internally.


  • I ordered a CSL DD, Formula Wheel 2.5X and the CSL Elite v2 pedals for Black Friday November 24th and am still waiting for shipping :(

    This is my first sim racing setup, and it's not a good experience so far.

    I hope everything will arrive quickly in very good condition.

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Hey Qian, we’d like to apologize for the extreme delay of your order from 30 October. We had already escalated your case with our Customer Care and Warehouse Teams. You should have received a communication from them regarding this order. You can send me a direct message if you need further assistance.


  • Totally agree with you. Need to be patient, it’s BF sales and we could wait for our command. We had very good price during this Bf...Thanks for this Fanatec!

    For me, except the pb of availability or delay, it’s the global communications or lack of communications that create all this anxiety or anger or nervous etc.. from all customers.

    They said 4/7 days, they communicate also a wait of 10 more days… why not… hope they won’t wait months to handle the red square “in progress” issue... I have the pb :(

    But some people wait until September, this is crazy!?! Communicate Fanatec, explain and people will understand! You have a pb of delay, add a litlle goodies for people who waits so long

    Be positive guys, I don’t have my command, I don’t already have my wheel to play, I will wait and hope Fanatec will find solutions… but it could take time and it’s not in hours… it’s few days to handle such amount of commands.

  • SaarlaenderSaarlaender Member
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    Hey Guys,

    it looks like that the Fanatec-Team is aware of this topic and gets involved :-)

    I also took the chance to get some BF-Deals and it was telling to be shipped starting 30.11.2023. This week im not at home, but i am really looking forward to get it delivered so i can start next week to play :-)

    Is there any chance to get some feedback about the current situation? The Order is marked as shipped but no UPS Tracking Info, no Serial-Numbers etc. I also tried to contact Fanatec at 18.11. to maybe remove one item (not part of the BF bundle) but no answer so far

    Order was at 17.11.2023 23:31:00 with order nr 1794807

  • Fanatec,

    Concerned first time customer.

    Order 1825709 placed 11/24/23 - updated as fully shipped with no tracking details!?

    Order 1862459 placed 11/30/23 - updated as shipped with tracking details and received today. I’m glad I paid the second time around for expedited and wish I had done so on the first order.

    Could I just get the tracking details? Not sure why it would not have shipped yet…

    I have emailed and received no response.

  • Pls when will my csdd update the tracking number The official website shows that it has been 4 days since it was fully shipped

    Order number 1774308

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