Coronavirus: Fanatec product shipping/availability updates



  • Been waiting patiently as I can see others having the same issues. Today I see again that everything on my order is available other than the shifter. I've never had any response from Fanatec customer service via email and although the telephone answer machine says enquiries between 2pm-4pm I've never been able to speak to anyone. I'm a new customer with 1.5K of Rseat S1 sat here with no Fanatec equipment to use. Surely this can be sent out and the shifter sent when in stock?

  • Update: I just got through to Fanatec Sales and the guy on the phone said that all items marked with the June 29th date on my order had been reserved for me as part of my bundle. He also said the July 30th date for the shifter was wrong and that my complete order would actually ship on July 10th. He changed all items to July 10th and assured me that this would be the correct shipping date.

    I mention it here because I’ve been under the impression that if you’d ordered a bundle, as items came in and out of stock your order could effectively keep getting pushed back. Apparently this is not the case and I was told each item on your order is reserved for you until all items are ready to ship.


  • Both items at the time of purchase were "Available" then within a week I look because it should have shipped already and I see this update.

    The wheel is available on the website my region but it won't ship because the UHub is now on delay. Unbelievable customer service, been asking for update on this for over a month and no response at all. You call and they hang up on you, real nice...!

  • I'm with ya bud! My Rseat S1 has been sitting here collecting dust since late April.

  • Just FYI, if you didn't receive tracking info, you can try to track your package using the reference number. At least for UPS it works fine, as Fanatec includes order number as a reference for the package.

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    That’s good info. I got my FedEx tracking number for my CSL Elite wheel and base. If it makes it out the door today, scheduled for Friday delivery. The way FedEx rolls, it could get to me a day early.

    I’m seeing a lot more good news. Fanatec must be catching up. Btw, V3 pedals, with throttle dampener, and brake performance kit is suhweeeet!

  • Hi sorry, where should I enter the order number? I tried on the ups site without success

  • Click on the Track by Reference Number link.

  • Hi!! I think that fanatec did not take into account my order which was debited !!! ps4 podium and kill switch !!! what to do even if I understand the concerns at the moment!!! let me know at least one date !!! at least one email please thanks team fanatec

  • it works !!! I tried with the order number but nothing, then I tried with the customer number and voila: found the shipment including 4 packages that will arrive on Thursday 2 July thank you for the tip

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  • I have been unable to purchase a single product from the website. For every credit card it debit card I try, I get the “error with payment” message.

    I have spoken to my bank and they say they don’t even get any transaction request from Fanatec/Endor.

    Even with PayPal, the page just reloads and I get the same error message.

    Please look into this. It’s been almost a month.

  • I want to order items below in picture and wondering if there is any discount on items i want. Emailed Fanatec yesterday no response so far.

  • Ordered on May 19th. Was sent a invoice on June 16th with a email saying i would receive a tracking number within 48 hours. Now it’s July 1st still have gotten nothing. Tracking number? Nope. Product? Nope. Email? Nope. At this time I am a hostage to Fanatec. Because the order shows that it has been processed I can’t cancel it. I am thinking I may see it sometime after July 24th but will not hold my breath.

  • I cannot cancel the order due to it being in "processing" so either way my money is being held hostage. I have been asked by numerous friends if I would recommend Fanatec and I have to tell them at this time NO

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    I'm trying to be all understanding of the situation but I must admit I'm starting to loose my patience. I ordered the Formula V2 when it was in stock and it got shipped within two days. It arrived within another day and was excited to get going. Once I took the wheel out I heard a slightly rattling sound, as if something was loose and rolling around. I didn't pay attention to it right away and used the wheel for about 20 minutes. Everytime I turned the wheel ~90 degrees either side I heard the rattling sound, so I decided to open the cover on the back (the one you have to remove to connect the Advanced Podium Module (APM), so no waranty voided). Immediately it was clear the connector/socket for the left APM module was broken as there was a piece missing. After shaking the wheel for a bit the missing piece fel out.

    That same evening I contacted support with my observations along with some photos. It took one week before I got a reply that initiated the RMA process. Slow, but acceptable considering the situation we're all in. I also asked and got reassured that the wheel would be replaced with a new one once they received my RMA'd wheel, despite there being no stock on the website ("we have additional units for situations like yours"). Here it starts to get annoying; they want me to return it with PostNL/DHL, rather than using UPS as they do themselves. This mean a return time of almost one whole week, whereas UPS would've done that in 2 working days. Additionaly they send a label that cannot be printed on package drop-off (UPS would take care of it with a pickup). Since I'm forced to work from home I could not even print the label myself and was lucky enough a helpful lady at the drop-off point was willing to print it for me via her email. Patiently (although mildly annoyed) I waited for my wheel to be delivered back to Fanatec, which was done by Wednesday early morning, last week. I was told to get a confirmation upon receiving my wheel, but I got none. I asked for an update on my RMA status, after all it was just a wheel swap? No reply at all.

    While in the process of returning my wheel I got replies within 36h to clarify the process. Once my wheel shipped to them there has been zero communication. No confirmation they received it, no message about them sending a new wheel. From the RMA ticket it was already clear the wheel would be swapped, nothing has to be done other than shipping a new wheel once my RMA wheel was received. What's the hold up, and why can't you keep me informed?

    It's rediculous to think I would've been off faster/better by just returning the first wheel under 14-day return policy and ordering a new one (new wheel within three days then), rather than being honest about it arriving broken and following the RMA process.

  • I really want to order Fanatec but lack of response from their end is rather frustrating is there phone number that you can call if you are in the usa? Im curently using thrustmaster tx and t300 which works great and was hopping to upgrade.

  • Dude yea the respond is not what it used to be like from fanatec but its not bad it took them 10 days to respond.....just have patience

  • I noticed oh well it depends on them when i cluck buy now button.

  • My CSL Elite wheel/base made it to OK. Scheduled for Monday delivery. If all goes well, we can close the book on my order.

  • Hi Dominic,

    My order 1076381 appears to be the oldest here. I have not yet received any payment confirmation and shipping information. Could you please confirm that my order has been taken into consideration?

    Thanks in advance.

  • When did you order? Mine is pretty old, I ordered April 17th and I'm still waiting😑

  • Your order is not that much older than mine. Did you check your bank balance, to see if the money was withdrawn?

  • Well u said ignore it.

    But my CSL wheel n pedal bundle indeed was what that FedEx email was for and has arrived.

    I ordered on may 6th fyi.

  • I see my order number but where do I find my customer number?

  • What wheel did you order. I placed my order May 5th for PS4 bundle with P1 wheel. Only thing I've gotten was the pedals... haven't heard back from fanatec since my June 23rd email.

  • CSL elite ps4 bundle

  • My CSL wheel left north Mississippi over 24 hours ago, headed this way, so it’s sitting in a truck 20 minutes away.

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