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  • The most ridiculous thing is actually that they ship larger orders in many individual packages anyway. That's why you always get several tracking numbers. So why is everything only sent when everything is available? This also makes little sense if the majority of the order has to be stored just because a quick release is missing... and in the end you wait weeks and months in the hope that something will happen. Fanatec has noticed for years that their system doesn't work, but they don't want it to change.

  • I have finally seen my packages appear, but neither fanatec nor ups notified me, still no tracking number visible on fanatec.

    It's the tracking by reference number on the ups site where they just appeared.

    I ordered on November 17

    I at least hope that this mess will help fanatec to really focus on customer satisfaction.

    Keep hope,

    and look instead ups track by reference with your order number


  • I can´t believe that the whole management of Fanatec / Endor is not willing to do serious business with the customer.

    For me it is OK to wait as long as I get status updates on what I´m waiting for.

    But the whole situation is ridiculous. How to trust the vendor if even the easiest way of communicating is not possible?

    I would love to see any reaction of the CEO/CFO/COO of Fanatec/Endor AG on this topic.

    But as I already stated often... It seems that they don´t care about us at all.

  • Just check out this blog. Since 29 November, they have wanted to provide us with updates on the shipping situation. How many actual updates have we received since then? Or is it only announced monthly? At this point, once again inaccurate and incomplete information, lack of transparency and thus the customer is once again left alone.

  • There's a company-wide term called dying of success. 

    Even with the shipping problems, they come up with the wonderful idea of announcing new offers every day, which leads to even more orders.

    Now they find themselves in a situation where they can't keep up with the demand.

    All to keep investors happy in the last quarter of the year ;-)

  • Hey guys, just to let you know, I ordered on November 24th full setup: Formula v2.5X, CSL DD and CSl pedals...and I got the shipping number today. Hope all of you guys get your packages soon.

  • As I said before, it only needs a single competitor to prepare its hardware for the consoles, then Fanatec is guaranteed to go down. Fanatec is still the leader because of the consoles, but the competition is not sleeping and will definitely depend on Fanatec next year. Customer service is more important than ever before and a company that doesn't even master this in the base simply can't survive in the long run. It's a pity, but a homemade problem that is ignored. The bill for this will come later.

  • Thanks Simon, I did this on my previous (intel) Mac and it worked fine. On the M2 Pro chip I cannot get it to work. Apparently with Parallels it should run, but the Fanatec software would be the only thing I'd use it for and for that I cannot justify the price of Parallels :-). I just want it to run natively.

  • They only care about incoming money from customers, i guess. No update to my order since 25th november. Only "shipped" is marked. I´ve opened a case at paypal. If nobody answers from fanatec to this i get my money back.

  • I do de same order as you, and in same day as you. :)

    But i haven't any shipping number. I hope it soon as you.

    Let's calm down, 10 business day only are on 8th od december...

  • Parallels on Apple Silicon Macs can only run Windows for ARM, which is incompatible with Fanatec software - so you'd really be wasting your money getting Parallels.

  • Hello gentlemen,

    The process has started for me, some information as a link to your orders

    Order number: 1827xxx

    From: November 24, 2023, 1:29 p.m

    I have just received a tracking number from UPS, the parcel is already on its way.

    Scheduled delivery: Thursday (07/12/23) in the morning.

    Location: Poland


    1. Button Caps and Sticker Set

    2. ClubSport DD

    3. ClubSport DD Table Clamp

    4. ClubSport Wheel Rim R330

    5. ClubSport Universal Hub V2

    6. QR1 Wheel-Side 7. QR2 Pro Wheel-Side

    7 things ordered,

    7 parcels on the way, so I guess everything has been sent, I'm waiting impatiently and keeping my fingers crossed for all of you waiting!!

  • Do you have already serial numbers of products in your order?

  • My order of dd2 from 17.november is in status completely shipped for more than a week with no update. Second order with wheel and pedals is in red square in progress status for one and half a week. Tried to contact through live chat where it told me that they are not covering live chat now so i have to call them between 2-4pm which i tried and robot told me there to write an email. So i sent an email to webshop mailbox, currently waiting couple of day to recieve any answer.

    BF prices were good so i decided to sell my old setup and move to fanatec just i dont know when i will be able to use it :-D.

    Some information about how it is going with our orders would be nice.

  • Is is available to search for reference number in Australia Post?

  • Some signs of life then if people are getting shipping notifications etc..! No such luck for myself yet tho :( (Ordered 24th @ 13:30ish)

  • Interesting.

    Same order timestamp as my order :-) Looking forward to see any updates on my order as well hopefully these days...

    But yes, 10 business days are not over yet, so at least this is the timespan I would wait without complaining too loud ;-)

  • I made the order at 24th of Nov 12:30 pm Im now Waiting in completely shipped status for 11 days now. In a E-Mail they said that I could come to a False completely Shipped status. I didn’t see anyone that also mentioned that there is a Notification on Order Page that says that it can be that the tracking number doesn’t shows when you are not in Desktop Mode or on a PC. I’m Patient because they said it can be that I could take 2 weeks.

  • You have to count the business days from Monday to Friday. So, if your order started at 24.11. the 10th (business) day is Friday, 08.12.

  • I did not received any email after the initial "your order is placed" email after the payment process.

    I guess, their mailserver is doing also something like a boo boo or so...

  • Thank you for posting, I checked today and see a tracking number, so it appears they are just catching up. I too hope that they are making similar progress so everyone has updates today and receive everything ASAP.

  • Ah that is why! I noticed I couldn't get it to work, but did not understand the reason. It's the ARM incompatibility.

    Sorry for being off-topic a bit. Back to the status-updates of our orders ;-)

  • Did you get an email from ups or did you see the tracking number in your account in orders? i ordered mine 25th in the weekend so ive got some more patience but i was just wondering.

  • Bonjour, J'ai passé une commande le 18 novembre à 19h50. J'attends toujours en état d'expédition complète depuis le 28/11/23 . Je suis patient ou idiot car ils avaient promis une expédition entre 4 et 7 jours. J'ai une course le week-end prochain pour le Téléthon ca va être compliqué sans matériel.

  • Shipping is delayed, it is on their website, there can be a delay for people in eu for up to 7 days. so your items could even be sent after 14 days. Planning a race without any gear is not their fault.

  • Können sie bitte nach meinen bestellungen schauen? es handelt sich um mehrere bestellungen. insbesondere die bestellung vom 17.11.23 wäre interessant. es ist wirklich eine lange zeit, ohne irgendwelche informationen. 

    meine kundennummer: 104351802

  • FANATEC is the worst company in the world. I ordered on the 17th with a shipping confirmation email within 1/4 days. After my first email, they told me 10 days. Then no more responses to my emails.
    So I decided to request cancellation of the order and refund yesterday morning. last night I received this email: "Dear customer,
    Thank you for your recent inquiry about your tracking number.
    This information should now be available in your customer account in the Orders section.
    If you have trouble seeing your tracking information on your mobile phone, please enable desktop mode or check directly on a laptop/PC."
    THEY ARE LIARS AND CHICKS. I asked for a refund so they sent me this FAKE email to calm me down...
    It's decided, I'm launching legal proceedings because I'm convinced that they no longer have any equipment in stock and that it could take MONTHS!

  • I have not received an email, neither from fanatec nor from UPS. Today, the tracking number appeared on the Fanatec website, I entered it and it turns out that the parcel is on its way

  • Thanks, ill just keep an eye on the website, it's what i did anyways

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