Fanatec Beta Driver V361 (now V365) for CSL, CSW and Podium Bases (all wheels)



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    Sam Meehan, yes same wheel. I'm running with the PS4 bundle, i have used all drivers, i even got non-released beta drivers, with the last onces 364, i had 3 days in a roll without a issue with a lot of driving, and it happen once and now it keeps on going. It keeps ruining my official races...are you getting them on the same spot on the tracks? which sim are you using?

  • So are you running a driver that doesn't include the firmware you installed on your base and motor, which you got from another driver version? Why don't you use the driver and firmware that comes together ?

  • Now you have my attention Peyo!!!! How did you get your hands on beta driver v364? It's the first time I have seen someone talking of a newer beta version than v361. Did you run it with the F1 wheel and did you try the Podium Button Module Endurance (PBME) with it?

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    Mate, you don't read my post....i said i used everything from 346 through all the beta drivers, including non-released driver, which i got send coz of my issue to test....Jacob Stig Bruntse Nielsen

    ah i see what you ment, i run only with the F1 wheel. I keep freaking trying everything, it just got to my mind to remove the wireless keyboard i have been using for a while....

  • Is beta 361 back up for download?

  • I have a question, not sure if im on the right place.

    I have a CSL elite wheel base and driver version 328.

    Am I on a way to old version and should install the latest beta driver? And if i use the beta driver, do i still have warrenty after?

    Thanks already, hope to hear from you guys.

  • I'm having the exact same problem from driver 356. My McLaren wheel is dead and when trying to update it shows MODE: as Formula V2 wheel.

    It also bricked my BME when I tried to update that and it is now not functioning at all even though it was fine before just not displaying any ITM info.

    Have contacted support several times without any reply or even a affirmation that they received the support request.

    Glad they have a new driver out but have no way to update either McLaren or BME so they are totally useless until I can figure out how to reflash them from beginning.

    I tried the flash file on the 356 thread but it will get to between 1% and 21% before the update fails.

    Hope they get this figured out.

    Using DD2 FW: 670

    Motor FW: 38

    Podium Hub FW:2

  • I waited some time to be sure before posting what might have fixed the issue. To not much surprise it turned out to be EMI from USB Mic, sitting 5 cms away from the WB. I have been having almost a whole week without having a freeze, next week i'll plug it back in to see if its gonna come back. Seems the products aren't so well shielded, could be USB interference issue who knows, but if anyone has that issue before sending your unit to RMA, to check for possible EMI sources.

  • wheel base?

  • DD1 PS4 Package

  • When is the new firmware expected?

  • Hello Team Fanatec and Community,

    Just to tell you my experience with Driver 361 (i catch him before he was removed)

    I use a CSW V2 and an E-Sport Formula 1 driving wheel and use Driver 361 and Firmware 672

    I use a CSP V3 connected with USB and use Driver 361 and Firmware 1.30

    My PC setup is MSI B450 with Ryzen 5, 16gb Ram and AMD RX5700XT connected on 3 x 32" SkillKorp Screen

    What i can say, for me, all is worked fine and no issue since i use this driver 361.

    i dont use SLIMax Manager (but work for me, but dont need it) and dont use Fanaled or Fanalab, full removed from my computer.

    If that help or point in the right direction, i'm happy.

    Feel free for any comment.

    PS: Dont ask about sharing this Driver 361, Fanatec has for sure a good reason to disabled the download and i dont want to have any conflict with them....

  • i forget to tell you that i only play F1 2019....

  • Nobody knows but it would be nice to have it anytime soon. I have been waiting since December to have something that will support the BME without bricking the wheelbase.

  • Driver 356 is out for months already and it does not brick the wheel base. There are thousands of happy BME users out there already.

  • Same problem here. Any solution yet. When I tried to upgrade Mclaren FW with the 356 driver it killed it and now when I try to update the firmware (which happens automatically now since it is dead) the Firmware Updater shows the MODE: CSW Formula V2 rim. And of course the update fails.

    Which hex file is specifically for the McLaren GT3 wheel?? Maybe I can force an update with that file.

    If not then please post a BootLoader file exec. for the McLaren wheel so that I can get it back to working and then update to the latest hex file.

    Thanks for any info or input!

    Keith Griffall

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    One user on page 2 got his McLaren-Wheel back to work with driver 311 but with CSL Elite Wheel Base. Don’t know, if the DD1 works with 311?

