ClubSport Steering Wheel V 2.5 X - Order Fuflilment Update



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    To those who have already recieved their wheel, has Fanatec correct the guarantee date?

  • Can anyone else see the v2.5x back in stock? Hopefully this means that they're shipping them out to bf orders.

  • I confirm, the V2.5x is back in stock.


  • EU and US delivery 4-7 days. And so much BF orders still waiting? I think now is the QR1 out of stock. When the QR 1 is in Stock then is the 2.5x out of stock and so on 🙃

  • guarantee starts at moment of arrival. ive had contact with them about this

  • I'm pretty sure they saved enough QR1 for the BF Orders 🤣

  • since its sold out im guessing so too, lets hope everyone gets their package this week

  • I can't understand how they put it on sale again and still haven't sent it to us who have been waiting 4 months! I've been patient and understanding but now I'm really starting to think they're making fun of me

  • bc it is probably being shipped out this week and they probably got extra wheels in their shipment so they can put it on sale, week has just started you can still receive it this week.

    if you order now you will probably get it next week or the week after that since they still have the week delay.

  • QR1 available at 02.04.2024 ...

  • As mentioned many times before.. Articles are reserved untill all items can be shipped. No need to worry. People have received their orders while the QR1 was out of stock.

    The only thing we can and must do, is have patience for a few more days.

  • In my opinion, they should first send our orders and only then put the steering wheel back on sale! For me, this is a lack of respect when we have already purchased and paid for 4 months and we continue to wait and we don't even have a tracking g number!

  • In my order I also have the v3 pedals with the damper and rubbers and the rubbers only have a pre-order in May and the damper in mid-April so until when do I have to wait? They said they would keep our orders. At least they could give an explanation or news about our orders

  • I think we will have news shortly because they still are a serious brand. I know you are frustrated, as I am, because of this long wait, but they wouldn’t sell it if they didn’t already plan how to ship the orders with 2.5x to us already

  • I don't think they would hold back the QR1 if they could sell other items with it.

  • If items were available on order they were held back until your order was complete, this has been communicated

  • I'd like to believe it, but if it's true, then I don't know why my order hasn't been sent yet. I only had the DD+ and QR2 WS as preorder items in my BF order and I'm still waiting despite both being listed as available on the store for well over a month.

  • well the dd+ had some other issues, there's a whole forum about it

  • Yeah, I've just heard nothing since "Hooray we're starting to ship it now" and it feels like my order is just stuck waiting for someone to click a button to send it to the warehouse to ship out to me... for the last 6 weeks.

  • ive been in contact on facebook with fanatec they said i should see a change in my order status this week

  • Fingers crossed

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    My order changed to "Handover to warehouse" on 11/03/2024 and still no tracking number.

    In "My products" says that purchase date is 11/03/2024 and expiration date 12/03/2026.

    The same day I received that mail:

    Dear Mr,

    The status of your order 1843XXX placed on 24/11/2023 is currently being prepared for shipment.

    Please note, we are currently experiencing warehouse processing delays of up to 5 business days, due to a transition to a new logistics partner.

    Please note, European customers are currently experiencing warehouse processing delays of up to 7 business days, especially for orders shipping outside the EU.

    Our shipping partner will provide you with your tracking number as soon as it has left our warehouse. You can also find the information in the Orders section of your account once it becomes available.

    NOTE: Tracking details may not be displayed on mobile phones! Please use a desktop to see your tracking information when it becomes available.

    Please check our blog post on EU warehouse issues for additional information. The article will be updated regularly.

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    Team Fanatec

  • Well my order changed status "hand over to warehouse" in December, but still nothing, I think they rather would like to sell them at the higher price than shipping the cheap ones to the rest of us.

  • Lets have patientce just for more this week, after that we can start to speculate

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    @fanatec, time to déliver 🤕

  • Ordered 27 of nov order number 1841… damn this week is killing me… better send some discount coupons with that wheel James… Tis is outrageous

  • wait what, i ordered the 25th at 10am and my order is 1847, how

  • so what to say now my request is 1842 on the 24th and nothing changes I simply think and more and more I believe in the theory that they put a lot of x here on the forum this was on purpose and they continue to make fun of us....🤬 🤬🤬🤬🤬

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