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  • I have them plugged in ia DD1 and they show up in Fanalab 1.47 .

  • Hello Maurice,

    Please let me know if I was not clear? Sometimes point various situations can be tricky..


  • Hi - brand new here, using Fanalab with my new Fanatec hardware, and really enjoying it :)

    I read a mention of the official 'roadmap' of future features for Fanalab, and I'm wondering if the roadmap is available to read somewhere, and whether or not feature requests are something we can submit as users - and if so, where that's done.


  • IRacing issues

    Does not mark car ahead

    No mark car behind

    It does not mark laps completed, nor laps remaining.

    No mark engine mapping

    No abs setting brand

    no tc setting mark

    DD1 + Podium steering wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R Leather

    Fanalab 1.47

    PC driver 373

    wheelbase fw 674

    wheelbase motor fw40

    steering wheel fw 13

    Podiumhub fw 3

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    Everything you have listed is just not supported by the very poor and restricted Telemetry output of iRacing. You have to raise your concerns to iRacing directly that they should add all this to their Telemetry but most likely they won't do that because they block all this intentionally to prevent cheating.

    For reference what value is supported in which game, please habe a look at the included ITM Feature PDF file.

  • Hi.

    All that iracing information if it gives it, because I use jrt, and that information if it shows it to me.

    The only thing that does not give me in real time, is the temperature of the tires, that, if it is a matter of iracing, that blocks it, what else does not.

    a greeting

  • As said, it's not available in the Telemetry data so it's impossible for Fanalab to output this information.

    Please raise your concerns to iRacing, it's their issue, not a Fanalab issue.

  • Tell me that fanatec is not interested, does not want, or does not have an agreement with iracing to give that information, but do not tell me that iracing does not give it, because it is not true.

    Anyway, it should indicate it on the page of the steering wheel, that with iracing it has no support, because the steering wheel costs € 650, which is not exactly cheap.

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  • It's explained in the PDF you have downloaded with Fanalab that all your values are not supported in iRacing and is therefore either shown as 0 or with a "-" in the ITM.

  • Nice update.. AMS2 is still a little buggy on application launch. It often kills fanalabs and the profile switches even though I have just loaded a custom profile.

    Please consider adding custom flash leds like the pit/ pit lane options. Some vehicles flash leds are not the same as their rev leds. Please also consider adding more led colours. ie. orange..

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    Custom Flash LEDs is on my personal wishlist so expect it to arrive for sure, question is just when.

    Orange is coming soon ;-)

    Your other issue with AMS2 I dont have this issue and nobody else reported it, might be your pc I guess. Working flawless for me beside the fact that wheel spin FlagLEDs are constantly triggered

  • Hi all,

    Just a quick question,

    So this new version of Fanalab has got the ITM option.

    I read that you can choose to see different infos as lap times etc,does that mean that all these values can be shown on my DD2 base oled screen?

    If yes how do I get them to show on the display?Also does this option work with F1 2020?

    I'm using a DD2 base and Formula v3 wheel.


  • Yes to all.

    You can change through the ITM pages on the DD OLED by pressing and holding the Tuning Menu Button and then click the Funky Switch left or right.

    Alternatively you can also directly select the ITM page in Fanalab where you can even set a favorite page where it automatically jumps to when to game starts as well as programming auto page switch function for other pages so for example ITM changes automatically to page 3 when you change TCS or ABS.

  • Thanks for the quick reply Maurice,I will try it tomorrow more in depth,

    I tried quickly today but it didn't work,I don't know if it's because I'm using another telemetry app too but it's strange because the LEDs are working as I set them on Fanalab.

    I will give it another try tomorrow though,thanks again.

  • I'm having trouble with Fanalab, it doesn't show any of my installed hardware. The only thing that has changed since yesterday (when it still worked) is that I flashed my motherboard BIOS and upgraded my CPU (8600k to 9900k). I've tried to uninstall Fanalab and reinstall but Fanalabs does not see my wheel/base at all.

    Any suggestions?

  • update: Fanalabs must be tying itself to a certain USB port when it installs. I moved the cable around to a couple of different usb ports and Fanalabs started seeing it again when it got to a certain one.

  • Excellent to hear those led enhancements are coming in the future :)

    I wonder if my 4K custom resolution swap (I have a 1080p monitor) on startup is causing a issue with AMS2 and fanalabs. No big deal though..

    I also noticed in AMS2 the 9 pit lane leds are not working like in ACC. It knows your in the pit lane because the two leds on the right and left (DD2 + formula V2) light up..

  • yep, AMS2 only knows when you are in the pitlane, not when you have enabled Pit Limiter. Same as pC2 and some other games which just dont support a telemetry output for Pit Limiter Activation^^

  • true Maurice. The thing I don't understand is, regardless if the limiter is on or off, it displays the 9 custom led set for the pit limiter and not the pit lane.. Should it not be the other way around..?

  • ... one thing I do not understand about the new 1.47 Ui is the duplication of check box's.. Why is this..?

  • To SAVE and LOAD different things ;)

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    Hi - I have a request, I hope this is the right place to put it...

    For F1 2020, it would be wonderful if I could map ERS Mode to the flag LEDs. The data stream doesn't seem to be represented anywhere in Fanalab at the moment, but appears to be available in the same UDP packet as some of the other elements that have been implemented.

    Per the F12020 UDP spec, it's this value:

    uint8       m_ersDeployMode;            // ERS deployment mode, 0 = none, 1 = medium
                                                // 2 = overtake, 3 = hotlap

    Being able to map those values to different combinations of flag LEDs would be a giant help :)

    The two most important (at least for me) are '1 = medium' and '2 = overtake'

  • Also - will it be possible to simultaneously address the left and right flag LEDs on my formula v2 with separate things?

    For example, DRS available on the left set and DRS active on the right set. I tested this idea by setting the opposite side's LED colors to black/off, but the left side lights turn off when I activate DRS.

  • Thats already possible and I have it configured on multiple profiles exactly like that, so for example DRS Allowed with a single green LED on the left and then DRS Active an additional blue LED on the right - works perfect.

  • Thats a great idea for the future!

    Unfortunately there are still a lot of bugs to fix before new features will come so this will take a while (I think not before 2021).

  • Ryan NeumanRyan Neuman Member
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    Thanks for the reply - I just tested it, one blue LED on the left for DRS Available, and one on the right for Active. When I turn on DRS, the LED on the left side turns off... Is there a 'trick'?

    It's not the most important thing at the moment, really - this is what I was planning to do with ERS Modes (left side) and DRS (right side)

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    No, that should work and is working fine for me.

    Here an example of how I have setup the profile for the Racing Point.

  • Thanks - I see why it works for you and not me. Since I was thinking about two totally different data values, I left the 'other side' black, instead of carrying the "available" indication to the "active". i.e. your green LED is in both rows, and that's why it works

    So, at the moment, I wouldn't be able to have, say, traction control on the left, simultaneously with DRS indicators on the right

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