Coronavirus: Fanatec product shipping/availability updates



  • Placed an order on 1/05/21. Just curious how long it takes to send an order out after taking money from my account on 1/06/21.

  • Posted this in the Off Topic section as well:

    I placed my order for a Formula V2 wheel and the Advanced Paddle module Dec. 20, 2020 from the US Fanatec site. My order STILL says "The order has been processed" as it has for the last month. I live in Ontario, Canada. No tracking information at all has been provided. I do see serial numbers for the products however and warranty expirations for the stuff I have yet to receive.

    Contacted customer support twice, once last week and again this week. Got different responses from 2 people. The first one assured me that it has indeed shipped stating "Due to a synchronization error with our courier, we cannot provide you with your tracking information. Once we receive it, it will be added to your account and you will be able to retrieve it." I still have not received such info.

    The second customer support response was a lazier, cut and paste reply saying "At the moment we do have some shipping delays, but you can check your order in your Fanatec account, as your tracking information is uploaded there once it has left our warehouse. You should also receive an email from our shipping partner with this information." Pretty helpful, no?

    Yes there is a pandemic. Yes there are delays. Being more transparent and on top of your logistics about whether an order has indeed been shipped or not would be nice to know. Fanatec, a fairly large and well established company in sim racing peripherals, for the price we pay as consumers, I think we deserve better.

  • So go figure... I just got tracking info today. Looks like the order should arrive mid next week. It was picked up from the Fanatec warehouse Dec.26th. Would have been in transit for a full month by the time it arrives. Wish Fanatec had other options for international shipping other than the USPS/Canada Post combo for shipping north of the border. On a positive note, at least now I do indeed know it was shipped.

  • Just know that at least I am waiting virtually with you. I had to wait too with minimal info. Made it all more sweet when I finally got my DD1 and CSW v2 wheel. It is that good and just hang in there just a little more!! Fanatec has a great product and needs to provide a great customer service experience. At least with these posts, people know they are not alone in waiting.

  • If you track your package on canada post you can get notification for any duties that need to be paid and pay them online to avoid any further delays once your package clears customs. I only had to pay duty on the wheelbase, the wheel and pedals arrived separately with no duty. USPS tracking numbers work on Canada Post for tracking. I got my stuff last summer, it took forever, customer service was terrible, these are not new issues for Fanatec, but the gear is great and I really enjoy it. Hang in there, it will be worth the wait. Consider buying from Simulation1 next time it may seem more expensive but I have never had any issues dealing with them on every subsequent purchase of gear and in stock items are shipping from Ontario. They answer their phone too. No BS is worth the slight premium.

  • All good points for sure! I have dealt with Simulation1 in Markham a bunch of times in the past and have had nothing but positive experiences with them. Yes, you do indeed pay a bit more (in my case this same order would have cost me about $120CAD more all said and done), but when you factor in their excellent service (Teddy and the crew are quick to answer emails, phone calls, fast shipping) - and as you said Jeff, it's not that bad of a price to pay for no BS. For this order I decided to switch it up and try it from the source, see how it goes and save a little bit of cash. Doubtful I will be doing that again. Fabulous products indeed. Very happy with everything I've ever had, however customer service and logistics need to get with the times especially with the growing popularity of sim racing.

  • I too am frustrated with the lack of communication from these guys.

    I already know I will never order from them again.

    Placed order a week ago. They took my money right away. Recieved a generic email stating they printed a lable. Awesome thanks. I didnt pay for a label. I paid for product. In which I have no clue when it will leave Cali. Zero and I mean zero customer service. At least some of you recieved some sort of answer.

    Covid or not it can't possibly take more than a week to slap labels that are already printed on my paid for boxes and put them in the old school mail. Wtf are these guys thinking.

    Tbh this is without doubt the worst experience I have ever had with an on line purchase.

    If it arrives I'll send it right back for a refund. These guys can go f themselves. Disgusting.

  • Joined September 2017 and your first post is to complain about something is known, has been discussed a gazillion times etc etc and of course to wish them well and prosper. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Porshe rsr bundle for ps4 bundle with v3 pedals Ordered Friday March 12th. I am in Ontario Canada

    Monday March 15th Order has been Processed. Received USPS Tracking for 3 packages shortly after.

    March 18th packages still showing Pre-Shipment. Packages are either moving or haven"t been picked up yet. No way to tell as tracking has not updated at all. Tracking numbers also updated up under my order page. Has anyone else experienced tracking not updating or my packages have simply not moved as of yet? Any help from a fellow Canadian would be appreciated who has purchased recently.


  • Update:

    Ordered Mar 12th

    Mar 19TH. USPS and Canada post tracking updated. Now moving to Canada.

  • Update: March 20 10:00pm package departed Detroit. I'm assuming its in customs now. Detroit is a border crossing which is only 4hrs away from me so its getting much closer. Hopefully its cleared this weekend. Canada Post Tracking should update for me next scan assuming its out of usps hands.

    Fanatec great service so far. Im just glad it seems like shipping seems to be improving somewhat despite whats still going on. All three packages are together although they dont share the same tracking. The faster it clears the faster I should receive. Fingers crossed.

