CSL DDs shipping early!

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I’m happy to tell you that the production batches for the first wave of pre-orders (existing customers) have been shipped by air, and they have arrived even earlier than expected.

As you may know, there have been some challenging circumstances for all electronics manufacturing this year, with the semiconductor shortage and an ongoing shipping crisis having a global effect on production and availability. But we really appreciate our loyal customers, so we've invested extra money to ensure that you get your CSL DDs on time. 

The first pre-order starts shipping from today. You’ll find your tracking number in the ‘Orders’ section of your account once it is processed.

We’ve also continued to improve the performance of the CSL DD with firmware development, and there is a mandatory driver update that will give you a better experience with your new hardware: ensure that you download Fanatec Driver 409 (or newer) and use it to update the CSL DD firmware and all your connected devices:


The update applies some fixes and performance improvements, including a smoother overall feeling and optimisations to the damper effect. The driver user interface has been overhauled and is easier to use. Check the changelog included with the driver download for the full details. Please note that all the reviews out there were made with the old firmware/driver.

Here’s a video guide to help you get started:

Please post your first impressions here in the blog!



  • Christmas in August!

    Can't wait to get my hands on this little beast!

    Thanks for getting this too us sooner than expected!

  • Amazing guys,

    Thanks for getting it sooner

  • AVENAS GerardAVENAS Gerard Member
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    AMAZING, it's the German Power ,i am very happy for the news💪😊

  • Hello,

    it seems that your "Download" button on the linked Driverpage isn't working properly.

    When i click on this button, i were routed to a side, where i can't find any driver.

    The driver is linked in the forum, but for new customer, it would be nice when they get a functional button ;)

    This should be the link to the driver in forum https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/23633/driver-409#latest

  • Should we be downloading and installing all drivers and firmware before we turn on and connect the CSL DD to our PC? What’s the order it should be handled in? Don’t want to botch the setup…

  • driver can be downloaded prior to getting the hardware, but firmware obviously can only be installed on the hardware itself.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    It will work, the site just takes some time to refresh.

  • Any chance you air shipped table clamps as well or are those orders stuck for another month?

    I wish it was possible to just drop the table clamp from an order if that's really delaying the whole order now. Quite a few people ordered the clamp just in case with no actual need for it and are now regretting that decision.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Toni, we will be in touch with customers who pre-ordered a CSL DD together with a CSL DD Table Clamp very soon (within the next day or so) with a solution.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • PS5 version please! 😉

  • By chance is there any update on the delivery date of the Xbox Universal Hub?

  • I am interested in this topic too. I preordered both the CSL DD and the table clamp and I need the latter in order to use the wheel. It will be nice to have both prior to September 15th.


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    Me too.

    Would be good if we could remove the table clamp to release the rest of the products from the original order, and make a new order for the clamp, even paying the additional shipping costs.

  • Just got the dd + boostkit this morning. Thank god for covid I work at home, so I could try it out immediatly. Upgrading from the csl elite wheelbase, this DD wheelbase has alot more detail ( or it's between my ears ). Especially around the center I was missing detail at the center. I Just did a few laps at Imola in I-racing, and driving much consistent and already broke my lap record by 1 sec. Now i've to go back to work. Didn't change any settings yet tho, but I had to remap and calibrate all my wheel settings after updating the bios ( but that took no more then 2 mins ).

  • If we have had an email from fanatec saying we are getting our order early (thanks). Are we getting 100% get our order early?

    I was in wave 2, i have had communication saying its coming early, but the product has not shipped yet

  • Yes please!

    I'm wave 2, but the preorder dates on my DD and boost kit have disappeared two days ago. However, the preorder date for the clamp still remains, probably holding back the order. I don't even need the clamp lol. A workaround would be great. Personally, I don't even care for a refund. Just send over the DD!

  • Exact same situation here, except that I'm wave 1. I don't need the table clamp anymore and if it would get the DD here early I wouldn't mind not getting a refund for it, so please let me know how to work around this.

  • Same boat as Mark, keep my thirty bucks and I don't care if I ever see the clamp but send my base and boost kit please.

  • I'm expecting a long wait as I only ordered on the 13th August, so due in November.

    Of course I will be extremely happy if it arrives before then but I won't be holding my breath expecting an email any time soon.

  • Well. I got a tracking number, so I am expecting the wheel by the months end at the latest although; FedEx is pretty good for getting something to me in 7 - 10 days. Soon I'll be trying to find an excuse to call into work so I can spend time getting to know the new wheel base. Does a sickness called "DD-utitus" sound medical enough? LOL

  • Ironic that the devices themselves are here despite chip shortages but the only completely mechanical part (the desk clamp) is holding orders up. Ideally I need the clamp and have ordered it with my Wave 2 CSL DD purchase, but I'll figure something else out if I have to give up the clamp to get the wheel. Please can you get in touch with us clamp purchasers soon so we can fix this together.

  • Got mine a couple hours ago and oh boi is this thing amazing. Even on 5nm it blows my old CSL Elite V1.1 out of the water.

    I can't believe how much more detail i can feel.

  • arrrgh... stop it everyone! no comments pls... 😣

    mine is 19 Oct. I ordered on 9 Jun. Is that 2nd wave???

    hey 1st wave suppose to be available 2nd week of Sep isn't it? So it is more than 3 weeks early!!! Well done to Fanatec!!! kudos!!!

    I presume Fanatec will ship out when everything in my order is available isn't it?

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    Any news on the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit?

  • Its probably wave 2 .. my registration did'nt come though for wave 1 and I was capable of ordering during wave two a day earlier then you the 8th of june .. I hope it will arrive soon as well i have no clue on the foreseen delivery date never got a mail from fanatec with an ETA for it ..

    However After seeing a shitton of reviews on the 5 vs 8 Nm debate im definately contemplating immediately buying the boost kit 180 8Nm ..

  • I ordered in Wave 1 (June 4th) and I just got the mail confirming the shipping. I also ordered the table clamp, so have faith guys! Great job, Fanatec!

  • Just open the blog every day waiting for the CLS DD for PlayStation news! hope to see it soon!

    Congratulations to everyone getting it new base!

  • The only listed availability date on my order is the CSL DD. Still 19 Oct.

    Table clamp & pedals & rim previously had availability dates, and they are all gone now...

  • If I already have CLSDD and I want to buy only Boost Kit180 additionally, do I have to pre-order the one that will be released in November?

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