Fanatec Beta Driver V352/356 [DD Performance Update] for Podium Bases ONLY (all steering wheels)



  • ok, well thats caught me out and wish it wouldn't do that, so maybe instead up having the V2 wheel on put on the new porsche wheel when doing firmware updates

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    In case of the DD you can take a look at the lop left corner which mode is on but indeed it's not as obvious as a bright green LED.

    What I've figured out if you don't remember the button combination, remove the xbox wheel and re attach it, then the base is in PC mode again.

  • I was using my V2.5 CSW tonight and the wheel was completely losing all function whilst playing F1 2019 on Pc. I was able to remedy this temporarily by restarting the wheelbase but as the night went on the instance of this happening increased and every time i restarted w/b I had to go into the button mapping and calibration section and confirm some buttons again even though they were showing as correct? Aside from that I find it really good, just sucks when it happens in the middle of a good lap! If it happens to often tomorrow I will roll it back to V347 and Fanalab 1.12 and see if that fixes it, I just thought I would let you know and see if you have any ideas on this?

    Windows 1903

    Pc Driver 356

    WB Firmware 669

    Motor fw 22

    st Wheel fw 28

  • Hi,

    Started getting random Torque jolts on my dd2 in iracing. I'll be going down a straight then will get a jolt like I've hit a wall. Also lost all ffb and wheel started turning to the left. Had to shut it down restart it and it was fine and get a random bright led rev light on the porche 911 gt3 wheel.

    Wheel Base Model : DD2

    Steering Wheel Model : Porche 911 GT3

    Pc Driver :356

    WB FW: 670

    WBM FW : 38

    SW FW: 9

    Phub FW :2.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Thanks, haven't heard of a CSW V2.5 freezing lately, will keep an eye on it.

  • @Marcel Pfister

    May I suggest that you provide an update of the driver/firmware progress two to three days a week, on even the slightest progress to keep us consumers exited about the upcoming driver and firmware. Please keep the updates positive, we don't need information about stuff that doesn't work. It doesn't have to be a long post, just a very short summary of the positive progress you have made of even the smallest improvements. It would make a big difference and keep people from asking when we expect a new driver and firmware. Besides that, I believe that most people in the beta section of the forum are really interested in the technical challenges you are going through, to sort everything out.

    Stay safe and remember to do a lot of simracing.

  • @Marcel Pfister

    Wheel Base Model : DD!

    Steering Wheel Model : Podium Porche 911 GT3 with R300 Wheel

    Pc Driver :356

    WB FW: 670

    WBM FW : 38

    SW FW: 9

    Phub FW :2.

    For the most part I'm happy with this combination. Most issues are in relationship with FanaLab. With the Steering Wheel F1 2019 with APM in iRacing driving the F3 I receive sharp feedback that as reported was reduced with the 356 driver. I attribute that more to the telemetry interface than the firmware for it is different reduced with the (F3.5).

    I recognize that the firmware is getting the information first from (iRacing etc ....) and then passing it on to FanaLab for game specific tuning. So I would hope that you are not just giving us small updates when we are trying to complete a system.

    You have received many responses. Hopefully you are now working with a select few that represent your customer base development team for each of your intended targets.

    I vote for working with a sound engineering process.

  • Hi

    I have a DD1 mounted with porsche 991GT3 R and run driver 356

    I have the same problem in iRacing. It start with some times it feels like hit something invisible on track. For a millisecond the wheel is gone and then come back.

    It starts like this for about a week and then first the podium bottun module freezes. Some minuts later the wheel pulled very strong to the left. After about 10 sec the wheel base come back and I could drive again. But the was smash though, so I quit.

    In Fanalab i can only see the DD1 and and the podium hub.

    I then reinstall drivers, restart pc, install drives again and all work again for about a month..........

    Both are done up correctly ( even taking outp the rubber slack before putting the wheel on)

    This have happen 3 times for me this year. It first started with driver 356

    Shall i go back to driver 346 or 352 and will the podium bottun module work with that?

    Cant find 352 anywere....

  • As I have answered in another thread already: No, the BME wont work with driver 346, it needs at least driver 352 which can be found on the download page of the DD but there is no real difference to the 356 you are already using. You should wait for a newer driver, or ask Marcel Pfister if he can send you the 361.

  • Wheel Base Model (product ID): CSW V2.5

    Steering Wheel Model (product ID): Forza Wheel with Xbox One Universal Hub

    Driver Version: 356

    Base FW Version: 669

    Wheel Base Motor FW Version: 18

    FanaLab Version: 1.23

    As above, I have loaded the 356 driver and was able to successfully update the wheel base firmware to 669. However, I keep getting prompted to update the wheel base motor FW, but it fails every time. The start button leds just blink in a red circular pattern forever. I have tried with steering wheel attached and not attached. Cannot figure out how to get it to update. Very frustrating. Any help appreciated.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    you can either keep using or you could use an older Driver like 347 to see if updating the Motor Firmware is possible with that Version.

  • Hi Marcel, reverting to 347 allowed me to update the motor firmware, and then I was able to update drivers to 356 and update the wheelbase to 668. All seems to have worked OK thus far. Just not sure why the 356 drivers wouldn't update the motor firmware. Seems a bit like whack-a-mole with issues in these beta drivers.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Thanks for letting me know, we will check that.

  • Macht ihr auch nochmal was an neuen treibern oder sitzt Ihr das aus.

    Die ganzer firma istBeta Status, hätt ich bloss ein Simucube gekauft.

