Fanatec Driver 380 Release Candidate for CSL, CSW and Podium Bases (all wheels)



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    After every reboot you have to re-calibrate the pedals in automatic mode which is done by fully pressing the pedals. In fact this applies to every axis input, so also for Joysticks and Clutch Paddles of the APM for example.

    Only in Manual Mode the calibrated min and max values are re-loaded because they are saved to the pedals directly.

  • I installed this version and Fanalab wont start, it was working fine prior to me updating. When I try opening it I get the splash screen and that's it, nothing else happens. I've tried repairing it, uninstalled, re-installed, nothing. Any ideas?

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    Try the workaround you can find in the FanaLab 1.47B Thread to delete a special folder and then restarting FanaLab.

    "If FanaLab doesn't start this can be fixed by deleting the Fanalab folder in C:\users\[username]\AppData\Local\PodiumControl and then restarting Fanalab"

  • Haven't recognized this, neither with 371 nor 380. However, I'm racing on PS4 and only connect the PC to my system for updates or when I physically changed something, e.g. changing the BPK rubbers.

    Going to try it later, if I can replicate this on my laptop.

  • That did it. Thank You and sorry for not looking before posting, I just assumed it might've been due to the new driver since it was the first time.

    thanks though.

  • We have no idea what exactly is causing this launch error of FanaLab but at least this workaround works 100% :)

  • Tried v380 last night and it seems good on my DD1. Looking forward to being able to set the OLED off of the Fanatec logo though in lieu of telemetry. Is that ever going to be fixed? That and wheel LED brightness adjustments (in Fanalab) would be wonderful.

    Otherwise, loving this wheel- THANK YOU to the whole team for your steady progress on this.

  • afaik there are no plans on an option to switch the OLED off.

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    I think he means he wants to use the telemetry screens without getting Jolts, so not to be forced to use the default screen for the best FFB... And that unfortunately won't be fixed very soon :(

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    I'm in the proces of adding Fanatec drivers and Fanalab to package managers choco and winget (for auto provisioning and auto upgrading of sim-rig), however I face some minor issues.

    • Drivers both release and beta/rc don't silent install ( `msiexec /i "c:/path/to/installer" /qn /norestart` ). I can work around this in Chocolatey by pre-loading the certificate (not a great solution). Otherwise a popup is always thrown wheter the user trusts the software. I suspect that is because you are using an expired signing certificate (expired 2019), allthough the msi itself has a cert expiring in 2022.
    • Above is not possible in winget.
    • For prereleases 32/64bit is bundled in a single .zip, increases download size. Again, not really a problem for chocolatey, But seperate url's would be preferred. Zip is not yet supported by winget (direct MSI links preferred).
    • Versioning for driver does not adhere to, thus I re-version them 1.0.+fanatec version+.beta|rc etc.

    Basically, Chocolatey works but I have to script around a few issues.

    p.s. I don't redistribute the software in anyway. Software is still downloaded from Fanatec. Non commercial. Is there anyone from Fanatec I can work with?

  • Yeah that's what I meant- sorry for the strange wording. But thanks for the update- it must be quite an engineering problem you guys are dealing with in that case (which I can totally understand). As an engineer myself I'd love to know what the cause(s) are, but I assume we'll never know :)

  • IIf I understand you correctly you want to automate the update of the Fanatec driver and Fanalab on an installed Win10.

    WinGet is far from being finished, there might be some changes.

    Chocolatey does not tell me anything, but never mind.

    Did you ever think about pulling the driver files from a running system and then passing them to WinGet?

  • I can (and already do) workaround these things. Forget about choco/winget, all they do is validate the filehash and trigger a silent install.

    Today, the silent install for the Fanatec drivers doesn't work and that's what I'm trying to get voiced to Fanatec first :).

    For Fanalab, it works fine.

  • hello..I have installed these drivers on the clubsport 2.5 with formula v2 crown..but the steering wheel has lost a lot of strength and is very light in the steering, I checked the parameters and they are set as I had them before. I tried to downgrade the drivers and firmware but nothing changes .. what can it be?

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    Hello Maurice,

    After update to 380 the problem is still there. In ACC, the Rev Limiter vibrations go to the brake pedal instead of the throttle and this is really not where we need them because the rev limiter is hit when accelerating.

