Fanatec Beta Driver V361 (now V365) for CSL, CSW and Podium Bases (all wheels)



  • Hey Lino,

    I'm not sure whether this has already been posted here, but I read on a facebook group the other day that someone had resolved their jolts by keeping the screen on the wheelbase on the default screen. Since I read that I've left mine on the 'Fanatec' logo screen (I normally left it on the 'Motor Data Analysis Screen') and since doing that I've not had a single jolt or lockup. It's been awesome since, I was really starting to hate this wheelbase and was thinking of getting a Simucube instead, fortunately I can spend the money on other toys now :)



  • Hi everyone, 

    firstly I wish you my best through this times I am hoping you are doing ok.

    It is been a while since the last firmware update. I am not asking about an ETA but would be awesome if we could know if development is still going on.

    Stay safe. 


    Miguel / Nikos

  • So glad to hear it. 

    I am SDE too working in Spain and we did not cease working either. Even during the country lockdown.

    We are so lucky to still been able to work while this last.

    Keep up guys!


    Miguel / Nikos

  • Yeah, but in modern software development, you also don’t go this long without checking in with your stakeholders. I get together with mine every two weeks to review the previous sprint, demo the present state of the product(s), gather feedback on what was delivered, and discuss what should be worked on in the next sprint.

    People quit doing the old “waterfall” approach, where you try to develop the whole thing start-to-finish, push it out, and start on the next version, because it causes exactly the problems we’ve seen over the past year.

  • Hi Rob, how long have you gone without the base freezing or jolting? I always have my base on the Torque output page. Your comment could be my saviour. I've lost about 1000 irating on iracing across the past month due to my wheel freezing. I can put up with the jolts but the freezing is a race ending situation.

  • I've never had my DD1 freeze on me. I don't play iRacing just rFactor 2, and the only jolts I ever get are when I reset to track and the wheel re-centers. Maybe it's an iRacing problem.

  • I've done ~15 races after upgrading from v346 to v356 on my DD1, and I've only do iRacing. So far so good *knock on wood*

    So far I've only gotten those tiny "jolts" when turning off the wheel, but it doesn't bother me. No freezing or random jolts during game play.

  • Hi Dean, I've been running like this for about a week now and I've not experience a single jolt or freeze. However, the freezes were a lot more infrequent and I could easily go for a week without a freeze and then have several in a day. So I cannot say for certain that this has resolved the freezing issue but it's looking good so far.

  • This is an interesting read about the jolts. I've followed it for other reasons, but have wondered about the jolt mentioned. I only ran with the Fanatec screen active and could not remember a jolt until I received my PBME and played around with the screens. I left it on one of the analytics screens while playing. I don't remember jolts while playing, I did have a lot of freezing up and needing to reboot the base. What I did notice and freak out about was the sporadic knock coming from my game room after I was finished using it a couple of nights...I disconnected power from the base and the knock ceased, but I never did feel the knock myself. This helps to somewhat confirm the knock I was hearing.

    Has anyone else heard their DD base knock while powered off? I no longer use the analytics screen and I haven't heard the knock....

  • That's a bizarre one! Fortunately I've not had my base 'knocking' when turned off. The only problem I have is the power supply making an awful whining noise sometimes after I switch the base off (tends to get worse over time, sometimes I don't notice it when I first turn off the base and leave it for a few hours, only to return to find it sounds like it's a screaming banshee).

    I think the analysis screens might worthwhile avoid for the time being.

  • Hi Guys, do you know where I can download this driver as I would like to try it myself?

  • You need to PM Marcel Pfister directly.

  • The jolts on the screens other than the fanatec one is a relatively common issue and has been for a while, same with the clunk when turning off on the newer drivers.

    I am on v346 with my DD1 and am sticking to the fanatec screen and now dont get the jolts. Fanatec is trying to solve it.

  • I only get the "power off jolt". The knock I heard while the base was off, I can only suspect was the base as it sounded exactly like the power off jolt. I routinely leave my base plugged in and hear no whine from the power supply, I also am not hearing the knock while off and am not going to try to reproduce it!

    I'm happy and patient as my gear is working, mostly as designed.

  • I always have it on the fanatec logo, i have a USBD480 infront of it so i dont even use the screen from Fanatec much... and yet i get the ramdom jolts anyway... some of them very violent... so thanks for the sugestion but in my particular case doesnt seems to work... back to waiting for a a new driver :/

  • You must be talking about something else as These jolts are anything but tiny.

  • This isn’t the case, get the same jolts no matter the screen I’m on, leaving it on the Fanatec first screen and they still happen.

