Coronavirus: Fanatec product shipping/availability updates



  • Just wanted to follow up. I got a "Shipped" email at 6am, then a "Fedex MPS shipment notification" at 6pm with my tracking numbers. If that email was sent to me because of a Fanatec employee reading my last msg, thank you! If not, thank you anyways! I very much appreciate you all coming into work to ship out sim racing equipment for the sanity of everyone.

    Good luck to everyone else during quarantine, get in those laps!

  • Any idea when the csl elite ps4 bundle will be available again?

  • In the same situation as this guy. Wondering if theres a way to get my tracking # since its through fed ex

  • Anyone else having current issues?

    Placed an order on the 13th, got an email on the 14th saying my order was fully shipped and i will get tracking soon. It is now the 17th and i still have nothing. I called, no answer. I emailed from the contact form online, nothing. I replied to the shipping confirmation email. nothing. I've been hearing many other people having this issue and there is radio silence from Fanatec. No one is hearing anything.

    I totally understand businesses are affected at the moment, but other companies seem to be managing slowly, but getting through it nonetheless. Meanwhile i'm hearing tons of people saying they're having issues and cant get in touch with a single person at fanatec.

    If i don't hear back by early next week the latest, I'm going to dispute the credit card charge and take my business elsewhere.

  • Same issue as guys above. Ordered the CSL starter bundle on Wed 15th morning. Got an email yesterday morning saying ‘completely shipped’ but will be sent a tracking number soon, nothing from any courier in junk or inbox.

    I’m alright waiting as I can understand the demand and challenges they face on top of that, just clear communication is all people are looking for but the comments above don’t give me much hope...

  • I too am having the same issue as many of you. I ordered my CSL Elite F1 bundle on the 14th. Item was in stock and on the 15th I received my "shipped" email from Fanatec. Since I am in the US my shipping is FedEx ground, but I have yet to receive my tracking information. I sent an email to the webshop email address from my order sheet but still radio silence so I have not sent in a request through the Fanatec site. If I receive any feedback I will post back.

  • Having the same issue as those above. Ordered a bundle on 4/13, received "completely shipped" email 4/14 AM and have yet to receive a tracking number. Did not receive any response to my tracking inquiries via email and impossible to get them on the phone. Yesterday I did receive a reply to a question I had sent about VAT the week prior to placing my order, so my guess is they are just very backlogged in answering customers.

    FYI on Fedex can setup Fedex Delivery Manager ( which shows all inbound/outbound packages from your address. I've been using this for a while now and it's pretty instant in terms of updating. Given there is no package listed there, it doesn't give me hope that anything has actually shipped yet.

    You can also track Fedex shipments by reference number/zip etc, similar to what someone mentioned about UPS, here:

  • Yeah i checked this as well, and have nothing. Honestly its pretty unacceptable behavior. I checked the fedex delivery schedule for my address and nothing at all.

    I get the COVID situation is tough on logistics right now but i've not had any major issues like this and i've been ordering things form online everyday.

    @dominic brennan can you please chime in here, I see you were answering comments as of yesterday except for the ones regarding shipping/tracking/lack of communication

  • For what it's worth - I just got my tracking number in an email from Fedex directly ([email protected]). So if my experience is the norm, here's what others can expect in the USA:

    Order confirmation shortly after placing order

    1 day after order - "shipment confirmation" from Fanatec which doesn't seem to mean anything (day after order)

    4 days after order - shipping confirmation/tracking number email directly from Fedex

    Expected delivery will obviously vary, but mine (CA-->CT) is Thursday 4/23, so about 4 business days after shipment.

  • Does anyone know if Fanatec will split shipments? Ordered a FV2 Wheel, Podium paddles, Elite pedals and the PS4 base, along with the load cell. Everything was listed in stock and ready to ship here in the US (except for load cell which was preorder). But after submitting the order and payment, all items in the order say Preorder Availaible April 30th... am I going to have to wait over two weeks to get the entire package or will they at least ship what's available? Ordered on the 15th and havent heard back from them :/ Totally understand a bit of a delay because of everything going on, just wondering if anyone knew!

  • Hmm interesting, i got mine around the same time as well (3:15). Sounds like we ordered the same thing at the same time, so maybe they're super backed up. Weird that their system automatically sends a shipped email, but i guess im just happy to finally have a response.

    ETA for me is the 23rd as well (NYC) so were in the same boat. Enjoy!

  • Made two separate orders and order handling and delivery was super fast!


    Everything works and I´m very happy to products, big thanks Fanatec!

    Keep well all of You 😷🤗

  •  I placed a order for my forza bundle on 4/15 and it said in stock available and ready to ship. Then after I paid for everything I get a receipt that shows quantity of 1 on everything but the steering wheel? I'm on the frontlines of this pandemic so I do have a understanding of what's going on. But here is my issue.

    1 I have sent out emails with no return.

    2 I have called only to find out the # is not in service.

    3 gone on the web page that says this location is temporarily closed.

    Now as I am in NY idk what the regulations are in California but some sort of response would be nice. I mean if they did send me everything but my wheel that's kind of pointless even though I could modify a wheel to fit on it. Here in NY even if you cant be at work we have workers working from home that atleast check emails and reply. It really makes me feel like they took my money and ran! I really dont think that's the case and I know it's only been a few days but I am ready to take the matter farther if i dont hear back soon. Not really the best way to do business if you ask me. If you have a problem getting to work and shipments out or are forced to close for the time being a banner or warning would be nice somewhere on the web page. But if forced to close then you shouldn't have people paying for a product they cant recive. Contact would go along way and be much appreciated!