    .Danke für NIX

  • Hey Marcel Pfister

    This driver can work on CSL Elite - ps4

    (playing iRacing)

  • Hi I am a complete noob at this stuff. I bought the CSL Elite Wheelbase and the Clubsport F1 V2 Wheel. I play on a PS4 and other people said I could use the V2 Wheel even though it’s mainly for that true?

    Also, I am a complete idiot when it comes to firmware updating. I’m going to my friend’s house who has windows for all the updates, but what do I do? Do I plug the wheelbase and steering wheel into his PC? Which downloads should I click for each one? Can I do these updates without being with my setup as long as I have the wheelbase and the wheel? I’m so sorry for being an idiot but I’ve search anywhere and none of these questions were covered lol. Thanks so much to anyone who replies :)

  • Hi Solomon

    Let me warn you, updating firmware can brick your system if not done right or introduce unwated behaviour. Do it at your own risk!!!!

    The best guide I have found in this forum is for one of the beta drivers (and firmware). It might not be the right one for you to use, depending on the version you want to upgrade to, but it is good for getting an idea of what to do.

    I did an upgrade to beta driver v356 and upgraded to the included firmware. It broke my DD base so I had to send it to the Fanatec workshop twice over the course of two months. So I warn you again, upgrade at your own risk and really think hard before you decide if you want to do an upgrade (do you really need it? is it a stable driver or beta?). If you decide to upgrade and something goes wrong, please consider the extra time it can take to have your Fanatec equipment repaired, in these "human-malware" times.



  • Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for the response. I’m still a little confused. I’m not trying to update things that don’t need to be updated. I was just confused on the basic firmware that is mandatory to download from the website. I thought that when you buy a wheelbase and a steering wheel, you have to download something from the Fanatec website before you play...I was more asking about that process. Since I play on a PS4, do I even have to download anything, or when my things come, can I turn it on and start playing from the get go without having to do anything? I’m not trying to be a beta updater or anything or that matter. I was just lost on what to do for all the tutorials saying that I have to download firmware for my wheelbase/wheel before I even start playing.



  • As far as I know, you don't need to download anything to get started. It should be plug 'n play. I too could use my DD1 PS4 on my PS4 without installing anything software or firmware through a PC first. The user guide that comes with the product should be straight forward. If you have any concerns you should reach out to Fanatec support, they really do a great job.

  • I can't find v352 either on this forum, but a simple google search ( gets you to a page where you can download it. I tried and unzipped the file, then had a look at the digital signature tab of the file, which makes me think it is OK, as it is signed with a certificate issued by Symantec to Endor AG.

    I'm not writing the website from where you can download it, as it could be risky, but it is easy to find in a google search.

    Download and use at your own risk (I would personally prefer to download it from a post in this forum made by Marcel Pfister) !!!!!

  • No need to do such things at all, driver 352 is still listed in the download tab of the DD Webshop page, at least in the EU Webshop.

  • Look not to be rude but we need one central area for Drivers............let it be here in the forums with a link on the Fanatec Web site to the forum with the drivers

  • First things first:

    Fanatec has awesome hardware, no doubt.

    But guys, are you serious with your Software?

    10'000 different drivers and firmware and like 90% of it in Beta must be kidding me. It's hell of confusing to get things to work.

    All I want is Flag LED in F12019, but for this i need Fanaleb where I need a Beta Driver, are you serious? Tried the 356 Driver, doesnt work at all and Fanatec Property Page crashes when i want to open it...

    tried the old fanaleb with older driver, doesnt work well either (REV LED changing luminitiy and flashing).

    Is it really too much asked to have ONE STABLE COMBO of Driver and Software to Modifiy the Settings?

    And ONE PAGE where everything is listed with explanation! In an IT Technician and its heck of confusing for me, now imagine someone who has no freakin idea about Soft- and/or Hardware....

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    F1 2019 supports the Flagleds natively, no need for FanaLab...

    But as we don't know which base you have we can't answer you properly which driver is the best for you at the moment. For DD users it's 346 if you have problems with 356 and for CSW and CSL users it's 347.

  • Dear friends, I downloaded the FanaLab but the software did not recognise my CSW wheel base, or my V3 pedals or either my BMW wheel. I tried many different times but just not work. I download the software update that thew FanaLab was me but even so did not recognised.

    Could you help me.


  • Which FanaLab version, which driver and which CSW version?

  • FLAG LED's dont work without Fanalb, tried. Also contacted Fanatec Support which refered me to Fanalab.

    Wheelbase CSL Elite 1.1

    Wheel Formula V2

    ATM Driver 340 with Fanalab 1.12. New issue....rev led is not working properly, the highlight way to fast and do not correspond with the car LED in the default setting so im trying to do it manually and its not really easy to find the correct settings when which LED should highlight...

    But FLAG LED words (with Fanalab).

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    ah okay yeah you have an unsupported wheel base for native FlagLED support. On CSW v2.5, CSL E PS4 and DD Bases the game supports the FlagLEDs natively on PC and even PS4 without the need of any additional software.

    Your reported issue with FanaLab 1.12 and LEDs being out of sync was a known issue of that version and is only fixed with the new 1.23 version. Workaround is to set the UDP Send Rate in F1 to 10Hz which then should sync again with Fanalab 1.12

    But yes, you need to configure the RPM LED percentage manually for every car (as every car uses a different RPM range). But thats no issue of FanaLab, you would have to do that also in Fanaleds or SLIMaxMgr etc.

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