Fanatec Beta Driver V352/356 [DD Performance Update] for Podium Bases ONLY (all steering wheels)



  • I have a podium dd2 wheelbase and tried out this beta driver v356, very nice and complete!! So many settings !

    Only issue is that In some games such as Forza Horizon 4, even if you put the sensitivity(SEN) at the highest value on the tuning menu which is around the 2000, the wheel turn won’t match the game one. A small movement on the real wheel will cause a huge turn in game.

    solved it easily downgrading the the latest not-beta version :)

  • Please check if your Wheelbase menu on the display only show the default Fanatec logo when you are racing.

    Some users have reported the same issue as you, if they with V356 are showing one of the force feeback pages on the wheel base with the moving graphs or temperatures while driving.

  • That's a rim freeze, i'm getting those for months now , no fixes, no nothing. I just always turn off the SHO, so i don't get that rumble when it happens. They advised me to get my unit to get RMAed, but i'm currently in competitive season and there is no way i can skip races. On top of that i have already seen two guys here who had their WBs RMAed twice and keep having those Rim Freezes.

    I don't know what to think really, it could be that this issue is supper uncommon and could be coz of some hardware incompatibility, like MB or maybe the podium module itself or god knows what. Tracking that could be very hard and they have other more frequent problems to tackle on first. The amount of shit i tried to find what might be causing that to happen is stupid, from complete wipe of my storage Nvme and sim-game to removing all wireless and switching all usb port peripherals and between.

    The FFB is amazing, but the amount of troubles that it gives, the races that it ruined (with price pools which would of cover my unit and above) and the time i waited for this product to come out, makes me really regret not just getting an OSW when i made a decision to get DD or just went with the new Simucube 2.

  • It shows the gears while racing, so it seems to be another issue. And I downgraded to the latest non beta driver and the problems still exists. So I think it might be another issue?

  • Peyo Peev please answer me a question, are your driver and firmware settings the same as mine, the ones i wrote in the question you answered?

    Which base configurations do you use that work best against this problem on the V2 steering wheel?

    Thank you.

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    I have been having those freezes with all the driver packages from v346 to v364, which I received for testing about this issue.

    Yes I'm using the v2 formula rim with the podium module. It's PS4 DD1 bundle, but there was a dude who had the endurance hub and the V2 having the same issue with both, so I won't call it rim related.

    There aren't any setting that can make it happen less frequently that I have found. The only thing that keeps me more confident going into races is that 100% before a race to drive the WB for 1 hour, coming in and out of session and if it doesn't freeze I think I have 99% chances that it won't cuck me in a race. If it freezes before, that WB "warm-up session" is to restart the WB, then restart Windows, then get into the wheel drivers panel and click the test functions of LED, FFB and etc, fire up the sim and repeat this procured till it stops doing it, sometimes it does 3-4 times in a row and it happens in the first 1-2-3 laps of getting in a session. Very rarely it happen afterwards, but the two times it did, It screwed my qualification in a competitive race.

    Oh and I avoid any alt-tabing while using the sim. After restart of OS I try to set everything, like Discord, TS or whatever other app you need before launching the sim and stay there. It's giving me the feeling that maybe Windows screws up something and isn't far stretch from guess since the WB actually its shown as 2 devices and there might be some conflict with USB protocols or whatever.

  • Peyo Peev, thanks for answering me.

    And how are you doing? Are you running with her even defective?

    Is there anything we can do?

    Should I send it to RMA so they can replace me with another Formula V2 part?

    What is your suggestion?

  • Hi,

    I am having the rim freezes on my Formula V2 with all the beta drivers.

    The only driver I can use is the original 335 and even with that one I occasionally lose the steering but this can be fixed by recalibrating the wheel.

    I always thought the problems came from the DD2 base. Are you saying the Formula V2 is the culprit ?

  • Hello,

    Yes I believe that the Formula V2 steering wheel is to blame because I have been racing with an R300 since the beginning of the problems with the Formula V2 and so far it is working perfectly.

    I really don't know what to think and do, it seems to me that even the people at Fanatec are a little confused about how to solve this problem.

  • I can't do anything else currently. I'm running in high profile competitions and i can't be absent from them. There was a small window a few weeks back when i could of send the unit for RMA, but i always though that there could of been a workaround, coz its always happening on the same spots on the track, plus knowing the are few guys who had their units RMAed and still having the issue, didn't bring me any confidence in the procedure.

    I am 100% there was a guy here who had the rim freeze problem with his V2 and Podium HUB/Porsche rim.

  • I understand perfectly.

    Thanks for the chat.

