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  • Hello,

    unfortunately I still have no feedback on this request, please check this immediately!!!!! : 

    "Dear Fanatec Team,

    on Friday I tried to place an order, unfortunately it was canceled due to an error in your system, but my credit card was charged anyway!!! The order does not appear under my orders either! The amount is 346,65€. Please refund me the money promptly! And please leave my other order, which I placed afterwards, in place.

    Best regards Sebastian"

  • Hello, I placed an order on November 17th and received a notification on November 28th that it was "completely shipped" yes I know that this information appears when the goods are picked. But unfortunately I have not received any tracking information for more than 8 days now. Important first to charge the money directly and to let the warranty run since November 28th. It's not quite understandable for me.

    Best, Oliver

  • Their website is full of misleading information. You are not the first to question the warranty status. This is one of the few things they did address with a response.

    James (the forum admin) stated a few pages back that warranty doesn’t really start until the products are in customer hands; and that they intend to honor near-end warranty claims on good faith due to the distribution delays.

  • to some extent, it can be concluded that the packages started an masse on November 27 and 28. why? because BF week started on the 17th and the main target for collecting payments was the 24th-26th. it is easier for many people in transport because they can send sorted together packages that go to certain destinations. remember, everything comes from China.

    some were obviously lucky because their packages already had a "deliverer" in their direction, and they were the first lucky ones to receive them before the others. therefore, many who ordered from the first day of BF, i.e. 17, enter the same container as those who ordered 24-26, and probably later.

    there is nothing left but to wait. I believe that many people ordered this because it will be a Christmas present for themselves or someone. so don't worry, there is still time.

    and you who are very angry on Fanatec. be a little more realistic. you were delighted that such a favorable price of everything was offered for BF. and you haven't asked yourself if it's worth the wait? I think yes. could you go and buy Moza, Simagic, Simucube, Asetek or some other product? of course you could. but would pay more for a product of the same nm rank.

    so gentlemen, a little patience.

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    Yea I think they are all busy at the GT World Series event having fun. Would be nice to post something for all of these order delays and issues instead though

  • I placed 2 different orders on black friday one with a credit card for club sport shifter which was processed and has the status completely shipped yet still no shifter...I placed another order on black friday using my debit card for the csl upgrade kit which was debited from my account yet the order doesn't show on my orders page nor product page but it shows a very clear deduction on my bank statement so if anyone from fanatec if you would pls help me getting understanding of what is going on with my order or my money I have called between 2-4 I've emailed numerous times still no reply so I'm here looking for answers or a solution

    Proud Fanatec DD PRO Gt owner


  • Following a suggestion to search for the package (on UPS) using a reference number, i did, and if the info is accurate, it looks like i can expect mine to arrive sometime this week... here's to hoping, and if not, i'll wait

    while i have my opinions on how they handle all of this, i also know that their products are well worth the wait

  • Hello all, I'm feeling discouraged to see that everyone is having the same issue I am. At this point I'm just wondering if Fanatec can at least offer us a cut of date of orders that will be shipped in time for Christmas? Everything I ordered was in stock, I'm in USA, my order date was November 29th. After reading here I'm getting worried I need to find a different gift for my son for Christmas unfortunately.

  • me either order on November 17th and on November 28th got an Email that the good will be sent and even with Onvoice, but already 8 days no Tracking number or enything from Fanatec, I think they will lose thousands and thousands of customers and their reputation, it was better to order from Moza.

  • How did yoh perform this search and are you in USA? Mine says FedEx but would like to search for mine there

  • Order 1833298

    I placed an order with Fanatec while the site was being buggy. It checked me out without the wheel I had added to the cart, although it was and is still in stock. I intended to use the deal at the time which offered a discount of $150 when you purchase a base and a wheel. I attempted to contact customer service immediately and still haven't heard back. It now says my order has shipped, but I never received a tracking number and it isn't available on my account. This is extremely frustrating as someone needs to sign for the package so it would be preferable to know when it is coming. I've heard fantastic things about fanatec, so I'm hoping this is just a result of the craziness that came with your Black Friday sales. Can someone help me?

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    It's very obvious they took in way more orders than they should have. I'm not sure why they didn't just make the shop say "sold out" sooner to prevent this mess as it's obvious they didn't actually have stock of all the items they promised were in stock at the time. They also knew they didn't have the logistics in place to handle so many orders yet they kept taking them in. If I had to speculate, I'd say they only did this to boost their Q4 sales numbers because they switch everyone's order to "completely shipped" so they can't cancel it despite the shipment not even being packaged yet. "COMPLETELY SHIPPED" is also garbage, That should say "ORDER SENT TO WAREHOUSE" and after the package leaves the warehouse it should say "completely shipped". I've ordered so many things online from boutique retailers and I've never had that level of miscommunication before. Generally it's "Order received --> Order processed --> Order sent to warehouse --> shipping label created --> Item shipped".

    Now they're overworking the warehouse employees to cover their mistake of taking in too many orders, which is going to lead to people quitting, burnout causing incorrect shipments and misplaced items, which is just going to add even more fuel to this fire because they're going to have to spend even more time fixing things instead of getting orders fulfilled. I'm also seeing significantly more reports of QC issues (someone on reddit received a playstation dd with literal missing buttons on the wheel) so it's obvious they're not checking anything properly to push more items out of their factory in China. It's like they're running the entire logistics and manufacturing end at 140% capacity instead of just telling people they're out of stock which is just insane to me. That's not how you run a business.

