Coronavirus: Fanatec product shipping/availability updates

Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

We hope that everyone is staying healthy and positive during this challenging time.

As the world goes into 'lockdown', Fanatec shipments are being affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

We have warehouses located in each website region. If an item is marked on the site as 'Ready to ship' (ensure you are looking at the correct region), this is because it is in stock at the warehouse.

While we have taken every step to ensure the smooth-running of our webshop during this time, we strongly encourage you to place your orders as soon as possible, to give us and the shipping services the best opportunity to deliver your goods in a timely manner.

Our fulfillment team is working as hard as possible to ensure that deliveries are not impacted, but restrictions on delivery services in some areas are beyond our control. There is an increasing number of zip code/postal code zones in different countries where all pick-ups and deliveries have been suspended. Please check the following list before placing an order:

English -

Deutsch -

FedEx US statement: "We want to do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. That's why effective immediately, we won't require you to physically sign for most deliveries made in the U.S. It's just another way we're focused on Safety Above All - now, and always."

Australia Post information:

Note for customers in Australia: Orders are being processed and are leaving the warehouse on a daily basis, however Australia Post is experiencing significant delays in their network. They are dealing with unprecedented volumes of freight, as a result of increased reliance on road freight due to airlines being temporarily at a standstill, plus additional delays at state borders. Due to the changes in the way Australia Post is handling shipments, the number of times that items are scanned for tracking has been reduced. Unfortunately this is meant that some customers are waiting over 20 days for their packages to be delivered, and there is very limited or no tracking information.

We are receiving enquiries from customers who are being told by operators at Australia Post that they are waiting on information or items from the Fanatec warehouse. This is false. The Fanatec warehouse in Australia is operating as normal, and the items are getting stalled in the AP system and not being scanned at the next stage. This backlog is what is causing the delays, which is unfortunately something out of our control and is being addressed by AP. We kindly ask for your patience.

Japan Post information:

Blog post from our CEO:

This post will be updated as the situation evolves.



  • Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, goggles.

    Be safe.Only survival has a future.

  • Ordered a dd and wheel website crashed but PayPal took the money... emailed without response...

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Kyle, I can see your messages on the system, the sales team will resolve this as soon as possible.

  • If you are still delivering, I have been trying to place an order in Australia but when I try to log in I am constantly getting the message "your access data could not be assigned to a user"

    Is there a fault, or something else I can do to complete this order?

  • Still waiting... spent 2000 US dollars and haven’t heard a thing.. would be nice to know something.. I get the times. Maybe shut down ordering if your not going to process orders

  • Got taken care of: thanks fanatec team

  • Placed an order today. Overnight. I had this issue las time where it took a day or two to process. Right now it crazy out there which is why I overnighted it to ensure I got it. I checked Facebook for updates on possible warehouse closure before ordering. The problem is like mentioned above, this isn’t the first time I’ve had a delay of a day or two before shipping. Hence another reason I overnighted it. I’m assuming since I haven’t gotten an email with tracking that I wasted my extra cost of overnight. Products are absolutely amazing, just shipping seems to be a mess whether times are rough or going smooth.

  • Hello my postcode is not marked yet the parcel is gone home ... why not change carriers?? Several emails sent and no response from you. for a brand like yours I don't think it's very serious. I'm still waiting for my order, I'd like to order again from you but I'm very disappointed.

  • hello; I ordered on your site a pedal v3

    my order apparently is shipped; but no tracking number or other

    even in junk mail


    I sent you an email

    no answer

    for a brand that says serious you remain very silent!!

    could you give me an answer quickly thank you in advance

  • Same here. Super excited about my order (full set of base + wheel + pedals).

    Completely understand challenges presented by COVID-19, and I do hope that all of you are staying safe. Just looking for an update (and ETA), since I also got an empty "shipping complete" email with no tracker.

    Appreciate any insight!


  • Also having this problem - Fanatec say my order is shipped but nothing from UPS. I'm sure UPS are having capacity issues, so I guest I'll just have to be patient 🤷‍♂️

    Though any clarification from Fanatec would be great.

  • I confirm that even without a follow-up number; I received my order today


  • Dan GatesDan Gates Member
    edited March 2020

    Glad to hear it! Enjoy the pedals - I have a set and they're fantastic :)

  • I have my finger burning on the mouse to make the order. How are delivery times? My postal code is not on the courier list.

    In normal times they were very fast.

    Gentlemen of Fanatec what do I do?

    Sorry for my english.

  • Received a response to email and a tracker.

    Thanks, Fanatec team! Looking forward to getting the products soon :)

  • Hi.... The same here. How long it takes in your case? I live in germany and i cannot get an answer from Fanatec at the Time.

    Thank you for the help

  • edited April 2020

    Hello all,

    just for information if you didn’t received tracking number from UPS you still can track your order, what you need to do:

    1. get your order id from the confirmation email about your purchase from Fanatec
    2. open ups tracking page -

    click on Track By Reference Number

    use your order id (from Fanatec email)

    add your order id and put your delivery to Country and search.

    that way I found out that my order is traveling to my destination even I didn’t received email from UPS with tracking number

    One question to Fanatec support team:

    I made 2 orders, the second one is already traveling to my destination but the 1st one is not at UPS as it seems. Is it my orders sent as 1?

  • For me its working only for 1 out of 2 orders...

    do not know why...

  • Nothing.

    I only put my order id in - Shipment Reference

    My country in - Destination Country or Territory

    and my postal code in - Destination ZIP/Postal Code

  • I got a answer fon Fanatec. My order ist not already send. I need to qait a couple of days longer.

    Don´t worry. i can survive :-)

  • I placed an order on monday, 07:50 GMT+1 but the status is still "This order has not been processed yet." Does anyone know what this means? Everything is in stock.

  • UPDATE : I´ve ordered a DD2 base and a Fomula v2 on Friday . I got an answer yesterday and today i have got a shipping number.

    A little bit slower as always but, I think it still an amazing performance in the corona time.

    A Big thanks to Fanatec & Ups for their work <3

  • edited April 2020

    Hello team,

    my first and more expensive order has been placed 3 days before the second one and less expensive one, however only the second one is in UPS now. What about the first one?

    From 27th March till now , no tracking number for either of the orders, I found the second one is in UPS using their search tracking feature, but cannot find the 1st one.

    no email response from fanatec so far...

  • I've had a similar experience so far.

    27/3/2020 - Placed my order on the (Wheel and pedals)

    1/4/2020 - Automated email to say their website errored and were just now processing my order. I would receive a trcking number within 24 hours.

    2/2/2020 - no tracking email. I followed the post from further up and got the tracking to work and it's still not left the factor.

    Just over a week now and they've still not managed to ship. I expected a delay with delivery company - but not a week with Fanatec. £25 delivery too.


  • I placed my order last Friday 27th and have since had three messages saying that it was being processed and about to go out but still do not have a shipping number. I realise these are difficult times but would be great to have an realistic ETA on this.

  • @Richard Lucas

    Have you tried the steps below to track your parcel on UPS? I haven't received an email with my code either but I can track it. Hope this helps

  • Hi!

    Placed order today and payed it.

    Hit cancel order because wanted to edit it, send few mails about it.

    Hope Your customer service is alive or at least secretary who could refund moneys.

    Hope to hear You soon 🙂

  • I have tried to place an order and it have been canceled by you once paypal tried to confirm the payment, could you please check it, I need to complete the purchase, but every time looks like the payment process have been cancelled at your end, lucky the money still available in my account, could you please check at your end or advise how to proceed. I have tried to get a response from your team, but no response yet.

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