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  • how stupid and unreasonable people can be at the same time.

    this world is miserable with these people when they don't have a bit of patience.

    that's how it goes in the business world. did you buy the goods at normal prices? you didn't

    did the others also buy and there are many of us with which it must be delivered? yes there is

    does everything come from china? is coming

    There are other shopping sites that have huge problems delivering their goods to customers.

    11.11. was a prime day for sales on Chinese shopping sites. it is normally twice as strong a day as BF for the Chinese. I personally also bought some goods on 11.11 and of course it hasn't arrived yet. it doesn't matter if I had a tracking number or not. it's just that the transportation of goods is currently congested in the world, from China to the world.

    it's just the way it is these days and we have to be patient for the goods we paid below the price.

    and you who were shopping for children, you should have thought about it a month earlier if you are such caring parents, or simply go to the store and buy something "quickly". because online shopping is fast, but certainly not that fast.

    and even if it won't be a present for Saint Nicholas, it will be good for Christmas. I don't see a problem, hurry and greed, now and immediately right now.

    ah you people.

  • I completely agree. While I understand the challenges with logistics, effective communication should be a top priority. It's important to note that the item was not provided for free; our accounts have been charged for it.

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    Following your line of thought, I should buy a present for St. Nicholas in June, right after Children's Day. I'm thinking more about the contact, updates, and apologies. Just because you buy something cheaper due to a company's promotion doesn't mean you should be treated like 'trash.' Of course, you have no issue with the lack of communication in updates because instead of spending 2700 euros, you spent 2370. Besides, my dear friend, not all items were on sale


    If you buy an item available and later you can't even afford information about what's happening with your order or money, and there's no contact for 11 days, then don't write 'oh people people

  • do you feel like trash? Not me.

    I paid properly and I'm waiting. and at the start I knew right away that it would not arrive as quickly as anything ordered from China. roughly normal time is a month for everyone.

    I don't write them 10 emails every day, I don't bother them on various portals and ask when my package will arrive. you are only making it impossible for them to work by reading your complaints. Fanatec is not a large company in terms of the number of people, so it's crazy to think that they answer you all in detail by correspondence. and of course they have a lot of work.

    because of all of you who cry for days on their emails, they can't solve key problems in a timely manner, as well as people whose packages have been lost for months, disappeared and who knows what kind of transport problems certain orders have.

    and Fanatec has given enough information that they have problems and delays, and have already apologized to everyone in advance. as here on the forum, I believe that each of us received it in the mail as well.

    only you unreasonable and impatient people create unnecessary chaos.

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    spending even 1 euro

    If I'm ignored I feel like garbage!

    ignoring the customer regardless of whether he spends 5,000 or 2 euros

    it's not okay.

    as I wrote earlier - not every person visits Fanatec discussion forums!

    what don't you understand?

    I also run a company and I can't imagine leaving a client for 2 weeks without any information...

    If you are so calm and waiting calmly - what are you doing here, don't you have other things to do?

    or are you just here to calm people down?

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    I know its hard for everyone, i summarize some of the most common doubts in this post:

    Please, if you have an specific problem not listed there feel free to communicate with them. But as Zeko said, if you write them a lot of posts or emails that will increase the response time.

  • I see that the Pole did not understand. I feel sorry for you.

  • yo chill...

    People are right, not knowing about your order for 2 weeks or more, no matter how much work Fanatec is doing, is not how to treat a customer.

    Even if they weren't ready for the volume of sales on Black Friday, having to come to forums to find out what's going on and not receive an email or an update on the website is a weak company that only wants to know about customers' money and not your satisfaction.

    Why are u telling people that they are wrong, it's perfectly normal that they are upset.

  • Far be it from me to defend Fanatec, but it was written in the cart when you made the purchase that there were delays, delays that increased with the BF, if they didn't send an email to everyone saying about the delays, it means that their system doesn't support it. allows and they would have to do it by hand for over 61k orders, which is crazy. They wrote it in the blog, that's enough.

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    you are wrong on the day I bought and paid for the items (the items were available and the delivery time was 1-4 days

    I also don't understand the black Friday argument

    the goods I bought were not covered by the promotion, the only ones (button stickers) that the system offered for my order at a lower price

  • Nowhere on the website they state that delivery is 1-3, shipment starts from 4-7 days, furthermore at checkout there is a message that there is a delay on delivery. even if you go to information on the website and go to shipping/delivery there is a message that delivery is delayed by at least a week. also ordering a week before sinterklaas is not ideal

  • Racist remarks on a sim racing gear website.