  • Thanks Stefan, I have tried to go back to 346 which was also listed as getting the McLaren wheel to work but going backwards with drivers doesn't seem to work because when it goes to reflash it sees the wheel as a F1 V2 version of the wheel. So it doesn't even know what wheel I'm trying to update which results in an immediate stop to the flash process or more specifically it doesn't even begin.

    Thanks, I will keep trying.

  • BTW, I did finally get my P_BME to work after changing out the PHub to a different one. I used the BME boot loader file kindly posted in the Driver 356 thread. After numerous tries with various rates of success ( overall about 35 tries to reflash and it would get between 1 and 77 percent done before stopping) I changed the Podium Hub to a second one I had access to and it reflashed on the first try and my BMe came back to life (Kind of like Easter) and now I have the BME and the ITM part of it working with driver 356.

    Alas, my poor McLaren GT3 wheel is still dead from a try at updating the firmware with Driver 356 and I can't figure out a way to make it come back from the dead :(

  • a silly question,

    is that not possible to downgrade the wheelbase alone? or with another driving wheel, not the Mc Laren GT3 and, after success, re mount the Mc Laren GT3 wheel and look what happend?

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    Yes, but the user said that his (other) wheelbase just recognized the McLaren as a McLaren again with driver 311, before this it also said F1 V2. But maybe it depended on the older wheel base he used. Don’t know, if DD also works with driver 311.

  • What i can say as end-user:

    1) It's for my opinion better to have the Fanatec Homepage with different language avaible, for better understanding.

    all what we can or must read about products and software/firmware or forum must be easy and clear to understand.

    Dont forget the customer, from kid or teenager to grand father (i'm myself 57 year old) are using the whole product range.

    2) The old system where we can see the product and his driver was not bad, and easy to understand...

    3) I dont have any ideas about marketing or business, but i have myself sometime a big headache with all the new driver, not sure every time if i need it or not. For sure it's not easy to develop a driver who cover all the product range, from entry-level to high-end and from old product to brand new.... And it's only Beta Driver, we cannot forget this.

    4) Last, but dont least, it will be important to have a complete list of spare parts avaible for purchase, it's to complicated to write to the support to have an answer, i assume they probably have something else to do.

    Please dont take it wrong, it's only some input, and sorry if that's the wrong place for this.

    I'm happy with all my Fanatec Stuff and i can say that i have more than 500 hours of play with F1 2018 /2019.

    May the force be with you.

  • Would it be possible to add a fanless mode in future firmware updates for the DD wheels? I can feel the fan vibrations through the steering wheel both when holding it in my hands both in game and not in game. The vibrations feel just like when the INT setting is too low, very grainy . At certain turn angles the vibrations are more pronounced (in game and not in game). If I had to guess I would say it's the cables running though the steering column making more contact with the shaft.

  • goodmorning news for new drivers?

  • UPDATE:  April 22, 2020

    Solved all issues regarding Firm Ware updates.

    1. P_BME now works fine with Driver 356 and ITM is active in LCD panel.

    Solved by changing to another Podium Hub and using the BME BootLoader.exe file uploaded through a user on this forum. Thanks for that. I had troubles doing the flash update with the Podium Hub I had it connected to and each time (approx. 35 tries) the firmware update would error out between 1%-77%.  After changing to another hub it updated the firmware on the first try. Both hubs had version 2 of the FW and both appeared to work just fine. Perhaps there was a small problem with the USB-C connectors but both hub send and read the ITM information just fine.

    2. Solved McLaren GT3 wheel problem by using a Clubsport WB Ver 2.5 (which I also own) to update the McLaren Wheel Firm Ware using Driver Package 311 on the CSW 2.5 base. It saw the wheel correctly and did an immediate firmware update to version 25.  At that point I put the McLaren wheel on the DD2 base using Driver Package 356 and it updated the Wheel firmware to Version 30.

    All things Solved and happy but still not sure what happened on the original firmware update. Perhaps user error although I can't be sure since I thought I was following the directions closely. Glad it is working and Driver 356 seems to be fine with all my wheels and in different games,(R3E-ACC-AC-RF2-AMS2).

    PC- Win 10  DD2 Wheelbase, Porsche RSR wheel with BME, F1 V2, McLaren Gt3, Podium Hub, Fanatec Shifter and HandBrake.

  • Dont wanna sound like an ass but its been quite some time living with these Jolts and thumps from hell, is there any progress regarding that :/ ?

    i know we are on the middle of a pandemic and forgive me if you have constraints because of that.

    Thank you

  • Hy Marcel

    Can you have info on the status of the update works? A Good Day

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