What will be the hottest feature of the ClubSport Wheel V2?



  • I never had a problem with my csw base, but knowing the problem on mabuchi i always used it with less power that i would have. If the V2 solve those problem i think it will be a nice experience....waiting the servo drive base
  • The hottest features of the ClubSport Wheel V2 for me would be:

    1. If it's located in MY basket (then click pay and send to me)...

    2. If it's located in MY post box (then excitedly unpack and install)...

    3. If it's installed at MY RaceRig (then go wild!)... :D

  • I'm hoping it will also be compatible with the xbox 360 as well as xbox1 and PS4.

    1 wheel to rule them all would be awesome...

  • i own a gt2 wheel and i have been planning to upgrade to a clubsport wheel and base, now with the v2 base coming and 918 RSR wheel out i think the time to do it is here.
  • i want to use heavier rims with solid FFB without melting the motors :)
  • Sorry I had to.

    Andrew - I recognized your headphones being NOT from Fanatec (although dropped very nicely around the shifter - it just looks like some kind of love story between them)... And I can not see any handbrake at all. I hope very much, that these facts would n´t lead to excluding you from the first batch of email-codes being sent! :D
  • More torque is the big draw for me.  With the current base, even with the Porsche 918 rim attached on which you did a great job of reducing the weight compared with the BMW, it never felt as strong as I'd like under the point at which the FFB starts clipping.  You'd get into a high G corner, think this feels really good and then look at the force meter (e.g. in iracing) and see that the FFB was clipping. With the ~75% increase on the v2 base this should no longer be an issue.  I suspect a lot of people will be going back to linear mode in iracing when they get their hands on this. 


    The increased torque of v2 might even get you pretty close to real world forces for road cars, which would be great for Assetto Corsa, Project CARS :D  Lets hope everything goes well and these start making their way into the hands of your customers asap!

  • Bin schon gespannt, wie sich die Servo-Technik bemerkbar macht.

  • Better reliability! Ready to pull the trigger to get my first CSW  :-*
  • I purchased the V1 CSW when it first came out. The first batch had some issues with overhearing and ffb fade. It seems Fanatec has really addressed these issues by improving the motor and cooling. I'm most excited about the brushless servo. Many in the community knocked the V1 CSW for the motors and Fanatec has clearly responded.
  • Ich bin gespannt! ;)
  • Left comment of FB, now here.
  • The CSW v2 seemse to be a great upgrade to the v1. More torque, better feeling and reliability.

    Also the multi-platform addition is big benfit.

    Keep up the good work.

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    The new base will be great! Better durability, more power and the brushless servo are the best new features for me. Of course the compatibility to PS4 and XBOX ONE will be great, too.

    I'm hoping for an invitation.
  • J'attend de voir les vrais photos de la base et des roue pour PS4 et XboxOne avec impatience.Par contre connaissez vous déja a peut prét le prix qui sera fixé pour les roues de PS4 et XboxOne ?

  • Just the right time for me at all :D, after receiving the ClubSport pedals EU three days ago I decided to order my first ClubSport Wheelbase EU and fortunately I saw the announcements for the V2 on facebook ! I'm really excited about the new features, well done Fanatec ! Just hope also for an invitation :-) .
  • Bought a CSPv2, replacing my stock G25 pedals, this summer and have been holding out for the CSW, completely ditching my aging G25. So this is awesome news.
    I'll probably order it as soon as possible.
  • Looking forward to buy one, it durability increased:)
  • Hi, I was getting very worried when Fanatec went quiet on a new wheel for the next gen consoles and wondered if one was ever going to arrive. I'm so glad that I waited and didn't waste my money on another wheel as the CSW V2 looks awesome!
    Thanks for the excitement guys 
  • I've been saving for months and was about to buy the Clubsport V1 base but when I saw this I thought ok I have to wait for this one! I'm still using the G25 wheel and I can't even throw my money at you guys for it! Damn it help an enthusiast out!

    I'd say the best feature is the added Durability, I spend a lot of hours on iRacing so I need that!

  • Build quality looks amazing, and the fact that customization was a priority makes this very intriguing to me.
  • Very impressive from Fanatec as always!
    Next gen (ps4) I hope..
  • Allow me to put my priorities this way, from a PWTS Clubsport owner.


    More torque power

    Sure, but really not necessary. The PWTS actually dislocated my thumb at one point.


    Better cooling system and durability

    Yes. My fans broke quickly and wheel overheats at times.


    Faster acceleration to make countersteering easier

    Never noticed an issue with this.


    Less cogging force (notchiness) and better feeling for subtle force effects

    A smoother feel would be very welcome.


    Improved belt drive with no belt slip and very low drag

    Also would be nice to feel.


    Double the resolution on the steering axis

    Not really necessary.


    Compatibility to PlayStation 4 and PC

    Would be nice to have the option.


    Compatibility to Xbox One and PC

    My purchase comes down to this. No Xbox One compatibility, no purchase.


    Thank you Fanatec for delivering superior products! If it wasn't for you, I couldn't enjoy my games nearly as much.
  • ... new wheel base? this is an option 
  • Meine CSW V1 base ist vor drei Wochen zwei Jahre alt geworden und ist noch immer im perfekten zustand und eigentlich gibt es überhaupt keinen grund auf die V2 aufzurüsten.

    Hmm, moment mal
    1. überarbeiteter Riemenantrieb mit großen Kugellagern; geringerer widerstand
    2. detailiertere force-feedback wiedergabe
    3. möglicherweise xBone kompatibel

    na da werd ich dann wohl doch mal zuschlagen!!!

  • Now that you have seen the specs and details of the new Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2 please tell us what features you are interested most.

    Please vote and leave a comment if you like to win an invite as we will give-away 5 additional invites among all people who voted and left a comment.

    The other invites will be sent out by end of next week and in several waves over the next months. You will be notified by e-mail and the invite will be shown in the customer profile.

  • Love my CSW V1 on the ps3, looking forward to purchasing the V2 for the ps4 ( I HOPE ) ?
  • Durability is always a high priority when investing in a high end product, so I am glad to see improvements in the new V2. I am very excited about this release and will commence building my 9th F1 Sim cockpit in anticipation of its general release.
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