  • Just received my tracking email. It would seem that your timeline is holding true, at least for three of us who ordered in the US. Estimated delivery is 4/24. This is shipping from CA->GA.

  • Ok today I just got my fedex conformation on 4/18 so let's see what happens! Still not sure if it's being shipped with a wheel rim or not!

  • Normally, they will ship everything in one order. It may have multiple parcels, but to my knowledge they have never split up orders when shipping. It's either everything ships together, or the order is held up until out of stock items are back in stock.

    Hope this helps.

  • Just got my confirmation 3 days later, so anyone curious. Just be patient, itll come through

  • Just got my confirmation by UPS this morning. Due for delivery tomorrow.

  • Ordered April 9th (CSL Elite PS4 bundle + Loadcell) including Fedex 2-day shipping, in US. Received order confirmation email right away. Have received no further info or communication. Emailed webshop with question on April 17th and received no reply. Attemped to track using order number on and no luck there either. To say I am unimpressed with this business would be an understatement.

  • Order the 13 the base and the pedals and steering wheel on 14 receive email for the 13 saying ship. Haven't hear anything from the order I place on the 14 have try to email but no answer really I bought this cause is the best but 3 emails and nothing not to happy about it

  • Hey guys is this information right? PWB DD1 expecting availability only in june? Not stock?

  • Order placed 16-April, moved to Warehouse Processing on 21-April. Looked at all of the items in my order and they now say "Preorder". Sent a message to support to see if there will be any updates. Not sure if the fact I preordered the Load Cell may have caused it but hoping for an update soon.

  • Hi,

    I'm a first time new customer of Fanatec in the UK.

    I have been looking forward to owning some Fanatec products for a long time.

    Just ordered a Handbrake, Shifter, USB adapter, Clubsport V3 Pedals with Brake Kit :)

    Can't wait :)

    Stay safe, many thanks!

  • Ordered April 17th (CSL Elite F1 PS4 bundle + Loadcell kit + Handbrake + Shifter + CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 ) including Fedex 2-day shipping, in US. Received order confirmation email right away. Have received no further info or communication. Emailed webshop with question on April 20th and received no reply. Attemped to track using order number on and no luck there either.

    My only concern is that all the items said "Ready to ship" when I bought them, except for the Loadcell Kit - which was on preorder for Apr 30th. After purchase all items on "My Order" page say Availability date: Jun 5, 2020? This is very confusing considering that most of these items still say "Ready to ship" on their purchasing page.

    Also the "CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1" was available when I placed my order, but now has fallen off the face of the earth. I don't know if its sold out or discontinued.

    My Goal is not to beat up on Fanatec! Especially during this pandemic. I'm just showing my situation.

  • Similar situation here but got a P1 wheel. Just got note from Fanatec that there was an error in their website and the P1 is out of stock. They mentioned they would ship it from their EU warehouse but I can only imagine how long it will take to get through customs.

    Hoping to reach out to someone today about maybe swapping the wheel to a different model.

  • Greetings. I received my new BMW wheel today and it is absolutely Beautiful!  Thank You!  I also received notice today that my original order for the rest of the setup that was placed 2 days earlier, was changed from completely shipped to not shipped as the inverted pedals were on back order. Therefore, I have a new wheel and no way to use it. I sent a question through the website so I will not repeat the details here but want to get on someone's radar if possible. Thank you in advance for your help and effort as we all attempt to figure out this crazy new world.

  • edited April 2020

    On 4/15 I ordered CSL pedals with load cell, (because v3 said sold out) the CSW2.5 base and F1v2 wheel. Everything was in stock except the load cell part. on 4/15. I thought either the in-stock items would ship right then or Fanatec would atleast set my paid order aside. I emailed them inquiring about holding up my whole order for load cells and asking the break the order up on the website (no response). On 4/21 I get an order will ship soon (Endor, CA US. - I'm US) email and then 4/23 I get an email that there's been an error and I should check the website product page for dates on each part.

I am not getting emails back. There's no one to call. I read that some people are getting stuff with combinations of the same parts I ordered, and after my order. So 1/ I want to change part of my order, if I'm waiting until June I might as well get the pedals I wanted all along, (v3). And /2 I'm pretty worried that June will come around and some thing else will be out of stock delaying my whole order again… (as I'm reading about people getting shipments now). It's frustrating to try to work this system from the outside with no communication. (Should I do multiple orders based on avail dates? Website inventory still wrong? Is there a waiting list position? Am I on that?)

  • I have an update. I got an email back from the Fanatec Sales Team. They said "Due to a system glitch unfortunately the wrong availability details were indicated" and that I won't be receiving my order until June 5th. Heart breaking but not the end of the world. If there is no inventory nothing can be done.

    But what is confusing and concerning is that most of these items still say "Ready to ship" on their purchasing page. The website needs to get updated to show current inventory stock. You shouldn't be taking orders you cant fulfill with ready to ship on the main page. Not cool, my two cents.

  • Update here, I wasn't able to cancel just the wheel due to "technical reasons" and I must retain the full order. I reached out again to see if they would waive the restocking fee if I returned the P1 and got the RSR.

    I understand the situation with quarantine but it seems like customer support is a bit lacking. I was told I would receive tracking by the latest today but still have received nothing. I still have faith in Fanatec and hope to get up and running soon!

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