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  • Ok thank you !! :( was really looking forward to experience your setups

  • You can give a try those profiles on console.

    You need to save them through fanalab to your wheel base, and you can save up to 5 presets on it, as you stated before. As far as read, all profiles are optimized for AMS2, Iracing on PC, so, may not have the same feeling on console, but i play xbox and PC, and i've saved my Xbox Profiles saved on fanalab, and always use preset 1 and 2, preset 3 - AMS2 (all profiles you can load), preset 4 - iracing (all profiles) and preset 5, thats my "point 0" profile.

    So, good luck, all you need is install fanalab, and load some profiles and then try to adjust them the better feel for your game, if not, you will need to start from zero.

  • Hi Maurice, new update with AMS2 today! and Danielkart just released v45 of his custom force feedback, would love when you have the time to have your take on it. Thanks

    changelog from v44 to v45

    1.Customized center

    2. Customized front load feeling

    3.Adjustment of front torque

    4. Realignment and reassessment (may be interesting for other modders) of the slip_crossover values in combination with new load_power_fx values

  • Already tried the v45 and I will not update but stick with v44 for my profile pack.

  • Thank you for your work in putting these together! They’re a n absolute game changer and honestly they’re a reason I love the Fanatec platform.

    Apologies if this has been covered already, but for iRacing in game settings do you still set your max torque to 25nm on the DD2 even though your profiles are calibrated for 15? Also, what do you set the in game FFB force to? 6, auto, etc.? Not sure if it stays a consistent value due to the different fanalab profiles, or if you use unique iRacing force values in addition to the fanalab profiles. Thanks again!

  • Your iRacing setting for wheel force is going to match your fanalab setting for that vehicle. So if you use a DD2 and using 60% overall strength, that would be 15Nm wheel force for that vehicle (possibly every vehicle if you keep it at 60%).

    To your second part of the question, the first number in the written profile is the max force (if it says strength, click strength and it will now say max force). For example, the global mazda used 27 for max force. And then you can adjust that one if it is too much force for you.

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    EDIT: All makes sense now, I saw the readme file (missed this before, apologies) and understand that you need to click on the "strength" setting to change the display values. Was confused that the first number in the profile was seemingly much higher than what the "strength" slider would allow. Changing the display to NM is the answer. Thanks again!

    Thanks. So the “wheel force” setting in iRacing would be set to the max force notated in the file name (second number, 15nm for example), that makes sense now. although now I’m confused as to what the first number in the file name is (eg 30 for the global Mazda in most recent profiles).

    More importantly, I’d still like to understand what the “strength” setting in iRacing should be set to (in the iRacing FFB menu, not the DD2 menu). Is this iRacing setting a personal preference, a set value for all cars, car specific based on the fanalab profiles, etc.?

    Thanks again for the help, new to the DD2 platform so want to make sure I’m taking advantage of all these settings and using them as intended.

  • Hi Maurice, first, thank you for the profiles!

    Now, question. How this apply to CSL DD 8 Nm?

    Need to change anything, or can it be use as it cames?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Sorry. Saw that you already explained it on page 24.

    My bad for not read all the pages…

    Nevertheless, thank you.

  • I had a CSL DD 8nm, just upgraded to DD1, used Maurice profiles and all i can tell is wooow!!! Its awesome difference in every single way.

    I just had to reduce FFB from 60 to 40 lol, i could not handle 60 at all.. need to do lift some weights!!! :)

    Maurice, congrats and thanks for all the effort on this profiles.

    By know ive just tried AMS2 McLaren, Iracing (oval Camaro) and Iracing Ferrari Evo 2020.

  • The first number is the max force. In the slider for iRacing, that is where you would add that number.

    My understanding, and someone correct me if I am wrong, So a max force of 30nm means that when the sim wants to output 30nm of ffb it'll be mapped to 100% of the torque available at your wheel base.

    Therefore, a higher max force will result in "weaker" ffb. Say you have max force set to 60nm that same 30nm in the sim will be mapped to only 50% of the torque at your wheel base.

