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  • I updated to 1.99.05 and now FanaLab doesnt autoload profiles anymore when i start a game. I have the problem with iRacing and a custom profile for richard burns rally. Is this a known issue?

  • Do you mean car profiles per CDALP or game profile per game default profile?

    Can you post a Screenshot of the Game Profile Tab of the affected game? Car profiles should have a car icon in front of the profile Name, game default profile should have a yellow Star behind the profile Name.

  • Maurice, Marcel et al,

    I bought my DD1 back in 2020 imme when international flights were banned due to Wuhan/Covid (u know the rest). Back then Fanalab was like a small programme a student had made to impress his lecturer. At tht time we were dialing all the Fine Tuning values one by one and we were waiting your kind input Maurice on how to tune the bloody wheel with the right values (had no clue with NDP / NFR and the rest were).

    The years passed, Covid ended and you never stopped working hard. Today not only car profiles start automatically but we have in general an excellent and well tuned DD1 wheel base. I was almost ready to sell the wheelbase for a Simucube one (I felt its FFB little harsh for my taste and I definitely HATE the Fanatec QR system!!! Everytime I need to change wheels I m thinking it for 5 minutes prior doing it. I also hate the fact that I have paid a fortune for Podium Hubs and would need to REPAY for the new QR system, if and when will be released). But I did not want to complain with this post but to CONGRATULATE YOU ALL IN FANATEC for the excellent work and follow up on all matters and your professionalism to develop much much further a totally immature product of 2020 to an excellent Software and FFB on your wheelbases.

    Today everything feels smooth and drives smooth. All automatic with LED lights, ITMs, etc etc. No words can describe your hard work guys. We feel it when we drive. Be sure abt it. Again well done to all up there!

    Thanks for all guys, great company!

    Greetings from Athens, Greece :-)

  • Hi Maurice, what a great job, I just discovered it today. (fanalab profils)

    I am currently using a DD1 on AMS2.

    Question : In the game settings you wrote : Gain: 40. Do you think by changing this value to 40x1,25 = 50 will make that all the profils are instantly converted to DD1 ? (instead of changing each FFB value of each profils) ?

  • Nope, that wont work. That would only mean you get clipping earlier because the motor would be limited to a lower peak output than intended. As I use FFB 60 for most profiles (=15 Nm Peak) the same setting on a DD1 would mean only 12 Nm. When I get a bit of clipping with 15 Nm, Peaks with in-game gain of 40 already, then a DD1 with just 12 Nm Peaks would get quite big clipping with a higher in-game gain.

    Just multiply the FFB strength on the wheel, not in the game, and it should feel identical to how it feels on my DD2 - so as intended.

  • Hello Maurice!!. Just out of curiosity we are delighted with your profiles... but I can't stop reading opinions that it is better to put the FFB value in the base at 100x100. And then adjust the force to your liking in the game. And that in this way a better response speed of the base is achieved. That's right. What do you think (Fanatec) about these data that I read more every day. Thank you!!. Greetings!!

  • That's personal preference.

    No option is worse than the other. In fact, with a low in game gain you decrease the FFB resolution in game. So, at least for strong Podium DD Bases, best is a combination where you lower base FFB and in game gain, not just one or the other

  • Okay. I understand what you're saying!!. Thank you

  • Hello!

    Yesterday I got the Clubsport RS hoop, delighted by the way.

    Although I imagine the answer 😅 would be very interesting to give the possibility to this type of hoops to use the rev led strip for flag indications, is this functionality being studied for the future?

    Thank you.


  • Hi Maurice, first many thanks for your work, I am using your profiles since I discovered them here and they are great, very appreciated.

    But I have a doubt maybe you can clarify, I noticed in your profiles for iRacing you use 60% of the native DD2 Nm, so 15 Nm, instead of setting 100% in the base and using a lower value in iRacing settings. I think you commented you do that to limit the possible max torque the base could produce for example in crashes or similar situations, and belive me I understand it for safety reassons (I also have a DD2 and suffered some pretty scary situations!!!...).

