Fanatec Beta Driver V352/356 [DD Performance Update] for Podium Bases ONLY (all steering wheels)



  • Hello there,

    I'm using a DD2 mostly with either the McLaren or the Formula V2 wheel rim, PRINCIPALLY on PC, although I attend some weekly events on XBOX.

    I noticed some minor issues with the beta driver (I'm running WHEEL BASE 669 - MOT CON 38 - ST WHEEL 30 on the McLaren) which appears only on AC (XBOX version) concerning a double rotation of the virtual wheel compared to the physical one.

    The issue has been already reported to your customer service, which addressed me here, I will post the 2 videos I sent to your customer care.

    Please excuse the length of both videos and my treacherous English too...

    Altering the "virtual wheel rotation" in game value makes no detectable change, I had already proceeded with the complete flush of the current firmware, to try and exclude some possible installation mishaps, yet no improvement. <this issue didn't appear with previous versions of the firmware / driver package.

    Can you please have a look into this?


    Moreno Sartor

  • Hi just wanted to say got my DD1 podium hub and porsche wheel and pbme about 2 weeks ago got newest drivers and fanalab,everything is working as expected. Since i just built my first pc a week before and it all worked as expected,im feeling pretty lucky and fully satisfied with my decision to go fanatec. I did have clunking but turned down fei to 80 and i think it stopped so far. Thanks fanatec and looking for more telemetry functions on pbme.

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    Hi Marcel Pfister,

    is it possible to have an ETA for the new firmware? Maybe I did understand it poorly but I thought it was going to be released last week.

    I know how hard are you working on this so, I do not mind to wait till end of month but I rather prefer to know it to avoid checking the forum 3 times a day 😅.



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    Hi guys. I received my new DD2 yesterday and updated to 356 beta. So far I have only been playing for hour on ACC and did not notice any issues.

    But I have a question regarding the system info screen (on the OLED display). I dont completly understand the data - is there any detailed information (the user manual does not say much). For some of them I see v0, hope that this is normal?

    Here are my details


    FW: v670

    HW: v0


    FW: v38

    HW: v2

    ACV: v3


    FW: v6

    HW: v0

    And second question. Currently my pedals (csp v3) are connected directly to PC. If I connect them to the wheel base - will I loose the possibility to adjust min and max values for the pedals via the driver control panel?

    1. thats normal
    2. no you won’t lose those possibilities, in fact you even gain the option to adjust the brakeforce on the fly in the tuning menu
  • Thanks Maurice

    With my previous wheelbase (CSL Elite PS4) I could not set min max for pedals when they were connected to the base.

    So that is great I will reroute my cables :)

  • that is also possible with the CSL Elite PS4 Wheel Base, you just have to put the pedals in manual calibration mode in the settings Tab in the driver ;-)

  • my fanalab says download v352 or later, where do I find the link to download v352 or 356? thanks

  • In this Forum. In this thread. On page 1. in the first post.

  • Hi, does anyone have a link for any older drivers... I tried 356 and didnt work properly. Only one listed on fanatec site is 355 and it feels terrible, like there is a dead zone at centre and when the ffb catches it feels terrible

  • Which Wheelbase are you using? Try 346 if you have a DD. But keep in mind some loss of performance.

  • I have dd1, where do u find the older drivers ?

  • Thanks very much Sascha !!!! I've got a league race in an hour and was starting to panic

  • We need to have links posted in one spot for older drivers to try them if required

  • Hi,

    Yesterday testing the new Porsche GT4 in iRacing, I losst the shifiting and my formula V2 got stuck in vibrate mode.

    Attached my DD2 driver details. When can we expect a fix ?


  • Hi Marcel

    I have just purchased the following items as per below:-

    A / Podium racing wheel F1 PS4

    B / Club Sport Pedals V3

    C / Club Sport BMW M3 GT2

    D / Club Sport Shifter SQ Limited Edition 2019

    I have uploaded v346 fimrware and now nothing is happening, as per the screen below.

    This is the first time I have powered up the Podium racing DD with the F1 wheel. It seems the DD is not connecting the F 1wheel nor the BMW wheel

    Its all brand new equipment and this is the first time I have turned the power on and now this is happening after uploaded v346

    What Should i do to fix this the problem. both wheels don't show up on the screen

    Have checked all the pins in both wheels and none are broken.

    Should I upload the latest new firmware.

    Pls help as I'm new to new sim and currently so upset with the first problem with the equipment not working.


  • I know that when starting the wheel the default is Xbox and until I press the buttons on the wheel to set it to PC nothing shows on PC for wheel...not sure if PS4 is the default setting ?

  • Hi Alex I had the same issue with the wheel rim not being connected to my base when I upgraded the firmware. Eventually it was sent back for RMA and came back fixed with the root cause being a broken "main cord" whatever that is. You write that you upgraded to v346, did you try the official version that came with the base, I believe it's v335?

    Depending on where you live, it varies how long an RMA will take, but for your information my RMA took around 10 days from the day I shipped it until I had it back. Support is really helpful so try to reach out to them if downgrading to the official driver doesn't help.

  • I had that screen when I connected my dd2 I just updated everything to v356 driver and firmware then everything was fine

  • how do I find the official driver ? and I can't find anything about a driver v335 only v336.

    I am located in Sydney Australia and this is very upsetting as I have spent over $5k and I can't use anything.

    I have sent a request for support but no answer and I'm very worried about the new driver v356 too.

    Hope you guys can help me pls.


  • Hi Leon

    I started with uploading v346 and thats when the problem started as per the attached photo in the above previous comment, pls read above.

    I have now just uploaded v 356 to the wheel base and still the same problem, the racing wheel will not respond

    I am gutted having spent over $5k for my sim racing rig and equipment and now nothing works.

    So what the hell do I do now , NO response from Fanatec support team either.

  • Which wheel are you using? Did you update firmware for everything attached to your base including the base firmware itself? If you are using driver 356 you need to update the motor firmware and do a motor calibration afterwards without a steering wheel attached.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    All the freezing issues are quite new right now so I really can't tell when they are fixed. Weird is they are starting since a couple of days even though the driver is out for two months which makes us think there might be an external change like a windows update causing it. We have to gather more information and investage what the root cause could be.

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    roflmao...yes, you get everything working nicely and Windows releases an update that causes mayem with drivers, happens to often and lets face it they dont care

    But one thing I would like to see is after driver updates etc the wheel restarts in PC mode and not X=Box mode ...yes, it has caught me a few times

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    It's only after a firmware update that the base will re-boot into Xbox mode if an Xbox steering wheel is attached.

  • Which makes it even worse as there is no way to update the firmware while connected to a Xbox.

    Sorry for pouring oil into the fire ;-)

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    It's a feature for Xbox users which also helps with first installation, it caught me off guard from time to time as well. Knowing a couple of downsides, personally I don't like it either that way, but it's a decision that isn't in my hands which is the reason it will stay that way for now.

  • Marcel,

    I know and I'm not blaming you. I very much apreciate your work here. But I (like you) still think this is a, let's call it, questionable feature. Console-versions of the fanatec bases probably outsell PC-versions by a good margin. How about putting a mode selector switch back right into the base with a clear indicator (led) for the selected mode. Anyway, rebooting a base connected to a PC during a firmware update process should not change the mode to anything else than PC-mode and I willl continue complaining about it from time to time..

    Stay healthy an take care.

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