  • Hi Maurice,

    i'm using your profiles for acc, f1 and ams2 now for a while and loving it. appreciate the great work

    but i have one question in regards to ams 2. if the car starts to drift a bit or i lose the car completely i found it really hard to hold the steering wheel and i don't know which value i need to change to weaken this effect. do you have an advice?

    thanks in advance

  • Hello Maurice,

    With iRacing releasing the 2023 Season 1 content checking in if you recommend new Fanalab profiles and the new in game force feedback filter pass? I’m most interested in Dallara LMP2 and the BMW Hybrid Prototype.

    as always thanks for your time contributions and profiles.

    Have a great day.


  • I downloaded these yesterday. Is there any reason you are not updating to V45?

    I tried 45 and will try 44 today. I found understeer was hard to feel and the ffb on grass was quite high on 45. I did like the bump detail in the ffb. It was nice, and not overpowering like RF2. Gave a bit of character to the car.

    You also had FEI at around 70 on most profiles I sampled. Did you find this too weak for feeling kerb interactions?

    With RF2, is there anything that can be done to drown out the harshness - aside from reducing the FEI too much? Everyone says that RF2 has the best FFB out there, but I think it is crap LOL...and needs a lot of messing about with.

    ACC would be my "main" sim, but also getting more and more into AMS2 lately.

  • I am not updating to V45 because I simply dont like it.

    Road texture is WAY too pronounced in that new version and I also dont have a good feeling for what the tires are doing.

    I use COMPLETELY different settings than the creator of that file (he suggests to use FEI 20 which is not recommended at all, it adds way too much latency and you wont feel much, most likely therefore the excessive road texture is no issue for him).

    And also the FFB in general is weaker so I would need to have to adapt all my nearly 200 AMS2 profiles - which is simply no option.

    And I agree with your opinion about the rF2 FFB. I personally also dont like it and cant understand why so many people say its the best FFB out there. Therefore I am not driving this game a lot, however with my next profile pack (scheduled for this month with the next FanaLab release) I will add some more rF2 profiles because I gave it another chance - but for aforementioned reason there wont be more rF2 profiles. :D

  • I HIGHLY suggest to NOT use this new smoothing effect.

    It does not work as good as the Fanatec Interpolation Filter and it just adds a ton of latency which makes it hard to catch slides and it massively increases oscillations.

    I am not a fan of this new feature at all. The bad thing is that they have set the smoothing to 15% for every car so you have to set it back to 0% for every car on your own when you use the checkbox for individual controls per car... :/

    PS: New profiles for the new cars are done but upload is waiting for the next FanaLab release later this month.

  • OK, it sounds like V44 could be the adjustment I'm after. On 45 I can't really feel the front end understeer and the rear oversteer correction seems overdamped as it comes back to centre.

    I'll load in v44 later or tomorrow.

    And in relation to RF2, my finding (to be very honest) is the ffb is a total mess out of the box. The signal is so harsh with crazy amounts of road effects and kerb interactions are way over done. Some cars have no ffb at all. Formula Renault, formula 2 models, and the Formula isi.

    Contrast this to the newer stuff, btcc, vanwall etc and the ffb is very very strong. The front wheel drives btcc has crazy amounts of torque steer. Every car needs adjusting. It's the only sim where a ffb profile is needed per car for safety reasons 😂.

    I run interpolation at around 6, damper at about 20-25 and the game force effect damper in fanalab I turn off. I noticed with it on, it would give some grainy feel. Really noticed this on the Formula E cars where the car is quiet and your more aware of other noises (wheelbase in this case).

    Also, as you'll find with the fe cars, to get around some corners you'll need a full 360 degree rotation to make some of those street circuit hairpins. London e prix track for example. There is no option in the setup of the car to shorten the rack for the same lock. You must edit the rotation in fanalab, then for that car, set the rotation on the control calibration to manual to match fanalab, say 540 degrees or whatever. So that car could need its own profile in fanalab and in rf2 for that reason. Standard they have 767 degrees of lock as I recall. RF2 things, and one reason why I don't drive it often. I'm in the setting jsons more than I'm on track anytime I launch rf2.

