Black Friday 2019 UPDATE2 A big THANK YOU



  • This morning 9 cet i was not able to purchase v3 pedal, 20/25 mins and a lot of trouble later completed an order number


    BTW, the order Say to contains only performance kit for 332,87€

    and since 1hrs ago from the fanatec order status i see

    Order status:

     Clarification needed

    what kind of clarification do you need? Why i havent received a mail for this “clarification?”

    If you cant afford big traffic views please dont run black friday sales anymore..

  • How can I cancel the order?

    It is still not processed, but I do not find on the site a direct and fast method ...

  • Myles RenaudMyles Renaud Member
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    Did anyone from Fanatec confirm the guys who ordered the CSV3 Pedals Pro package with the invoice only showing BPK, that their orders will be corrected and that we do not have to do anything on our end?

    For example

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    You don't need to do anything. Your order status will update, and the sales team will contact you if necessary.

    Please contact [email protected]. Bear in mind that we are receiving a huge number of requests, so you will not receive an immediate response.

    Yes. These orders will be corrected and you will receive a new invoice.

  • Just here to say I wanted to get into the Fanatec eco system since about Xmas 2018.

    A brief history of a soon to be first time customer, not strictly in the right order of time, since this wasn't planned as an essay:

    After seeing the past Black Friday deals I decided to wait for a deal, there was a great price for the CSL PS4 bundle, so why not...

    Weeks and months went by, Sony announced PS5 and gives no info about compatibility. Still eagerly waiting for the right time to buy a CSL Elite base + pedals + wheel I've asked Fanatec if there will be discounts this year as well. Confirmed, so I continued to wait. Fanatec raises the CSL Elite bundle price. Bummer. Fanatec gets hacked. Yikes. Sony still gives no info about PS5 and PS4 peripherals, but Microsoft does. Black Friday time comes closer. In addition to the vague speculation regarding the compatibility the Fanatec PS4 bundle vanishes completely, maybe due to the new shop who knows. Black Friday deals get announced and a lot of (not yet) customers get really disappointed. Eg I don't care about the LC brake, I would be perfectly fine with the 2 pedal option, at least for the start. Discounted price is more or less without the impact formerly Fanatec deals were (4% vs 40%) and that while being more expensive since middle of the year anyway.

    All in all a rather bad experience for someone who wants to get part of the Fanatec community / eco system.

    I am still on the edge, decision if I should accept all the disappointing events is not yet made, but I guess I will not spend 750 plus shipping for the CSL Elite base, Elite pedals and the McLaren GT3 wheel. Too many disappointments + price isn't attractive + Sony still has not confirmed or declined compatibility + Fabatec PS4 bundle not to be seen, which could mean 'not compatible, but nobody wants to say this yet'.

  • If you get the CSL Elite Racing Wheel for PS4 together with the CSL Elite Pedals you can stay below 600.

  • Hello, I page the V3 pedals and the performance kit with the Damper kit, but they didn't confirm the order, I hope it's a terror.


  • Tomas HelmsTomas Helms Member
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    Seriously, what kind of idiot comes to a board and explains his thought process for the last 10 months!

    Sebastian " I have been waiting 10 months to rip you off, I refuse to pay the retail price, not letting me rip you off has me reconsidering whether I want Fanatec, not letting me screw you is no way to treat a new customer that has been thinking about getting in the ecosystem and refusing to pay the retail price for 10 months!

    I original thought Fanatec handled the BF poorly but you guys are INSANE!

    I ordered, got confirmation within an hour, got shipping confirmation within 3 hours, I am tired of these stupid posts...Fanatec cant say it so I will...DONT BUY IT...go get the thrustmaster or Logitech

  • Hi Dominic, I contacted the webshop on Sunday already asking about my active coupon code not working when I was trying to purchase the Podium Wheel Rim Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Suede) bundle but still hasn't got any reply for the past week. Are there any options to have the coupon credited back to my payment at a later point in time for example as I'd like to be able to get hold of the wheel bundle as soon as it is out for the Xmas new year season. Many tks.

  • Well, that's why I explained the whole process. Not that hard to understand but some hardcore enthusiasts (*fan boys) can't wrap their head around that they have to pay the full price and somebody else tries to get a good deal. I don't say Fanatec equipment isn't worth it, but as a guy who never used or even seen Fanatec wheels in real life, it's a tough decision to pay that amount of money for a hobby which you'll probably end up doing for more or less 10 hours a month. Reactions like yours aren't needed nor helpful. No need to call me an idiot, idiot.

  • Hi, I bought the V3 pedals and the performance kit with the Damper kit, but they didn't confirm the order number or their purchase, I hope it's a terror, I still don't have an answer.


  • Potentially dumb question, but I just noticed the "2019 rims" video... are the old rims going to remain available as well? I'm planning on doing a classic formula wheel, and the only suitable rim is one of the older ones (27cm round).


  • I'm trying to order the Black Friday V3 offer together with a damper kit using my voucher from the first DD shipment but all I get is a blank webpage with the following url:

    Shopping cart symbol top right shows the correct amount but I can't finish the order process. Page seems to load for ever staying blank.