  • Joshua SarrisJoshua Sarris Member
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    Ordered my Fanatec DD1 and V3 pedals today 3/21!

    I live in NorCal, so I'm going to be optimistic with when I get my shipment.

    I would guess that the order is processed on 3/24, shipped 3/29, with arrival via FedEx Ground 4/1 for the April's Fools memes!

    I'll update the status here so you guys can get a good idea of current processing times.

  • Update: March 21st 10:30pm.Pedals are now with Canada Post in Mississauga for review. Other two packages yet to update. Waiting to see the damage on taxes or duties if any.

    Expected delivery: 1 to 12 business days

    Delivery progress

    Information updated: Mar. 21

    Date Time Progress Mar. 21 9:08 pm Item has arrived in Canada and will be presented for review

    Mississauga, ON

  • Update March 23. Base and wheel are now in my city (Oshawa). Canada Post updating now and then. Pedals mare stuck in review according to tracking but also passed customs which is strange. This was also the 1st package I got tracking for. Hopefully its just not updating and in fact moving. No duty notifications that i'm aware of so far. Should be seeing the base and wheel in a day or so.

  • Update March 23 9:32 am. Wheel and Base out for delivery. Postman better bring it and not pull a fast one and make me pick it up from post office.

    Unfortunately the pedals seem to be stuck somewhere. Last tracking said its under review.

  • March 23rd. Received base and the wheel. The pedals are stuck somewhere waiting for review. Im assuming it has to do with the weight of the box. Awesome products so far. Too bad that I have to drive with the gas and brake mapped to the shifters. annoying and not what its made for but I am able to manage for now. Hopefully the pedals come soon.

  • Hello guys!
    I am from Spain, and I placed my order for the DD1 PS4 on April 4 and I received it on April 9. I am very happy.

  • Hi Raymond!

    Congrats on your purchase! I'm just wondering how much did you pay for for duties? I am also based here in Canada. Also, you mentioned the wheel base and steering wheel came before the pedals did. Is that because you bought a DD1? I asked that because I placed an order for CSL Elite F1 and wondering if it's not packaged in one box, too?

    Thanks for your time.

  • I am also located in Canada (Ontario), and I placed an order on March 23rd, for 7 items (base, paddles, shifter, pedals, hub, buttons, wheel). They all got shipped individually, with their own tracking numbers. Two of the items were listed as a bundle, and they still got shipped individually. I suspect this will happen with all bundles.

    So far, three of the items have arrived, with the rest of them just being released by customs in Toronto. I suspect the rest of them will arrive by the end of this week or early next week. That would make the whole order fall within the 3-4 week range that Fanatec provides. None of them got charged duty, and it appears that chances are good your order wouldn't get charged duty either. Best of luck with your order.

  • Thanks Andrei for your reply.

    That is super weird then because when I watch an unboxing video on YouTube, the CSL Elite F1 bundle came in one box with the base, wheel and pedals in it. I just hope I won't be charged for duties, that's all I'm asking for right now.

    The current status of my order is still stuck at "The carrier received a request from the shipper and is about to pick up the shipment."

  • You'll have to be patient with that. They will get sent out eventually.

    It's possible that the unboxing you watched was from someone in Europe, or the US, where they may have different methods of shipping. It's also possible it was an older video, before they changed shipping workflows. It appears they used to ship items to Canada using UPS I think, while now they are using USPS instead.

  • I ended up getting charged duty on two of the items. The duty is the HST + $9.95 handling (regardless of the item cost).

  • do you have any news about the availability of CLS elite wheel base?

  • Hey guys. I ordered a whole setup, $2500 worth to be exact. I placed the order on may 7th, and just received everything but the V3 pedals today, may 18th. Fanatec sent me all the tracking numbers, but the one for my pedals still just says “label created.” The pedals are still in stock, so I’m wondering why they haven’t been given to fedex yet. Has anyone else had issues with fanatec shipping only part of their order? It’s been 11 days since I placed my order, I feel like the pedals should have at least been given to fedex by now.

  • I would email customer service, are you in the US?

  • I sent them one yesterday. I haven’t heard back, but I’m sure it might take a day or two. Yes I’m in the US.

  • Hey Fanatec Team, looking to purchase a few podium hubs and would like to get them through the store page as my local Sim store is waaay outpricing the podium hubs than what I used to see advertised on this site however I do not see any podium hubs available any more, is it because they are discontinued or is there a supply chain issue? Any and all feedback is great, still very happy with my Ps4 DD1 and all the peripherals!

  • Okay but my csl dd availability date is the 23th of november so even with this I have to wait a long time

  • Got my shipping notice today, exactly when they said they would. VERY excited! Just a note to Fanatec Team of thanks. This has been "tough", but they never set any expectations they did not meet for me.

  • All;

    Update! I got my tracking number today, seven days after "the order has been processed" They use differing warehousing companies so the Tracking Email will be from an unknown company and not say Fanatec. Look for tracking numbers and a description of the goods.

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