    I spent US $ 4,000.00 in a Fanatec setup to not have the minimum attention in this problem, the support clerk is totally lay and takes forever to answer the emails, they just say that I have to send the DD2 base and the RMA steering wheel V2, this service from Fanatec is very sad. I really believe it is a driver, firmware or software, things that I wouldn't need to send the V2 steering wheel and the DD2 base, which is very big and heavy.

    I'm really getting really sorry and sad that I didn't buy a SIMUCUBE 2, very sad.

  • Hello Peyo Peev,

    Could you please tell me what your MB is?


  • Asus maximus viii hero. I thought there is a chance that it could be from that, i updated the USB drivers for the MB and had like 5 days without rim freeze and genuinely thought it fixed the issue, and then the freezes came back.

  • I hope someone can help me out:

    I have a fanatec podium and purchaced the Porche wheel. Part of the installation procedure is:

    1-Update driver to 356 after the update everything still works.

    2-Update the firmware to 670 after the update everything still works.

    3-Update wheel motor from 30 to V38. After the firmware update the Podium is bricked and doesnt respond to anything. The power button isnt even working. Restarting by disconnecting the power cord is the only option. When booting the podium is stuck again.

    The only solution at that moment is to install the 346 driver and boot the podium into recovery mode and flash the old firmware back.

    The Porche wheel and button module are recognized and working untill I install the motor firmware v38

  • Peyo Peev,

    So, I use an Asus Rog Strix X570-E Gaming MB, could it be related to Asus MB ???

    It's a possibility.

  • No its not. Mine board is for Intel and yours is for AMD, and I asked another guy who has the same issue, he has MSI Intel MB.

  • ok, if it works with old motor firmware then dont install the new one V38

    Instead just post your details and the problem here so they know

  • I just did a search on the forums for the text "v38" and got several posts that show many people have issues with v38. Maybe you should try to run with the v30 for the motor. I believe that the PBME will still work with the motor firmware at v30, but maybe someone can confirm that:

    by Mike Mar · January 30

    Also, when I revert back to driver v345, WB v662, but remain on motor FW v38, the steering doesn't work but shifters work, as above. When I then revert to motor v30, everything works again.

    by [email protected] · January 7

    It seems that any of the 669/670 with motor V38 causes the freeze. I have also tried doing the motor firmware first while base is still 662 and 664, and the base will 100% fan and then freeze when

    by Luna · December 2019

    Since your DD1 bricks again as soon as you install motor FW V38, maybe it would be useful to see if all of you have the same hardware version.

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    Motor v30 is NOT compatible with the required Base Firmware 669 or 670 - the fan would always spin at full speed 4000rpm 100%.

    Always ONLY use the proper Motor Firmware which is compatible with the Base Firmware - they have to match, otherwise this could lead to unforeseen issues like you mention with 662/38 which is also NOT a compatible pair!

  • Thanks for sharing, makes sense. The issue for me is that after installing driver 356 and updating the base firmware to 670 everything works. But the moment I install motor firmware V38 everything is stuck as mentioned in my original post.

  • Problem: Wheelbase jolts an freezes (need to replug wheelbase to powersupply)

    It mostly happens when you have a crash and the wheelbase starts oscillating extremly (I take my hands off the steering wheel before the impact). But it also happened when you want to heat up the tires with fast steering inputs. Yesterday it it even happened during normal driving with smooth and slow inputs... since it was quite unexpected it was a bit painful...

    so this driverpackage is now almost 5 months old and seems to have huge problems...

    i just tried out the older stable releases but they just feel horrible! The additional functions for the DD advertised by you with the newer drivers made me acquire a DD wheel from you in the first place. So I just hope you will release a fix soon... its more than overdue...

    Sim: iRacing

    PC Driver: 356

    WB FW: 670

    Wheel Base Motor Firmware: 38

    Wheels: McLaren Wheel (FW: 30), Universal Hub with Advanced Paddle Module (FW: 38)

    In iRacing and Fanalabs (v. 1.23 BETA) I use the settings you recommended in the forum.

  • I´ve bought a DD1... should i update to this drivers or use the 346?

  • Performance wise I'd go with Driver 356 and included firmwares. There are some issues with random jolts in the FFB, which can be eliminated by using the default Logo Screen on the DD for now.

    It also depends on which Rims you wanna use and if you want to use Fanalab.

  • Hi,

    Does driver 356, wb fw 670, wb motor fw 38 not work well with Fanalab 1.24?

  • Sorry Maurice more, yes it works well or yes it does not work well?

    I didn't quite understand the answer.

  • yes it works wonderful with FanaLab 1.24 (old driver 347 is not working at all with FanaLab 1.24 so 356 is your only chance anyway).

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