    I ordered a dd1, shifter and the bmw wheel, and if any of those has even a single minor issue, or if my shipment takes longer than 4 weeks from "completely shipped", I'm selling everything and switching ecosystems and never looking back. Last time I bought from fanatec was 2014 and even back then it was a complete mess. It took over a month to get to me, and then my wheel died after about 100 hours of use on 50% ffb settings (2.5nm basically). I bought another one and that one died as well, same issue, same amount of time. and my shifter died at around the 150hr mark. I figured in almost 10 years they would have figured things out by now but it's very obvious they haven't.

    Fanatecs engineers and marketing are carrying the company. They design good products on paper, they do a good job of shoving it in everyones face, they get exclusive deals with esports and sim racing. Then after all that, the factory in china takes shortcuts. Management takes in more orders than they can fulfil, they push their bottom line employees too hard, so mistakes are made and nobody is properly checking quality control. Their greed is going to drive them into the ground. They need to take a step back and just tell people they don't have enough stock for them. I'm glad they took as long as they did for the QR2 because it's obviously an amazing product, and they need to take this philosophy with the rest of the business. It's not 2009 anymore, there are significantly more options to choose from than just logitech and thrustmaster and I will happily jump ship if they don't respect us as customers.

    Luckily I've dealt with fanatec in the past. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but I had a feeling I knew what to expect. I'm not even disappointed or mad to see that things haven't changed or improved at all, I just feel bad for these new customers, and new sim racers expecting the same quality of service they would get from literally any other company instead of them getting this mess.

  • i need to understand how its possible for you to shipped some ordered that was place after mine like my friend order one thing 25/11 at 4: 00 pm and he god his package yesterday. In my case i placed an order 24/11 on a v2.5x at 1:30 pm and i still waiting it.

    So i guess you have major organization issue and it's unacceptable. And i think you will loose a lot of customers and im one of them. Im saving money now to switch on simucube not for quality issue but for poor customers services.

    You can just made daily update of the situation to calm the community. For taking money from bank account you are quick but for other thing you don't care at all

  • You can register your address with a FedEx account and then see any shipments coming to you.

    UPS allows searching by senders and other details that FedEx does not allow.

  • This will definitely be my LAST TIME ordering from Fanatec. No transparency. I feel bad for those who have placed orders even before Black Friday and still have not received their product. We all spend money with you guys, for very EXPENSIVE products and you all can't have the common courtesy to provide customers with any kind of update. The worst kind of customer experience I've ever had with ANY company who ships products. MOZA Racing, here I come...

  • The worst thing for me is not even that the products are not there immediately, but that almost nothing is communicated at all. Customer service is a bad joke and in the forum the customers are also left to themselves. Waiting for the hardware is therefore not the big problem, but the communication makes the whole experience extremely frustrating.

  • When people were saying your order will be delivered next year, I thought it was just a meme.

    Well, dream comes true.

    My order still not even showing serial numbers for every items.

    And I don't know why they changed order status to completely shipped when it's not...

    Isn't that a lie...?

  • Im hoping this doesnt come true for both of us. Ive been sitting on "fully shipped" for 6 days now. Very annoying. This was my first dive into sim racing in general, and my first choice when it came to picking a set up. However, Im kinda regretting my decision. I really dont want this to be the type of relationship I have with this company especially the amount of money they charge for products. I really dont like the idea of waiting weeks or months for something i bought.

  • I'm in Ireland, I used UPS, not sure about how FedEx does it, but UPS has an option "track via reference" which i clicked, then entered the order number (see screenshot below; make sure you're logged in though).

    I'm not assuming anything until i receive my gear though, but figured it might be worth sharing

  • If our orders dont arrive by christmas, We need to take legal action.

  • It should Not take 30 days to ship a few items that are STILL in stock

  • Its a shame that the costumer service is like this....

  • Is it possible that Fanatec doesn't have the stock to provide its customers or

     there logistics just needs to be fix (100%)

    I can't get around WHY it takes so long 




    USPS ( I would pay the extra for better shipping)7days 

    Costoms 3- 5 days 

    Canada post 3-5 days 

    17 days max it's been 21+ days they have sent the damper and kit status at usps pedals V3 hasn't left the building 🤔

    In my world honesty is the best policy

    Please do better

    As far as I remember money do not grow on trees.

  • USA customer here that placed an order on November 23. Everything showed in stock when I placed the order. Shows shipped on website but nothing has shipped. No tracking number on the website. I have a FedEx account and always get a text when a shipment is coming but nothing has come up.

    I placed numerous orders from various companies during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. I have received all those orders from these other companies, both big and small companies. It really baffles me that Fanatec has this much trouble shipping product out the door. I picture one poor guy in a warehouse trying to ship all these orders out. 😂

  • I’m in for the legal action, false advertising. Anyone else?

  • im a new customer. Apparently their logistics is already bad and this Black Friday sale they had just made things worse. Truly I’d be more understanding if they were more transparent and gave us an idea of how they were tackling the delay on our orders, but it seems like there is no rhyme or reason to how they are shipping out. It’s just a bad look, especially for someone like me who’s new and would really like a reason to support these guys further.

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