  • I don't have any in-game jolts. The only ones I've had so far is when I turn off the wheel base, and it's just a quiet metallic sound for me. I don't even know it counts as a "jolt". It's more like a clunk to me. Many people say if you leave the screen on the DD base on the default "Fanatec" then they don't get the in game jolts. I play in VR so I never change the screen to begin with. Or maybe I just got lucky but so far so good.

  • Anyone have any insight on when this driver may be re-released ?

  • Juho HuttunenJuho Huttunen Member
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    In December we got the beta that had the DD improvements. It also caused difficulties for others - well, it was a beta. The after a few months, and new beta that was immediately taken back. So, now, six months still last beta that still causing issues to users. You just can't do it this way, you alienate your customers, especially the high end customers. Lanalabs the same thing, it's in beta and clearly not moving anywhere.

    Due to these issues there a hordes of people moving to Simucube 2 as their system work - and it's so different! You post an issue on their support forum, the head dev takes a look and next morning you have a beta version taking care of the issue, and soon the next stable release including the fix. This kind of work is from another planet compared to Fanatec Every enthusiast forum there are 9/10 users buying SC, and many just moving on from DD to SC2.

    You have to get your game back together. This way you will lose the enthusiasts that support your DD business.

  • You know what, I have to agree with you on that. This lack of update is kind of making me rethink about this Fanatec eco system and move to Simucube instead

  • just right .. your way of working does not meet the level of your products ... continuing like this means losing customers including me for fear that the money spent will go up in smoke ... 7 months for an upgrade ,,, uaoooo someone maybe not there is nothing to understand

  • I have to agree too. Been checking daily for a new release. Seems like one is never going to come. When I think how much I’ve spent on Fanatec gear and I’m still having to use beta firmware to get the most out of it, well it’s quite disheartening. I don’t think I’ve ever known anything quite like it.

  • Lars JoschkoLars Joschko Member
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    I totally agree with you on the timeframe for the updates of the drivers. But I personally do not understand what people are always complaining about beta drivers. Every type of software has bugs, beta or not. And on a windows machine with a ton of variables in hardware and software interfering the controllers it is simply not possible to have a driver without any issues on all machines. Especially in sim racing where most of the People using third party software like simhub, or d-box for example.

    I’m in the lucky position that my Fanatec stuff runs fine with beta driver 356 and Fanalab 1.24. Is it perfect? No, but all sims I’m racing have weak points and software bugs. Even the all mighty iracing were cars are flying though the air because they hit a curb in the wrong way (never seen this in real racing tbo) ;)

    So in the end I just want to say that I would also have a more often release of new software with new features, but I don’t care if it is beta or not. If they would release it as stable you wouldn’t have any advantage.

    I still believe that in most cases people with issues are posting in the internet as the others are enjoying their hardware on the racetrack....

  • I’m having a moan because I’m a bit disappointed at only being able to get the performance update with the features promised for my dd2 is through a beta that was released nearly half a year ago and I’m still waiting for bugs in it to be fixed. I Wouldn’t be as bothered if it was a low end product but it’s not. It’s supposed to be premium. The product is but I’m afraid the drivers and software are not.

  • Even the PBME software is beta. How can you release a product with beta firmware. I had a csw v2 wheel before and I don’t even think there was even an official software release for it in the time I had it. Just betas. It used to be just games that were released broken or bugs but now hardware is being released without features promised or as beta firmwares.

  • From what I have read the product has been available since around April of 2019 ?

    Hopefully this update will address everyone's concerns when it does release , say icing on the cake 👍️

  • Based on the comments I see in many of the software/firmware threads I would like to recommend the following:

    An easy to find support page with a table showing current "stable" software/firmware versions listed next to each product. This should allow people that want to play it safe an easy mechanism to find the current "stable" version. (Yes, I know you will state v#.## is the latest stable but a person just reaching these forums for the first time will have difficulty in determining what are the current versions. Heck, I have been on these forums a year and still get lost.)

    At least monthly code updates and preferably iterations of every two weeks. 

    There should be at minimum 3 levels of code/firmware development - Stable, Release Candidate (RC), Beta.

    Threads assigned to the levels for tracking of issues.

    Fanatec you are getting a lot of visibility and product placement with the recent flurry of e-racing events. You cannot keep down this road of perpetual Beta.  The DD products have been out almost a year and yet for some they feel like they have a product that is in early release.

    You need to be transparent with the current development process. I think the suggestions above might help with that.

    Thank you for listening to my suggestions.

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