    Please find attached the Fanalab and Driver screenshots. Let me know of you need any other inputs.

    I will go on to test in Raceroom and iRacing but expect the result to be the same as it was before the update.



    • Same issue confirmed in iRacing
    • Adding 2 more screenshots of Fanalab and iRacing settings (all in game vibrations off)
  • I see that this problem has been mentioned a few times, but nobody wants to answer the question, so I'll ask again. Wheel base is a CSW 2.5. In this and previous version 380 and 374, the fans do not seem to spin up, even after hours of gameplay. It didn't happen with v328. Is this a problem, or fine to use? Hopefully someone will shed some light on this.

  • I just updated my driver and base firmware with the wheel and PBME not connected to the base.

    After connecting wheel and PBME to the base, I got notifid that there is a fw update for the PBME available.

    On the popup I clicked yes and the DD1 base shut off immediately and fw update showed me a connection failure.

    Have tried it 5 times in a row and I was still not able to perform the fw update on the PBME.

    Any ideas what is going wrong here?

  • Try uninstall the driver and delete the install package and download it again.. Maybe that helps.

  • Hello people!

       Maurice, driver 374 was installed on the PC and I downloaded and installed the new version 380. When I connected the DD1 base, I was alerted about the new firmware version and updated it in the process normally. However, after restarting the database now it does not recognize the software and opens the update directly, and when I click on connect it presents the error below:

      Can you help me by indicating the procedure to get around this problem?


    Best regards,


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    yesterday I installed the new driver, and two road races in iracing, two disconnections ... I'm already scared to run ...

    Base DD2

    Wheel BMW

  • What base ? What wheel .

    Im going to install this driver tomorrow would like to know of any potential gremlins .

    The above is a bit vague to be honest.

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    Sorry, my head went off with the anger ... this bug has happened since last year, there is an exclusive post to it. but they do not locate because it can be ... an excess of information and it becomes saturated ... or an excess of consumption and it disconnects ...

  • Installed the driver and firmware on dd2 so far no issues and ffb feels good. Only tested in rfactor 2 so far.This is using the mclaren gt3 wheel and Fingers crossed my V2 is okay aswell will test it tomorrow.

  • ""Improved encoder inputs on several wheels and base combinations""

    Could you please crarify if the several base and wheel conbinations includes the csl elite F1 set so I dont risk any damage for no reason. Is there a FFB improvement?

  • its a global improvement for EVERY wheel base.

    There is no FFB change from 373 to 380, no.

  • Unless it is really cold in your room, the fans should atleast run up a little at start up. It sounds really strange to me, that the wants would otherwise not ramp up after a couple of minutes. How high did you set the over all FFB on your base?

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    i think I have to report an issue witrh Driver 380. Bit First:

    • Wheel Base Model (product ID): CSL Elite WB for PS4
    • Steering Wheel Model (product ID): .P1 Elite Wheel for PS4
    • Driver Version: 380
    • Base FW Version: 679
    • Motor FW Version: V22
    • Wheel FW Version: /
    • FanaLab Version: 1.47

    When playing Raceroom once every time I joind a Server or start a race the base switches to PS4 Mode and then switches back. Going back to driver 373 seems to fix the issue, bit I will keep an eye on it.

    Edit: 373 doesn't fix this. Is this a known issue?


  • I'm back to 373

    Thumb encoders are mixed up on the 380 and do not respond or respond very irregularly to inputs.

    system: PS4 Pro

    game: F1 2020

  • Hi Maurice,

    I am trying to use the two rotary knobs at the bottom of my BME but when I rotate them more quickly, it still skips some clicks. I am trying to use it for brake bias adjustments - when I turn 5 clicks to the right, and 5 to the left, it does not come back to the same original value. This is in iRacing. Not a problem if I do it very slowly but I don't have time to be slow in the middle of a race :).

    Everything else is great with 380. Hoping for more ffb improvement in the future. The more we can reduce the latency within the ffb loop, the better. Oscillations are still a bit of an issue with higher forces.

    Overall you guys have been making great improvements so I know it's just a matter of time.


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