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  • @maurice böschen

    thanks for your AC profiles ! jsut one question why do you have the Filter Setting at 1% ? and what exactly does it do?

    i couldnt find any good explanation online..

  • It filters out some spikes of the FFB Signal from the game which I find useful as the AC FFB can be very rough otherwise.

  • @maurice boschen -

    Finally got around to try some of your iRacing FFB settings and curious what caused you to run INT @ 10 now for the Dallara P217? The reason I ask is because I am curious if there was something changed in the last ear firmware/driver or if iRacing changed something to call for such a jump from 6 INT. I did see the new smoothing but put that at 0 as I want as little latency as possible Thanks

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    High Downforce cars just have a pretty extremely rough FFB because of the low 60Hz FFB Rate iRacing still uses in now 2023.

    To smoothen this out I now use a slightly higher INT value for such cars.

  • Thanks just was curious and I assume you meant high downforce as this is an LMP car after all 🙃

  • Ah Yeah ofc High, not Low. Haha :D

    Brain was unavailable when I typed the message :D

  • Jonnie WatersJonnie Waters Member
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    hi Maurice thanks for the profiles.

    any idea how to resolve my issue when I copy the profile cars list into the xml its says "you do not have permission to open this file. see the owner of the file or administrator to obtain permission"

    many thanks

  • Just stumbled upon your profiles and I must say: They are extremly great and I can't even think of doing this all by myself.

    Since it is a bit hard to search for that on 31 pages (ok probably a bit less, but still), is there are "multiplier" recommendation for the DD pro (8nm)? I set the fanalab strength to 100%, wich makes it "kinda good" I suppose? Hard to tell if you cannot really derive how the final result should feel like (it feels already pretty amazing, don't get me wrong).

    But imo I think it lacks a bit of force. What is your recommendation?

    And one last question to the "ProfileCarsList_ACC.xml":

    Since there is only "1 spot" in the %appdata% / .../ fanalab file -->Do you have to swap those .xml's everytime you switch between iRacing and e.g. ACC *IF* you wanna use the CDALP feature? Because I don't see another way, but maybe I'm also just too stupid.

    -- Very big thank you!! --

  • The TUning Menu settings of my profiles are exclusively for Podium DD. They work with CSL DD and GT DD Pro when you set FFB to 100, but, as you already noticed, it sticl lacks force, because those bases are just not nearly as strong enough to benefit from car specific FFB profiles as they use FFB 100 all the time anyway. Also the other Tuning Menu settings work a bit different on these weaker bases, so they also cant be used from my profiles to instantly feel amazing like they do on Podium.

    You could still use them for a perfectly matched LED experience though, that is base indepentent.

    Regarding your second question: I dont understand. The xml folder described in the readme looks like this with plenty of files.

  • Last update this year: Another new profile pack with new AMS2 profiles (for a total of now 324 profiles) for the most recent FanaLab version 1.69.1 with CDALP.



    • Added 12 new AMS2 Official Car profiles:
      • Brabham BT49
      • Brabham BT52
      • Brabham BT62
      • Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06
      • Lotus 98T
      • McLaren MP4/4
      • McLaren MP4/5B
      • McLaren MP4/6
      • McLaren Senna
      • Nissan R89C
      • Nissan R390 GT1
      • Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3
    • Added newly supported ABS FlagLEDs to the AMS2 profiles where the car supports them since newest game update:
      • Mercedes-AMG GT3
      • Mercedes-AMG GT4
    • Added newly supported Wheel Lock FlagLEDs to the AMS2 profiles where the car supports them since newest game update:
      • BMW M8 GTE
      • Chevrolet Corvette C8.R
      • Porsche 911 RSR GTE
    • Adjusted the RevLEDs of the AMS2 BMW M8 GTE profile according to changes made in newest game update.
    • Adjusted the RevLEDs of the Porsche 911 RSR GTE profile according to changes made in newest game update.
    • Adjusted the RevLEDs of the McLaren 720S GT3 profile according to changes made in newest game update.
    • Adjusted some values on the ffb_custom_settings.txt file for AMS2 (note: the core is still based on the great Daniekart V44 file because in general I like the V44 version more than his newest V46. However, he made great improvements in some parts of the file so I decided to take some of the new values and change them in my file to create a hybrid version with the best of both files).
    • Adjusted the RevLEDs of the iRacing Porsche 911 GT3 R profile according to changes made in newest game update.
    • Added missing Max Force value in the iRacing Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 profile.
    • Renamed the iRacing [Legacy] IndyCar Dallara - 2009 profile to [Legacy] Dallara IR-05, with adapted ProfileCarsList.
    • Renamed the rF2 Audi R8 GT3 LMS profile due to a CTD caused by a & letter in the name, with adapted ProfileCarsList.

    I wish everyone a happy new year and a great start into 2023!

  • Did you play around with the new smoothing in iRacing? I constantly am fighting against oscillations and find that running higher INT like 10 just makes it worse, but if I add 1-5 smoothing it removes it… The oscillations really only an issue on high downforce cars and with FFB turned up but interested to hear your take on this new iRacing feature

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    As written in the readme my definite recommendatiom for the smoothing option in the game is 0 as it adds way too much latency.

