Fanatec Driver 442 (Beta) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



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    That is intended.

    Max Brake pressure is controlled by the BRF Tuning Menu setting when the pedals are connected to the base.

  • I have the exact problem. PC driver upgraded just fine, but the Formula v2 wheel upgrade didn't finish and got stuck. Not the fanatec control panel cannot see my steering wheel. I'm completely stuck ☹️

  • Exact same issue here... I will try revert it back to older firmware, but very worried about turning my DD2 into a brick.

  • Since many people reported this issue, is there an official solution?? My control panel now can't find a steering wheel, and the wheel base complains that the steering wheel is not supported. Yet, I can't force a wheel (v2) firmware update... damn :(

  • WHAT A MESS!!! I removed my drivers, downgraded to 440... now the DD2 base is running 100% fan (like other have reported) and the control panel now says no fanatec device found... and having the wheel turn on during reboot doesn't allow Windows to reboot. Been a fanatec customers for 20 years, but I think it's time for me to look at Simicube right now...

  • Did you downgrade all the firmware too? Every driver comes with their own version of firmware that you need to downgrade too.

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    The correct order is also EXTREMELY important, incorrect firmware flash will risk bricking of the wheel base!

    So when you want to downgrade to firmwares included in 441 or earlier versions you HAVE TO downgrade the Motor firmware to V42 first, only then you can downgrade the Base Firmware. If you first downgrade the Base Firmware, the Base might get bricked!

  • Now, I can't even get an email to reset my password to create a support ticket. Been waiting 15 min to get my password. ARGH!! 😡

  • Now, trying re-upgrade again, but the status bar is frozen... seriously.

  • If you are telling me that a bug in upgrading to 442 turns out wasted my $2000 investment... I'm going to loose my fucking mind and will dedicate my life to ruining Fanatec's reputation...

  • Fanatec have been doing a fine job of that all by themselves lately...

  • is there a input lag introduced to the brake pedal on the CSP v3 ? the brake pressure release looks lagged.

  • I cannot even remove any firmware, since the control panel no longer gives me such option. Further, trying to reset my password to create a support ticket is not possible.... For some reasons, I can't log in to the support web site.

  • Clear cache/cookies, try a different browser maybe?

  • no, I am saying there was a bug during the upgrade on the Formula v2, that cause the entire upgrade to start failing, which then looks like it might have bricked by $2000+ wheelbase. In other words, now your software upgrade failure potentially ruined my hardware investment. You can only imagine how excited I am at this moment...

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    Yes a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny bit of lag was necessary to fix the brake input flickering which was a side effect of the increased sensitivity of the newer Firmwares. Dureing normal driving the lag is so minimal that you wont feel it.

    If you do not want any kind of brake input flickering and not this new minimal input lag then you need to stay on Firmware 1.30 - with the downside that this version is not as sensitive as the newer Firmwares and slight brake input force modulations are not recognized.

  • Cleared my cache... cannot even #$%$ login to create a ticket.

  • Are they registering for the right region (Europe, USA, Australia)?

  • €170 included postage.

    Unfortunately I didn't choose to update the firmware. There was a bug in the fanatec s/w which allowed iracing to trigger the firmware update. I was thinking of renaming the fanatec firmware updater so that it can only be triggered by me in the future.

  • i would say the input lag is quite profound especially when initially applying the brakes hard

  • actually no, the input lag is on the CSP V3 pedals is only bad when connected via RJ12

  • I have them connected via RJ12 and do not have any kind of noticable lag at all.

    Check your RJ12 cable and maybe try a different one if you have.

  • its cool i will use them via usb i dont like adjusting the BRF anyway...

    but yeah i definitely notice the lag more on RJ12, but on USB its PERFECT!!!!

    so happy you guys finally fixed the brake flicker

  • I updated to 442 firmware today. Manually updated Motor Firmware first, removed wheel and calibrated, re-installed wheel { Universal Hub }, Calibrated Center, removed wheel and installed McClaren V1 and updated. Everything went fine. Firmware manager says for DD1, for Motor firmware, 35 for McClaren wheel, 6 for wireless Quick Release. I have one question and one observation. It has been a while since I have used my McClaren V1 wheel because the old version of firmware had an issue. With new firmware is there a way to enable high torque mode for the McClaren wheel ? I have the optional metal quick release installed on the wheel. Also FYI - for some reason the Fanatec control panel is detecting pedals and a shifter connected to my base when there are none. I have HE pedals, shifter and handbrake connected to PC via USB. Firmware updater does not detect them. This does not seem to affect operation it just seems weird that it detects something that is not there.

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    You can simply hide the pedal and Shifter pages in the settings Tab if you dont have them. They get shown by default automatically because the driver can not detect if you have those devices or not.

    For enabling High Torque you only need to press any button on the steering wheel or turn the wheel 90 degrees into one direction when the DD shows the Enable Torque message.

  • Hey Maurice,

    I have found a bug with I’m presuming is the base firmware on DD2 on XBOX. If you try to shut off the XBOX by holding the XBOX button on the wheel and select shutdown console, the console does shut down, but the DD2 locks and all buttons become unresponsive, including the setup and power off button. It takes hitting the emergency stop to shut off the base.

    Did it that once, so I assumed it’s a bug as randomly wheel can lock up on the older firmwares in F1 2021. I thus far have not experienced in game freezes of the base in F1 2021 (these are very intermittent and rare). However I have now 4 times shut off the XBOX 4 times and it always locks/freezes the base.

    Today I turned off the console first using the controller, but left the wheel on. As it’s being sent the shutoff signal it locked up again resulting in emergency stop to shut off the base.

    As long as you power off the wheel, then shut off the XBOX it’s fine. Even using the power button on the console will lock the wheel if it’s still powered up.

    Apart from the power off freeze no other issues.




  • Unfortunately the base does not give me the option to press any button or rotate wheel. It simply says " Torque is limited to protect simplified quick release" and then switches to the normal display. So it does not recognize that the original metal quick release is present.

  • Try to detach the metal Quick Release and click on the contact plate in the right hole a few times.

    Sounds like the contact Plate got stuck and so the base sees the contact Plate as being pressed by the plastic pin of the plastic QR which is the Indicator for Low Torque Mode.

    So take some screwdriver or so and click on that Plate a few times to make sure the contact Plate is not stuck. Then you can attach the metal QR again and it should recognize everything properly again.

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    I have a Podium DD1 base and the Clubsport F1 steering wheel with V 3 pedals.

     After the update, I noticed that the brake automatically goes to 4% when I press the clutch

     I'm back to the 429 with the V 3 pedals and the error is gone.

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