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  • Gary SGary S Member

    These updates to Fanalab are brilliant. I am really liking them, and thank you Maurice for the work on this.

    One suggestion would be to have the pit limiter have the main LED light flash. But I have to say, Fanalab is really adding value to using Fanatec equipment. The additional colours on the LED lighting is also a very welcome move. Nice work!

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    To have the Pit Limiter RevLEDs flashing as well is a feature already planned and confirmed to come in an upcoming version after 2.0 release :)

  • Can Fanalab open/start when I power up my Fanatec wheel? If not, would it be possible if this can be done in a future revision? I already have Fanalab opening when I turn my computer on or restart, but seeing that I mostly put my PC to sleep, having Fanalab open on startup is pointless.

  • hello! will rennsport be supported in the future?

  • I cannot get rid of the message -Device mismatch- on fanalab. The option on settings is not working.


  • Just follow the explanation shown to you in that pop-up.

    So it basically says to load the profile and re-save it with your config and then the message will never again pop-up ;)

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    That is quite impossible...

    Can you show a video of your procedure? Or at least a screenshot of the exact wording of the pop-up?

  • my bad, now is working. The problem was the hidden files (can't overwrite). Thanks Maurice for your profiles, what a legend

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    Many thanks for providing these profiles! I've just upgraded from a CSW 2.5 to a Podium DD2 and am trying to understand finetuning Iracing. I hope someone can help me with some questions.

    To try and understand how everything works, I am using a Dallara F3 and I am testing on the Sebring track, using:

    - Fanalab 1.99.03 Beta

    - Imported and loaded the 'iRacing Dallara F3 - 65 I 15Nm.pws' profile from the ' Maurice' FanaLab Profiles - 1.99.02' zip file, which loads the Wheel/base/led settings in Fanalab to be used. Using High Torque mode

    - In Iracing, I set the recommended settings as in the readme, which is also in the provided in the zip file:

    Enable Force Feedback: checked

    Use Linear Mode: checked

    Reduce force when parked: checked

    Max force: first number of the profile name (so that would be 65 in this case)

    Wheel force: second number of the profile name (so that would be 15 in this case)

    Smoothing: 0%

    Damping: 0%

    Min force: 0.0%

    Next I have made sure that paramaters/settings in the app.ini file are changed (I could not find all of them in the .ini file) as recommended in the readme.txt:





    !! steeringDampingParkedMaxPercent --> I can not find this setting in the app.ini ; the readme recommends it set at 0.2000000

    !! steeringFFBSmooth --> I can not find this setting in the app.ini ; the readme recommends it set at 1.0000000


    I hope I understand correctly that this is the way I am supposed to proceed. My main questions, besides if I am follwing instructions correctly are:

    1. The imported profile in Fanalab loads [FFS] at PEAK and not LINEAR. 

    --> I am not sure what this setting does exactly, but I understand that Linear basically enhances smaller forces but reduces the dynamic range?

    --> Why is it recommended to use PEAK with the base profile but LINEAR within Iracing in game settings? Or are these different things?

    2. I find the oscilition a bit to much with these settings in a F3 on Sebring and I am getting used to the overwhelming strength increase on the DD2 coming from the CSW as well. What would be the best way to address this. My thoughts are

    --> reduce [FFB] on the wheel base first (maybe from 60% back to 45-50) and gradually turn it up until I get used to the stronger forces of the DD2

    --> to reduce ocscilation, increase some settings (NDP, NFR, NIN ??) by some amount. [NDP] is currently at 15% and [NFR] and [NIN] are OFF. Should I just try to increase NDP a bit and never touch NFR and NIN, or something else?

    3. I like the 'rubbery' feel of the kerbs and bumps in the road, but I would like to make these a but stronger in presence. Which settings should I change, [INT] is currently set at 10 and [FEI} at 80.

    4. Should I add steeringDampingParkedMaxPercent=0.2000000 and steeringFFBSmooth=1.0000000 to the app.ini, since these settings seem to be missing?

    Many thanks in advance if you decide to help me understand further!

  • Loving the latest version of Fanalabs, but I have a request for future functionality.

    Is it possible to have the 'Flag' LED's able to indicate left/right spotter functionality across most sims?