    But after hearing a lot of other guys explaining that if you limit the max torque in the base, you are limiting the Nm but you are also limiting the speed and reactivitiness of the motor, I tried using the full 25 Nm and limiting even more the force in iRacing settings (I made some calculation to have aprox the same final Nm). My impression after some test was that in fact appears the feeling and reactiviness/speed was a little better, but to be honest not sure if was just autosuggestion.

    As said I totally understand the idea of limiting the full Nm for safety reasons, and I understan why Fanatec would recomend that I guess also to avoid nasty legal situations if somebody broke their hands or similar, but do you know if this idea of actually loosing reactiviness cutting the full Nm is true as it felt to me?, or maybe was just autosuggestion.

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    You mean the slewrate?

    The slewrate indeed deacreases with less FFB strength and is just how such motors work (not only on Fanatec but also other brand bases), so thats intended and normal and one sacrifice to make when reducing FFB strength.

    However, slewrate is still fast enough even at FFB 60%, so nothing to worry about, at least I dont worry about it and rather limit my Peaks to 15Nm Max.

  • is anyone aware of any conflict issues with irffb? Fanalab keeps crashing during iracing and i think it might be irffb causing it

  • So a strange issue When I load Fanalab and in the tuning Menu I set the [BRF] Brake Force to my setting of 25 % it works fine until I restart the PC then it ALLWAYS resets back to the default 50 %. Is there a way to set this number and have it STAY permanently ?

  • This is not a FanaLab issue.

    It's a (known) firmware issue, yet to be fixed in an upcoming new firmware in the future.

  • Thanks it is VERY annoying but will wait and see if get's fixed.

  • My fanalab LED settings aren't getting saved, everytime i start my pc i have to do all the LEDs again. even with the profiles saved and all the boxes ticked. this hasnt been a problem for me with older versions, but its very annoying doing it all over again every time i want to race. anyone any fixes?

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    Thats normal when you dont properly save the profile on the Game Profile page (note: you can not overwrite a recommended FFB profile, you have to create a new profile with a specific name). You always have to re-load the previously saved profile with LED and Display settings which you want to use, otherwise its clear that you would need to re-do all the work again and again.

  • Guys, how can I have multiple profiles and the Fanalab switches to each automatically per car? (iRacing)

    I created a specific profile to Cadillac GTP, due the LEDs, and how can I only use this profile when on this car without need to change manually when in another car?

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    Does it still happen to you with today Game Patch V1.09?

    Turned out that there was a game issue where, in some instances, race sessions would not load with UDP telemetry connected. When no UDP telemetry is connected, then also no new Car ID gets sent from the game to FanaLab and therefore CDALP would not load the new car profile because it got no message from the games telemetry that a new car was actually loaded.

    This was fixed with todays game patch to so hopefully the CDALP issue is now fixed for you (because otherwise its a miracle as it couldnt get reproduced internally yet).

  • Hello Maurice, thanks for the guide. But, to be clear, when I drive other car (not the bind on profile), Fanalab will change the Profile automatically to default profile? Or event to other profile with different car bind?

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    You have set the profile as the game default profile so it will always load that profile when you start the game. But not again when you drive any other car.

    It's all up to you how you set it up.

    Game default profile will load ONLY on game start automatically.

    Other profiles get loaded via CDALP feature when the car is loaded in game. Of course only the cars which are manually bound to the profile, non-bound cars wont load anything and the previously used profile will continue to be used.

  • Haven't tested yet, as soon as I do it I'll let you know.

  • @Maurice In your great profiles, there seems to be a small bug in the gears of the iRacing Porsche Cup 992, specially the sixth gear.

  • Hey.

    Actually, this is not a bug but totally intended because the car just does not have any RevLEDs in-game in 6th gear.

    Or did you managed to see any LEDs in 6th gear in this car? I was not able to get LEDs in 6th gear in-game - therefore also no LEDs in 6th gear in my FanaLab profile ;)

  • You are absolutely right. I never noticed that because I have a dashboard in front of me.


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