    Error sitting in front of the keyboard or a glitch with the ordering system ?

    Thanks for some help


  • I also write here, maybe at last here someone sees from Fanatec.

    I have written several times on "webshop", as well as through "", only someone will see in a timely manner. It seems not. Sure they are very busy, but they should also be careful about the problems that arise.

    Because on Black Friday on the site there were technical problems, I ordered with the only possible variant, each product separately, hoping that the reduction will appear on the invoice (I have encountered cases). But ... it didn't happen. When the site was up and running and the Black Friday products they could be purchased again, I placed a new order, with Black Friday prices.

    Now I'm still trying to tell them to cancel my first order, but in the meantime the status has been changed to ... "The order has been shipped". So it's already too late.

    In this case I have to do something I don't like, namely refuse the first package and then I wait for the first payment to be returned me.

    Does anyone know how long this process can take?


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    It seems there are issues relating to redeeming vouchers due to the new website. As you are unable to use your voucher we will honour your voucher beyond the expiry date.

    Please contact the sales team via [email protected]. I don't see any recent messages from you on our system.

    Yes they will remain available.

    It seems there are issues relating to redeeming vouchers due to the new website. As you are unable to use your voucher we will of course honour your voucher beyond the expiry date. Please contact the sales team via [email protected].

    I can see your request on the system, so I'm sure that the sales team will get back to you to sort this out.

  • Dominic,

    thanks for that fast reply. I'll contact sales team via EMail tomorrow and see what happens.

    Tbh, I wouldn't order the V3s without the voucher. Totally happy with the CSL LC pedals, just curious and there really isn't anything else that i "need" atm like a Club Sport/Podium version of something like the McLGT3 wheel, which I love.



  • How does one get these vouchers? When you order something?

    I didn’t get vouchers in the past wit my previous orders, should I get one with my new Podium PS4 that gets delivered on Monday?

    If so, is it sent by email after delivery?

    Depending on how much it is I might add another wheel.

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    Pascal, you're probably refering to my post. I got mine because of patience.

    Details for that from Thomas:


  • Thanks Matthias, was just. wondering.

    With that Podium base on the way I seem to have caught a bug that makes me interested in a little collection of steering wheels, different wheels for different style/period of cars you might say.

    Just made a little shopping cart calculation, seems I have rather expensive taste. ;)

    (All wheels with xbox hub, don’t want to unscrew a hub each time I want to use another wheel of course.)

    I wonder if there are more people here who gathered a “small” collection and what their collection would be.

    For now I have the Drift wheel and Formula V2, both really nice quality and feel.

    just sold my CSL wheels along with the base.

    Always been happy with my CSL base and wheels by the way and enjoyed using them very much the past 2 years.

    The CSL experience and Fanatec quality is why I decided to invest in Podium, not because I felt I missed something or felt I needed more/better.

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    "I can see your request on the system, so I'm sure that the sales team will get back to you to sort this out."

    Thank you very much. I appreciate.

    I hope it resolves easily. I don't want to upset anyone, that's why I insisted on announcing the situation, just so that something could be repaired in an early stage.

    I wanted to announce them ahead of time so that I could do something before the first package leave to the destination, but ...

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    Hi, everything fine for my order.

    Is there a possibility to have the tracking number/code to track it on ups site ?


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Tracking information is usually sent in a separate email, and this can arrive several hours after the initial shipping notification from us.

  • Fanatec, this post is misleading, i was waiting to come back from Thanksgiving to order this on cyber monday from office computer, but on the morning of US central time zone this was not available, my cart shows usd 302.48 but when i try to pay, it goes to full price.

    Please help or provide a coupon or something.

  • Please contact our sales team and I am sure they help you out with a voucher

  • Hi fanatec, not sure what's going on I've messaged sales and phoned up no reply or answer, I placed an order with 2 damper kits for my v3 pedals I've only received 1 of 2 ordered could you please rectify this I've been waiting since Wednesday afternoon for an answer and still nothing, regards Mike

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    To ease everybody's minds... @Tomas Helms hint hint 😉

    I did exactly that.

    Just crossing fingers it will arrive before Christmas, works well and Sony finally drops the "PS4 peripherals will remain compatible with PS5" confirmation.

    But yet again, seeing the update2 "We had incoming orders every 2 seconds during peak time and we sold 26 times as much as on a average day in November.":

    This black friday was overly succesful for Fanatec but underwhelming for NEW customers. Seeing THIS amount of orders there should have been a little more air for rims WITH BUTTONS or discount on the CSL line for newcomers ...

    In the end even I ordered... With a little "meh" feeling because of the support's answer there will be nice discounts for everyone and waiting, though there wasn't anything really attractive price-wise for new customes.

    Anyway, happily awaiting the package(s), UPS hopefully wont eff it up again like probably almost always (not your fault, UPS), and ready to dust off the "meh" in exchange for a proper working wheel, fullfilling the expectations. 😁

  • good morning fanatec i need help with my podium racing wheel f1 i cant download in my computer to make my update to podium the v3 pedals i need help tank you and the fanalab is no good in the united state

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