Fanatec Driver 443 (Beta) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)

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How to report issues:

If you report a driver or firmware issue, please make cross checks:

  1. Update driver and FW separately to isolate an issue and find out if caused by driver OR firmware.
  2. Which driver OR firmware shows the issue
  3. Which driver OR firmware does not show the issue
  4. Check if you can reproduce the issue again if you go back to the version which seems to have caused the issue
  5. Check if the issue is related to specific settings of for example the tuning menu. Is it happening more or less with a specific setting raised or lowered?
  6. Post the answers gathered from the questions above + a short description of the issue including the following info:
  • Wheel Base Model (product ID): ...
  • Steering Wheel Model (product ID): ....
  • Driver Version: ....
  • Base FW Version: ....
  • Motor FW Version: ....
  • Wheel FW Version: ....
  • FanaLab Version: ....
  • Tuning Menu settings
  • Driver/FanaLab installed on C: drive or else?
  • With driver related issues collect log files and zip them from C:\Users\Public\Fanatec Logs


Previous driver 442 brought several fixes and improvements to the Podium DD, Load Cell Pedals and more. You can check the previous changelog with the following link or check the full changelog.txt from the driver zip-file.

Changelog of driver 442:

Changelog of driver 443 (since 442)

Firmware versions included

  • Podium DD1 / DD2 Base: (NEW)
  • Podium DD1 / DD2 Motor:
  • CSL DD / GT DD PRO Base: (NEW)
  • CSL DD / GT DD PRO Motor: 
  • CSW V1 Base: 691
  • CSW V2 Base: 691
  • CSW V2.5 Base: 691
  • CSL E Base: 691
  • CSL E Base PS4: 691
  • CSL / CSW Motor: 22
  • Podium BMW M4 GT3: 8
  • Podium HUB : 6
  • Podium BME: 21
  • CS SW Formula V2(X), V2.5(X): 45
  • CS SW RS: 3
  • CS SW BMW V2: 2
  • CS UH V2 / UHX V2: 1
  • CS SW F1 Esports V2: 4
  • GT DD PRO SW: 8
  • CSL SW McLaren GT3 V2: 45
  • CSL SW McLaren GT3: 35
  • CSL SW WRC: 4
  • CSL UH: 3
  • CS P V3: 1.35 (NEW)
  • CSL EP LCK: 1.13
  • CSL P LCK: 1.8

Control Panel

  • Fixed crash of UI with CSL E 1.0/1.1 and CSW V1/V2
  • Added new Driver Repair button for cases where Windows is not detecting the base anymore, for example after a bigger Windows update. 
  • Added new “Help” page which summarizes trouble shooting steps and gives access to recovery tools.
  • Added trouble shooting steps for not detected steering wheels.
  • Added button to steering wheel page which links to the Help page in case a wheel is not detected.
  • Fixed wrong MPS settings of McLaren V1 shown on Steering Wheel and Tuning Menu age.
  • Improved trouble shooting steps for not detected wheel base.
  • Some text and hint improvements

Firmware Manager

  • Added new downgrade feature for P DD, only available if FW is already up to date. Offers 3 version ranges to downgrade to and is performing the correct downgrade procedure automatically. This must be used in case you want to downgrade because of an issue with the new driver before installing an older driver.
  • Improved update procedure when coming from a specific range of older FW versions to make sure it updates without the need of manual intervention. 
  • Added steering wheel and button module firmware recovery tools for cases where the device appears to be bricked.
  • Added additional pop-up message between motor and base firmware update of P DD to inform that it's normal that the fan is running at 100% in this situation. 
  • Disabled base FW updates in case the motor firmware needs to get updated first.
  • Adjusted order of firmware shown in the overview, motor now being first and base second.


  • Fix for failing wheel and button module firmware updates.
  • Fix for base freezing when turning off Xbox console.
  • Fix for controller disconnection with PlayStation.


  • Fix for controller disconnection with PlayStation


  • Improved lower end dead zone of all pedal inputs to prevent unwanted inputs

Known Issues

  • When entering a game menu while driving it can happen in some games that the FFB effect doesn't get canceled which results in the wheel turning to one side. (this got now fixed for the Podium DD but can still happen on the CSL DD. We will now apply the fix for the CSL DD as well)
  • Natural friction can start to feel weird after some time of driving. In case you experience issues with NFR, we suggest to turn it OFF for now. (this got now fixed for the Podium DD but can still happen on the CSL DD. We will now apply the fix for the CSL DD as well)

Compatible FanaLab Version:




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