    ACC, AC, AMS2 and RR are my normal choices, followed by AMS1 on occasion. Trying to like rf2, but I don't get the hype around ffb being best in class. It just isn't.

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    @Maurice is it enough to move the new dampening slider to 0 in Iracing?

    Because I see in app.ini this:

    FFBUseForceLimiter=1 ; 1 - limit force of impacts and oscillations

    FFBUseSimpleMinForce=0 ; 0 - Use smoothed min force, 1 - use old sharp min force 

    Any recommendation about what to set?

    And finally I loaded the mazda profile for the new Toyoya GR86... Is this profle close to the Toyota you're about to release?

    Thanks for all your patience and support.

  • Morning Maurice,

    I came here exactly to read your concerns about the new smoothing low pass filter. At the same time I also checked iR forum to see staff information regarding this feature.

    As an end user, I find myself in a position where I am not sure which way is the right way to go.  The iR team recommends not to disable the smoothing filter. 

    And from Fanatec (I hope it is not a problem to consider you as part of the Fanatec staff) I read just the opposite, it is recommended to disable the smoothing. 

    Would it be possible a minimum research / collaboration on both sides for the users of Fanatec products (especially with DD bases)? 

    The goal would be to have as much as possible a homogeneous answer from both sides. At least that the response between both teams is aligned. 

    Of course this is a request on my part that I would understand if it was discarded as quickly as it has been read, but I believe that many customers would benefit if it was carried out. 

    Thank you very much for your time and happy Christmas!



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    Even though technically I am Fanatec staff as a Betatester, in this thread its my highly personal opinion.

    I am NOT a spokesman for Fanatec so it is absolutely NOT okay to use my words as being anything "official", especially not from this thread which is not an "official" thread but just an "enthusiasm" thread where I share my profiles.

    I can only repeat myself: I personally suggest to not use the new smoothing filter because it adds noticable latency which makes it harder to catch slides and which leads to more oscillations and a overall less detailed FFB detail - regardless of what a game developer, who has spent some hours into such a "feature" and of course would not recommend everyone to not use it, suggests.

    Test it for yourself and judge if you like the new smoothing or not, thats the best I can say to this.

    The Fanatec Interpolation filter is doing a much better job in my opinion in reconstructing the low 60Hz FFB signal coming from the game to smoothen the harshness out without adding that much latency like the in game smoothing filter does so I will not use it and my (future) profiles will be designed with smoothing set to 0%.

  • Understood Maurice, I do appreciate your answer anyway.

    I did not want to generate any trouble between Fanatec, iR and yourself. I do apologize if this has been perceived in any other way.

    Thanks for your time as always.

  • Maurice - Have you noticed the iRacing LMP2 rev lights not matching up quite right for the wheel vs. in game since the new update? Wasn't sure if it has always been this way or if it is something the new iRacing update caused. Thanks!

  • Hi, any profile for the new Toyota GR86 in iRacing? Thanks!

  • That is like this since always because iRacing uses a special "feature" where the RPM values change per gear on some cars which FanaLab cant do (yet). Therefore for affected cars you can only find a middle sweetspot which kinda works but of course it cant be accurate in any gear.

  • Done and ready since some days but upload pending until the next FanaLab version releases later this month.

  • Work nicely to configure my GT DD :)

    little request on rumble effect, it could be nice to add :

    -rumble effect on Upshift/Downshift gears

    -change the frequency or the "speed" of the rumble ( dunno if its possible )

    thanks for the APP


    GT DD pro + Formula 2.5x

  • Maybe a stupid question but i'm new here and don't knoe the ins and outs of this forum yet. When i'm trying to click a download link for the profiles shared by mr Böschen nothing happens. Is there something i need to do before i can download files here?

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    Hello Maurice, I am the recent owner of a DD2 and I just downloaded your incredible profiles. First of all, congratulate you for your work and for your generosity in sharing it with the community. The profiles look amazing to me, but at times, I feel like I need to have a little more punch. I achieve this by raising the FFB to more than 60%, but then in iracing I have to adjust the values or simply varying the % of FFB from the base is enough. Thanks in advance

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