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  • @MadDog-IC

    Looks like the game loading the default auto setup, which have 50% BRF.

    I select the profile, like LMP2 car profile, then I launch the game, and my BRF again 50%. Then select again my profile, driving a few lap, then going back to garage, and again, the BRF is 50%. Not doing this always, but 10/8 times yes.

    I use the latest Fanalab, with 455 driver.

  • ElurztacElurztac Member
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    Well to be more specific, maybe it’s what you are looking at.

    When I start iRacing, it goes with the default profile. So 50% BRF.

    But when I go in my car (BMW M4 GT3 - or all car attached to my profile) the BRF is at 100 (my saved profile).

    The saved setting is load when I’m IN the car, not before when I’m in the menu. In the menu I went back to the default profile and for me this is the expected behavior

  • LMU not loading automatically the car profile, when you in the car. ACC as well. I always have to select the right profile.

  • Then your xml files are screwed and you should delete the ProfileCarsList files and start from scratch by manually binding the cars to the profiles through the FanaLab UI again.

  • I don't know what i screwed, because just installed the Fanalab, then downloaded your profiles, then import, and that's it. But never ever loaded the right profile automatically...

    What I changed, just the FFB strength, and BRF, then saved the profiles.

  • Maybe you renamed the profile? Dont know, but you now need to start from scratch by binding the cars to the profiles manually top get everything working again.

  • Yes I renamed in ACC, because I have two wheels, but in LMU everything default.

    Thx for the help, I delete everything now, and start again.

  • Robert ZemenRobert Zemen Member
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    Thx Maurice, now work perfectly, and Fanalab automatically select the right profile! 🤗

    But the brf again back to 50% when fanalab select the right profile, and i saved the brf at 60%. Why the hell is happening again...

  • @Robert Zemen

    Might be as Noted by another user for iracing, LMU may do the same:

    "The saved setting is loaded when I’m IN the car, not before when I’m in the menu."

    "In the menu I went back to the default profile and for me this is the expected behavior."

    So now that Fanalab is selecting the correct profile for each car, check whilst you are in the LMU game and in car and on track, use the "Wheels Tuning menu and funky switch" to select and check if the BRF=60%. Then repeat the same check when you exit the car and track back to the LMU game menus and us the "Wheels Tuning menu and funky switch" again to see if the BRF=50%.

  • I was in the car, going out from the pit, so i already driving, and the BRF was 50%. This is not okay. Only LMU change my BRF, AC, and ACC other games are not doing that.

    I'm so frustrated.😮‍💨

  • Then it's a game issue and you should contact the game Developers.

  • Good afternoon

    Can anyone help me with any FFB settings for ACC and AMS2 on a DD2 please as ive been searching but i cant find any that are up to date

  • Hello can someone please help me and tell me what to do to get fanalab for my csl dd 5nm and not mess up my stuff plz and thank u

  • @Maurice Böschen : Thank you for the settings! LED porn on AC & ACC indeed!

    It is much appreciated and impressive work!

  • @Maurice Böschen Will you be adding the Retro F1 cars to your profiles as they are not listed in there for AMS2

  • No as I dont drive them so I dont want to spent time into them. Note that every profile takes at least half an hour, some even over 1 hour, of my personal time so I only invest my time into cars which I actually would consider to drive at some point, which is not the case for the Retro F1 cars.

  • Cool. Thx for the reply. The profiles helped a lot with some of the cars.

  • I tried Maurice's Fanalab profile 2.01.28 with the same version in Fanalab and It successfully applied to my game however I have a CSL V2.5 and I was wondering if these profile's are only for DD wheels or if it can be applied to a Belt driven wheel like the CSL 2.5V ?

  • Regarding Tuning Menu settings my profiles are Podium and CS DD exclusive.

  • Good morning! When setting FFB in the ACC menu to 60 percent, clipping goes into the red zone on some tracks in high-speed turns. Is it worth lowering the game to 50 percent?

  • Hello

    I use FANALAB V2.01.28 with the Maurice profiles V2.01.28 on ACC with a Clubsport DD

    BUT when I import the profiles, I don't have the little drawing of the car to the left of the name => the CDALP does not work !...🤕😰

    Note that I activated telemetry and I replaced the ProfileCarsList_ACC.xml in XML folder

    For the CDALP to be OK I have to assign each car one by one !!!... Where is my problem ?

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    edited - you replaced the xml

  • Thank you for your message Michael 😉

    I wrote in my previous message :

    "... Note that I activated telemetry and I replaced the ProfileCarsList_ACC.xml in XML folder..."

    But CDALP does not work !! 😣 I have tou bind manuelly each car one by one !!!... 😥

    Note, I use FANALAB V2.01.28 with the Maurice profiles V2.01.28 on ACC with a Clubsport DD

    Where is my problem ?...

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    I have closed/exited Fanalab and copied the xml file for F3 to the


    folder. Started Fanalab and all F3 profiles (except my own)

    showed a car bound.

  • Yes ! it's automatic ! normally.... 🤔

    BUT with my PC with FANALAB V2.01.28 and Maurice profiles V2.01.28 on ACC cars are not binded... (I have to bind manuelly each car one by one !!!... 😥)

  • Maurice, what FFB settings do you use in iRacing on DD+? For example in F4

  • @Maurice - is there a way to use your profiles strictly for the LEDs/lights but to keep the standard recommended settings for FFB?

  • @Logan - Load the FFB profile/Set the ffb how you want it. Then you manually load Maurices profile but dont have the 'Tuning menu' ticked. Then save the profile (have tuning menu and LED ticket)

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    Is it normal that Maurice's profiles are not AUTOMATICALLY linked to the car ?...

    I use FANALAB V2.01.28 with the Maurice profiles V2.01.28 on ACC with a Clubsport DD

    AND  I replaced the ProfileCarsList_ACC.xml in XML folder

    (I have to bind manuelly each car one by one !!!... 😥)

    Thank your for your response 😉

  • MadDog-ICMadDog-IC Member
    edited April 30

    @Jean-Marie Rossignol

    No it isn't normal to have to link the cars to each profile, that is the whole point of the profiles to do all the work for you.

    Installation instructions:

    1. In FanaLab go to the Game Profile Tab and click on the Import button.

    2. Select the profiles you want to import.

    Note: You can import several profiles at once from a folder. Afterwards the selected profiles will appear in the profile list.

    3. If not already done previously: click the two green buttons above the profile list to "Enable Telemetry" and "Enable FanaLab's Game LED/Hardware Support" to not get interfering from native game LED / Display implementation.

    Follow the instructions shown to you if FanaLab is not already doing it's magic on it's own.

    4. To bind the profiles to the respective car, just copy/paste the content of the included ProfileCarsList_ACC.xml file into the already existing ProfileCarsList_ACC.xml file, located in the folder C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Fanatec\FanaLab\xml.

    Not sure why it isn't working for you, your directories may differ from my working version, but have you checked ie:

    "C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Fanatec\FanaLab\xml" folder has the required ProfileCarsList_ACC.xml file in it.

    and the

    "C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Fanatec\FanaLab\settings\0_1" directory has all the required cars xxxxxxxxx.PWS files in it.

    May want to check you Fanatec Driver version is compatible with the Fanalab version, has to be V455 or later I think.

    Does your other games have the same issue as not loading the car profiles automatically ?.

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