ClubSport Steering Wheel V 2.5 X - Order Fuflilment Update



  • Yeah, one more week is nothing after nearly 4 months. I understand why people are impatient but I sort of just accepted this in December. This is my first order from Fanatec and anything to do with sim racing so as long as I get my order eventually, whenever that may be, I'm happy with that :)

  • Okay, so now it is showing as available shipping in 4-7 days so maybe just maybe the shipment arrived earlier. Fingers crossed.

  • In the december mail they said : "Any other items in your order will be reserved until then" so if the wheel is available now they must send it.

    Or they are really bullshit liars...

  • indeed, the only thing we realistically should have been waiting for is the steering wheel everything else should be reserved

  • If anyone gets any updates about their order with the 2.5x order, it would be appreciated if you could post in here about your order 👍

  • My order from November 24 ( 1841XXX ) changed status on Monday to ( Handover to warehouse ) but still no UPS tracking number. I am from Italy an my oder contained ( csl DD, 2.5x 2xQR2 Base ).

  • The 2.5x has disappeared completely for me, when I go to my products the link no longer works. Interesting - 4-7days.?? is that for everyone or just new purchasers?? No movement on my order 184* and I have a bad feeling about it. That and the fact the QR1s aren't available till April. If they've been pretty shoddy up to this point then I dont believe they've had the foresight to keep back stock back for the wheels to turn up.. I hope to be proven wrong.

  • Message from fanatec on facebook everyone

  • wdym when you go to my products the link no longer works? i can go to my products and see them all so i think thats maybe your connection. ive been in contact with someone from my country and he received his products last friday he had order number 183 so 10.000 orders earlier than me as well since i have 1847. so a week or 2 between those to orders is not that crazy in case of shipping.

  • He means that the actual link doesn't work, if you try to click the wheel to get to the product page, it doesn't do anything as there is no link. Other products work as expected.

    This happened some time ago, maybe last time the product page went away...

  • The 2.5x is no longer on the page now so it will most likely reappear with a pre-order date or sold out. Hopefully not though and for anyone who ordered with a qr1 back in november, they stated they would keep any items ordered reserved until the wheel came back in stock.

  • Let's see if in 2 weeks at the latest we all receive our 2.5x wheel.

  • This article is no longer available

  • when i was at work the product page worked for me i could even put it in my cart

  • Not talking about the product page, rather the link in "my orders". Normally you can jump to the product page from there, but for few weeks, it's been disabled (no link). Other products are still enabled, so they changed something - at least for some of us.

    Anyway, the actual page has been available and not, dunno what they're up to, but I wish everyone will get their wheels asap - me included.

  • didnt even know that, but indeed when i came home yesterdat the wheel was gone from the website, maybe bc of my message to them on facebook about it being available for shipping, or maybe it has another reason, im just hoping i will receive it in a week or two.

  • Now the qr1 is sold out ... i hope we get the wheel before the next BF...

  • The wheel is back on the site but SOLD OUT!

  • Serge LavinoSerge Lavino Member
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    Unbelievable Fanatec is not updating there customers on when the orders are shipped out.

    Fanatec had time to get on track since 24-11-2023 (4 months+).

    Also giving wrong signals by putting the wheel on the website and removing it with different status (Sold out, Pre-order).


  • I do think, we do not need to worry. As on an earlier moment said, they are suspecting an X amount of wheels in March.

    They do use a system which assumingly was build in the DOS era, because the whole process does not work in a good way.

    I can imagine , shipping received of the 2.5x wheels, it was scanned. And therefore automatically available in the webshop in 4-7 days (standard In stock period).

    People are noticing and even they are, so they turn of the whole product. And they are processing the BF orders as they should, and now the stock is out of stock again.

    I am hoping, they indeed had enough stock for the rest of the remaining BF orders.

    It would suit them very good, to give us a final update (Hopefully final because everyone should receive their wheel the end of March).

  • despite my order 1847063 of v2.5 x which did not arrive, I placed an order 1922911 again for a v3 crankset, a qr2, a kit and a shock absorber, everything was available! when paying the shock absorber changes to March 7! well ok I accept at the end two days ago it goes to April 11th. ??? without warning me!!! fanatec you are assholes with no respect for your customers! I am disgusted !!!!

  • fanatec you have the attitude of a crook, I call on you to no longer order your products! go your way! go to other brands!!!

  • Fanatic have upped their game on the response time to emails - however, this is let down by the generic response...

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Please be guided that the availability date of your order remains unchanged. (erm is that sometime in March!?) In the event we have to postpone it due to cargo transit delays, you will be informed separately via email.

    Moreover, you can also check your order in your Fanatec account as your tracking information will be uploaded there once it has left our warehouse.

    If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Have a great day!

    Shouldn't it end with....

    "If you want another generic response because we really cant be bothered to look any closer in to your order, please do not hesitate to contact us again - now stop bothering us"

    The wait continues....

  • Long time lurker, first time contributing.

    Wanted to give you some factual information regarding my order. Maybe it can help some people out.

    Order: 1838xxx

    Placed on: 24 Nov 2023 19:04:00

    Country: The Netherlands


    V2.5X with included qr1 wheelside (duh!)

    QR2 Base-Side (Type-C)

    Button Caps and Sticker Set.

    I never contacted Fanatec because they had a clear explanation and I decided to wait till the end of March.

    11th of March I got an email that my order is being processed, and status changed to "Handover to warehouse".

    Didn't hear anything for the rest of the week.

    This morning (Friday) I got an email to let me know my order is on its way, and it'll be delivered the same day. When I checked the journey of my package, it showed that it left Germany on Thursday and made it's way to the Netherlands overnight.

    And about 30 minutes ago, my order was delivered.

    I hope you all get your order soon! There's light at the end of the tunnel!

  • I am not sure that you understand the problem with my order 1922911 for which when placing the order there was no availability time. in payment strangely a deadline on the shock absorber on March 7 every day I look at my account and 3 days ago this deadline passed to April 11!!!!! so yes I want an explanation! how you can play with delivery times as you wish while completely neglecting your customers! no self-respecting company does this! you are not respecting the commercial code! you are crooks and yes you who want fanatec equipment go your way because you risk waiting a long time and without any communication

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