  • Thanks ! will you do more profiles for AC ?

    would be cool to have for some RSS Formula mods or the new VRC Touring cars

  • Its actually very unlikely that I will do more AC prodiles, just way too many cars available for that game to focus my profile development on it.. ^^

  • What i meant was: In the data you provided, neither the ACC nor the iRacing Folder contained a so called "CarsList_XYZ_Custom.xml".

    Since you said copy/paste that xml and the other one into the already existing fanalab folder, I am a bit confused. But thats all. :)

    (with 100% force your profiles work kinda good, I suppose. Maybe not as good as intended and of course I don't have a comparision, but its still better than default. And that is still a gain!)

    Thank you!

  • edited January 2023

    The ONLY games which contain a CarsList_Custom.xml file are AC, AMS2 and rF2 as those are the only ones where you can add Mod cars to the otherwise fixed CarsList.

    The specific install instruction is always provided in the respective readme file of the game where you wont find the Custom text for every other game ;)

  • Hallo zusammen,

    ich nutze die Profile von Maurice Böschen und diese sind einfach genial. Danke für deine ganze Arbeit.

    Ich habe leider ein kleines Problem.

    Ich nutze die Profile für mein DD2 und habe sehr viel Oszillation auf einer Geraden.

    Meine Frage ist ob das normal ist und wenn nicht wie ich dieses beheben kann?!

    Danke im voraus und allen noch ein Frohes neues Jahr


    Hello all,

    I use Maurice Böschen's profiles and they are just awesome. Thanks for all your work.

    Unfortunately I have a little problem.

    I use the profiles for my DD2 and have very much oscillation on a straight line.

    My question is if this is normal and if not how can I fix this?!

    Thanks in advance and to all a Happy New Year

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    My profiles are designed to give best possible detailed FFB. This is only possible with low Damping settings, therefore any kind of oscillations are expected and normal.

    You can only get rid of them by massively increasing any kind of Damper setting like NDP, NFR and NIN but by doing so you lose tons of FFB Details. It's always a Balance of what you prefer.

    As a general rule of thumb: dont take your hands off the wheel while driving and the oscillations are no issue :)

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    Then I will just leave it as it is.

    It is also only a problem as soon as the hands leave the steering wheel.

    Thank you and you have a nice evening

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    You could also try to take your hands off the steering wheel of a real race car and see what happens ;)

  • Wow ... just came across this for the first time. Thanks so much in advance Maurice !!!

    Much appreciated !!!

  • Maurice, thanks for sharing your profiles. Really appreciate this. Especially all the rev LEDs are working amazingly. I have DD Pro 8Nm, so I would like to know what FFB settings I should use to be able try your settings with my hardware. Thanks for hints.

  • I just think that my profiles wont work well on anything other than P DD2 and P DD1...

    My profiles are made with a P DD2 with a max force of 15Nm. Only the FFB value of the P DD1 can be adjusted to reach the 15Nm I have tuned my profiles for. Weaker bases like CSL DD and GT DD can not be adjusted to reach these forces or the overall feeling I had in mind for the profiles in general as they can only go up to either 8 or even just 5Nm so even with FFB set to 100 (which most should run these bases anyway all the time) it would not nearly come close to the 15Nm... And also the Damper and INT settings in those bases work / feel a bit different than on the Podium DD so my profiles would not feel as intended for these bases without substancial changes which need a lot of testing ...

  • Oh OK, thanks for explaining.

  • Naveed ShakurNaveed Shakur Member
    edited January 2023


    Please can you help me. New to simracing and Fanalab, i have a Fanatec GT DD Pro with 8nm Boost Kit. I am using PC and am trying to use all your Revlight LED settings for AC, ACC, AMS2, DR 2.0, F1 22, Project Cars 2 and maybe iracing if I can stop crashing the cars lol.

    Fanalab version V1.66 (latest version currently for my GT DD Pro)

    I have downloaded your latest zip file i can import to Fanalab via game profile but then this is where I get stuck.

    At the bottom where it says Save/ Load. Import/ Export there are 2 sections which say: Tuning Menu, Dynamic FFB, Vibration, LED, ITM.

    I don't know which sides i should be ticking the left or right? and then do i have to click to default to the car I am using or will this be done automatically if i just leave default recommended FFB settings clicked (Green tick)

    also do i have to import ITM with the LED also?

    Apologies in advance for the noob question but i want to get this all setup correctly for the LED's to work properly on my GT DD Pro.


  • I had the same question as the person above

    i want only the led rev working on my ddpro by every car of Maurice his profiles. How I do that. In fanalab

    only rev led and not the ffb and tuning.

  • Simply only enable the checkbox for the LEDs in the right Load side.

  • Hi,

    I have a DD pro and I'm trying to use the presets for the leds only. The problem is that once the preset is loaded, the leds seem to maintain 2 configurations at the same time, the one of the preset and the one that comes by default. I have tried 2 cars, the bmw lmdh and the porsche gt3, the same thing happens in both cases.

    I add a video because I think it will be easier to see than explain it:

    I am doing something wrong? Do I have to somehow clear the old settings before loading the preset?

  • That is because you did not disabled the native LEDs from the game so they interfere with the FanaLab LEDs now.

    You need to click the two green buttons in the game profile tab in FanaLab to Enable Telemetry and Enable FanaLab support where FanaLab either directly disables the in game LEDs or shows you an instruction how you have to disable those native LEDs by yourself so they dont interfere with the FanaLab LEDs.

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