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    Awesome!. LMU also needs to standardize their FFB strength across all vehicles and classes, which i think they did not yet in today’s update, not sure. They changed tire model for all classes but not sure if they tweeked something in the FFB either.

  • Can you give us some advices for the profile until the next release will come?

  • Hi Thank you very much for the effort you put into the profiles for us all. What would your recommendation be to change if i am running the 8nm wheel base ?

  • Did anyone else have Problems with LMU ? the "automatic" profile loading works for me only for the Peugeots. I tried to find a mistake in the Carlists but i didn´t see something wrong

  • Hello, 

    I own a DD1, and I mainly play iRacing. 

    I downloaded the profiles, I have the impression that when I play, the profile in Fanalab loads automatically, but I did not find where is located the InGame configuration of the parameters, do you have that? thank you in advance,

    Have a nice evening.

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    Question. Does anyone have profiles for the CSL Elite 1.1 for Iracing? Been using ones from the big collection here but they aren't made for this wheel. Does anyone still use it/still make profiles for it? Don't have the money for a DD for a very long time due to life stuff. Primarily using for the LEDs. I cannot figure them out after nights of trying.

  • AFAIK there are no profiles made for any of the old Belt Bases as almost nobody is still using them these days.

  • Damn. Well, i'll be using it till it dies so ill figure it out then. Just seems everything is always off by a tiniest bit no matter what i do in fanalab.

  • does anyone have a setup profile for The Crew Motorfest using a DD2.

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