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  • "copy/paste the content of the included ProfileCarsList_ACC.xml"

    This is the important bit. Dont copy the file itself. edit the file and copy the CONTENTS of it

  • Hello MadDog-IC

    Thank you very much for your help 😊

    I TOTALLY respected the procedure (Telemetry... Import profiles... AND replace XML file in the XML folder)

    BUT after reading the end of your answer, I looked at the directorys paths (XML and CarProfiles)

    I noticed that I have these directories in 2 places on my hard drive ! (folders are duplicate !)

    I think it's due to an incomplete uninstallation of an old version of Fanalab...

    => So MAYBE Fanalab points to the wrong directory !!!...

    I'm going to try cleaning the directories and check if it's OK... I'll let you know later 😉

  • Hello Darren Shepsman

    Thank you very much for your response 😉

    I replaced the XML files !...

    SO I will follow your advice and copy the contents of the XML file into the file

  • Hello MadDog-IC

    Thank you very much for your help 😊 Now it is OK

    ProfileCarsList_ACC.xml  is located in 2 places on my hard drive !

    I used to replace the xml files in the wrong directory. But now that we found the appdata subfolders we are all good !

  • MadDog-ICMadDog-IC Member

    Glad to have helped, enjoy.

  • Brent ChapmanBrent Chapman Member
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    @Maurice Böschen, will you be doing a profile for the new Mustang, in ACC? :)

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    @Brent Chapman Here is one I made so long. It doesn't have FFB settings but it has normal vibration and my preferred LED settings, so at least the LEDs will be sorted as a base.

    Note that gears 4, 5 and 6 are longer as these are more effective on the long straights.

    I tried to upload here, but kept getting 403 errors, so it's a Google Drive link:

  • @[email protected]

    Not quite what I'm looking for but thanks, anyway!

  • Hello,

    is there already a profile available for the new Ford in ACC?

  • Hi all,

    Just been trying some profiles from Maurice in ACC but it seems to overwrite my in game car setup. Is there a way to use the profiles for the wheelbase setup whilst still using my own in game car tuning?

    Many thanks !

  • Profiles can not change in game settings.

  • Thanks Maurice!

    Have done some more testing, and it seems the wheel base setting is whats confusing me. I was using the Fanatec recommended setting and had set TC2 and ABS3 in the in game car setup. Using the wheelbase setting from the profile, it changes the TC to 1 and turns off ABS when loading onto the track.

    Apologies for my lack of understanding on how everything interacts.

    btw, using Maurice's settings has just knocked 9 seconds off my Nurburgring lap time !

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    My ACC profiles use MPS Constant, so when the profile loads it loads to the position your MPS is currently positioned and when you use the MPS for TC and ABS then yes, the in game value changes to the position of your wheels MPS.

    BTW, nice laptime improvement ;)

  • Afternoon

    Will you be updating your profile list to inc the new Mustang GT3 to ACC?

  • Hi

    That would be great, like all profiles shared before.

    I'm patient because I know that people have a life besides simracing.

    Thanks again Maurice, for all the work that represents 👍️


  • [car-specific LEDs] + [standard recommended FFB]


    I mainly use Iracing. I would like to take advantage of car specific LEDs, but I want to stick with the standard Fanatec-recommended FFB settings regardless of car. I will let Iracing account for the different feel.

    How can I setup the profiles so that only LED settings change from car to car? Or, can Fanalab be evolved to let a user select whether they want car-specific changes to effect LEDs only, or LEDs and FFB?


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    Just first load the recommended profile, then load the LED settings from the other profile with everything else unchecked, save the current profile to a new one, bind it to a car, done.

  • Hey Maurice, will you be adding a profile for the Mustang GT3 in ACC? THX

  • It's done since months but no time to upload it atm.

    Maybe together with the next Lab update when F1 24 launches end of May.

  • mark dinsdalemark dinsdale Member
    edited May 20

    does anyone have some good profile settings for the classic Formula cars in AMS2 for a DD2 as ive got some great skins to bring the F1 1992-1994 seasons to live but i dont have any good profile setups so i cant seem to handle them good enough.

  • Are there possible new profiles for F1 24 ?

  • edited May 31

    They are done and will be released with the next FanaLab version with F1 24 support next week as there is no point in releasing them atm when the Lab doesnt support the game yet.

  • Hi Maurice i have a question about iRacing profiles i see that i have downloaded a previous pack of ffb profiles so i update with the last one and i see that in some cars i have dynamic ffb enabled and sometimes not. My question is, it should be enable or not? Or just on some cars

    Thank u

  • Long time no update but it's finally time for a new profile pack for P DD and CS DD(+) with todays new FanaLab version 2.01.35 which added F1 24 support and some new CarsLists!


    • Added new ACC profile for the Ford Mustang GT3 with updated ProfileCarsList.
    • Added new iRacing profiles for the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.R and Ford Mustang GT3 with updated ProfileCarsList.
    • Adjusted LED RPM values for the iRacing Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992) and Porsche 911 GT3 R (992) profiles according to latest Season 03 update.
    • Added F1 24 profiles.

    The profiles are only compatible with FanaLab V2.01.32 or newer and are incompatible with older Lab versions.

    As always: Hope you like and have fun with them :)

  • Thank you so much Maurice 👍️

  • Can someone tell me if I should expect to have the wheel rim vibrations on my f1 v2.5 work in iracing? It does in other titles but no iracing. I’ve gotten different answers about it being supported. Anyone else had luck before I keep trying things?

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    Depends on the telemetry setting. Most is disabled and not working in iRacing.

  • Waiting for a BMW Hypercar profile in LMU from Maurice, Tic tac tic tac…🤓

  • Ready (as well as updated profile for the 499) and waiting to be released with a new FanaLab version with updates to the CarsList.

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