  • Do I need to set the revLED rpm myself for F1 23? It seems doesn't match the in-game wheel rev light, Is there any recommended setting?

  • You can use my profiles from the first reply to this thread on page 1.

    There are profiles available for every F1 car with 100% matching LEDs.

  • Salve su F1 23 sul display del mio volante Esport v2 non mi compaiono più le parentesi [ ] intorno alla marcia. In pratica nella sezione LED>Display di Fanalab se metto come visualizzazione costante solo le marce le parentesi [ ] mi compaiono mentre se metto la velocità come visualizzazione costante e le marce su 1, quando cambio l marcia sul display le parentesi intorno alla marcia non mi compaiono più. c'è un modo per sistemare?

  • Thank you so much for helping, that help me so much

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    Please post in English according to the Forum rules.

    No, there is no way to fix this because the Brackets are not supposed to appear when Gear is set to Prio 1-3, it is supposed to only show when Gear is set to Constant.

    This was btw the same in previous FanaLab versions, however in previous versions there was a bug where the Brackets were shown (unintended) AFTER you shift which obviously makes no sense as the Brackets are supposed to indicate THAT you should actually shift so to show them AFTER you already shifted was useless. But as said, that was an unintended bug which is now fixed so no Brackets are shown at all after you already shifted.

  • Any plans on a native Euro Truck Simulator 2 / American Truck Simulator support for my Clubsport Steering Wheel RS?

  • jevansjevans Member

    Out of interest what do you actually change ? I’ve built a script that can change all the files before import and while I know the ratio I need to change for DD1 it’d also be possible to change it for CSLDD.

    these files are just XML so it’s very easy to provide a standard set of changes across all files without Maurice needing to change them one by one.

  • Attila TóthAttila Tóth Member
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    I would like to ask for help. I have a little problem with the fanalab. Why don't the LEDs work? Why is there an exclamation mark on the little icon? What did I do wrong?

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    The exclamation mark shown in the "Active Profile" image indicates that you have a profile loaded but you are in a different game, so in your screenshot you have a ACC profile loaded but ACC is not the currently active game, you are in some other game.

    Looks a bit like you have added a game as a Custom game, right? Custom games simply cant support LEDs because there is no Telemetry data coming in from Custom games. So thats normal and as designed.

    Best would be to show also screenshots of the main tab and the game profile tab, also tell us which game exactly you try...

  • Yes, I added it, unfortunately, and I can't delete it.

  • Well, then thats the issue.

    As I explained, custom games are not supported for LEDs because no telemetry data is incoming. Therefore also the exclamatiion mark because you loaded an ACC profile but ACC isnt running.

    So no issue here.

    Custom games only support auto-TuningMenu-loading, nothing else.

    To delete a custom game, hover over the game and click the delete button or reset FanaLab to factory default during installation which also should delete all custom games.

  • Thank you, it worked. But I had to delete the EA app because the trash didn't appear, it said that the game is in progress, I should stop it first. Everything works fine now. Thanks for the help!

  • When I import the profiles those Maurice prepared, some profiles not showing car icon and when selected those cars the profile not selected automatically. what could be the reason?

  • Reason will be that you did not copy/pasted the content of my ProfileCarsList_XYZ.xml file to the already existing file as explained in my README file.

    Once you did that, every profile I provide will show the car icon as every profile is then bound to the respective car.

  • I'm having a strange issue in both iRacing and AMS2 with the ITM that was not present in 1.69.5 and occurs with both Formula V2 and PH (DD2). The profile has the ITM button "Enabled", no "Favorites" (Star) selected and only the [Analysis Screen: Force Feedback Info] button enabled - all saved in the profile.

    The profile auto loads correctly and stays for a time, but then at some (unknown) point it switches to ITM Page 4 for no reason that I can see.

    I had all my 1.69.5 profiles setup like this and never had any problem with them just changing on their own. The ITM section in the pws appears to be completely redesigned in 1.99.02 an now starts with <JSON> which was not present in 1.69.5. Could there be a bug here?

  • Steven CuberoSteven Cubero Member
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    When are you going to fix the issue that prevents Windows from going to sleep? It keeps my monitors from going into standby. seriously fix it already, every single fanalab version is the same. i really hate this app and wish it wasn't required and the profiles would be stored in the wheel instead.

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