    Think for 2 seconds how low you have fallen.

    No report button sadly....

  • People are still waiting for their orders from august.

    There's more at work here then just black friday, and topics like these are always a nice lightning rod for people to vent and blow their top.

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    today is 4-7

    see in January it was the same before

    which does not change the situation that 11 days from purchase is still more than 7

    and to be clear - I did not write anywhere that the delivery was delayed

    everywhere it says 11 days without any information about the planned delivery or delay

    the only information from fanatec - an automatic response immediately after purchase, thank you for your order blah blah blah

  • Forgive me for not lowering myself to your level

    I'm sorry that I'm a stupid Pole

    I am also sorry that your euro is worth more than my euro.

  • i've seen people in this forum that got their packages they ordered on the 24th of november, so that't not really true is it?

  • everything arrived...took one week for each item.

  • i ordered the 25th there was a message at checkout about a delay, there also is a message under the subject shipping/delivery talking about at least a week delay.

  • The BF has something to do with it because your order is not special, it is the same as everyone else's, if there were 50k orders placed before you during the promotion, you have to wait your turn. However, the days are working days, so 8 days have passed since the 24th.

  • The message was there, you're the one who didn't see it, it's been there since October.

  • He's lucky there's no report button,

    He's already been talking badly for many customers for many days in a row.. Starts to become annoying reading how he talks to people in here, like he's better than anyone!!

    That's the type of person that thinks Fanatec will treat him better / different, just because he's in here trying to insult anyone who's worried about their late orders, people have TOTAL right to be worried and anxious about the way things are going in the last few months

    I understand people need to be more patient, but that's not how you talk to people, trying to make them feel guilty for asking about their orders, where they spend thousands of $

    That zeko zekan guy is being extremely disrespectful and should be banned ASAP

  • Sounds like you need to change the "Completely Shipped" BS to "Order Sent to our Wharehouse" it should only include the word SHIPPED when it is actually in the box with an address label waiting to be picked up by the shipping company. This is my first DD purchase and chose Fanatec because of the great Black Friday deals. Will I regret my purchase when and if my stuff finally gets to my door?

  • it doesnt matter if your product was a part of the promotion of BF you ordered on BF while thousands others did as well. Also nowhere on the site the delivery is 1-3 or 1-4 days as you said in other responds to people. you say you didnt talk about delay, yet you stated in your original message about not having heard anything, weekend days are not counted into th 2 weeks shipping, order on the 24th means today is the 8th day itll probably arrive next week. no need for concern when the shipping time is not over

  • Nowhere did I actually mention having any complaints about the delivery delay - of course, I understand that.

    In all my words, I emphasize the lack of any communication from Fanatec. I also mentioned that not all people who ordered from Fanatec visit internet forums to find out about any issues.

    I guess that covers the topic. Regarding the "zeko zekan" genius, he tends to overinterpret and put words in people's mouths that they never said

  • Agreeing with the comment sentiment here, I can accept a delay in shipping, but the key where Fanatec is lacking is on communication, they are handeling this HORRIBLY... I stopped counting how many mails and messages etc. I have sent them that have just been ghosted.

    (My order from BF 24/11 has no tracking yet and I see people with newer orderes having shipping confirmed, I really worry sh!t is out of stock.. Imagine if it is and they could have just communicated that.. My deadline is for this Friday, if I dont have any tracking confirmation by Friday I am going to issue a chargeback and order myself a wheel from MOZA.. )

  • People are illiterate, i have worked for years in retail and always during BF periods people tend to be quickly irritated, bc they didnt read the signs and think they get more discount or whatever, BF and big sales always attracts the wrong type of costumer unfortunately

  • their communication system was down therefore they are behind with like 8000 emails, you can easily find this on their site(they have stated response time is at least 2 weeks), so sending multiple mails is not gonna help them, it has been 8 working days since the 24th and shipping is at least 10-14 days depending on where you live. i ordered on the 25th and i havent received anything but i also didnt expect it to happen this week, i wouldve loved to but i mean i saved 600 euro's on my order so i can wait a few days

  • How does one exclude the other?

    There's plenty on going topics in general about it, so concluding it must not be true is a tad short sighted or not really thought through well enough.

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